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PE Update January 2009 The NAME Professional Engineer Review Course (PERC) is now scheduled to start on Monday, January 12, with the first Online Session scheduled for Wednesday, January 21. If you are planning to sit for the NAME Principles and Practice License exam you should register for the course as the pass rate for those who take the course is significantly better than for those that do not. Over the years there has been much praise for the work the course instructors have done to help the candidates prepare for a successful exam effort. In these tough times professional registration is increasingly important. If you are planning to take the NAME exam in Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Virginia, or Wisconsin you must apply to Professional Credentials Services at: for an application to take the exam, as well as to the state board to become qualified for taking the exam. If you are seeking licensure in other states contact your licensing board or go to The web site notes the 37 states that have their exams administered by ELSES. The ELSES web site also notes that registration for the April 24-25, 2009 exams will open in late December. Oregon announced in mid-2008 that it would again offer licensure with a qualification in naval architecture and marine engineering. Several jurisdictions are not authorized to offer licenses in all disciplines, including California, District of Columbia, Guam, Hawaii, and Rhode Island. Others do not use ELSES or the Professional Credential Services for administering their exams. PERC tuition remains at $600 for SNAME members and $800 for non-members and registration can be arranged on line at or by contacting Rich Mouk at For other questions, please email Walter Maclean at or

PE Update November 2008

If you are planning to take the NAME Professional Engineer Principles and Practice Exam on April 24, 2009, it is time to register for the NAME Professional Engineer Review Course (PERC). The PERC will formally start about the first or second week of January and be completed by the last week of March, giving a couple of weeks for final study before the exam date. If you wish to start your review early you may do so - the web site is up and running. Taking the PERC is an important way to help ensure success on the exam. The posted results for the 2008 exam indicate that of 39 who took the exam, only 27 passed. This is a clear indication that at least twelve examinees needed more or better preparation. Over the years the number of successful examinees has closely related to the number of PERC registrants. The indication is clear that those who take PERC are much better prepared than those who do not. The 2009 tuition for PERC is $600 for SNAME members and $800 for non-members. This is a good investment for those who are serious about obtaining their P.E. Licenses. Nationwide discussions are underway about increasing the educational qualifications for licensure. Those wishing to obtain licensure in the future must be more active in their pursuit, and registering for PERC is a good first step in that process. You can register for PERC online, or by calling SNAME Headquarters, or by contacting Rich Mouk at Any special questions should be sent to

PE Update January 2008 2008 PERC is Up and Running The 2008 PERC is up and running on Those planning to take the Naval Architect and Marine Engineer Professional Engineer Principles and Practice Exam on April 11 should be registering for this year's PERC. Last year's pass rate for those who took the course was almost 90%, so you can be sure that this is a very worthwhile expenditure. Tuition for 2008 remains at $500 for SNAME members and $750 for non-members. Course completion is certified for registrants who participate in 70% of the online sessions. To register go to or contact Brenda Elmore at or (201) 499-5057. The course will start on Monday, January 7 with the first on-line session on Wednesday, January 16. The last on-line session will be on March 26 and will be followed by posting of a Sample Examination. Instructors will be available by email right up to the exam date. For special questions concerning the 2008 PERC email

PE Update January 2008 The first Online Session of 2008 PERC will be held tomorrow evening, Wednesday, January 16. For those wishing to register for this year's P.E. Review Course, it is not too late and registration can be made through Brenda Elmore at or by calling 1-201-499-5057 (registration can also be arranged on line by going to and selecting Professional Engineering). It is worth noting that it is likely that tuition for the 2009 PERC will be increased, so those planning to seek their license in the near future might be saving some money by registering this year while the tuition remains at $500 for SNAME members and $750 for non-

members. Once registered, re-registering for later year PERC offerings can be done at no additional cost. Each year, by November 15, NCEES updates its Calculator Policy that is published on its web site ( The latest approved list includes the following: 1. What is the calculator policy? What calculators may I bring to the exam? Only models of calculators approved by NCEES are permitted in the exam room. No other models of calculators are permitted in the exam room. The following are the only calculators that will be permitted in the exam room for the 2008 exam administrations.    Casio: All fx-115 models. Any Casio calculator must contain fx-115 in its model name. Hewlett Packard: The HP 33s and HP 35s models, but no others. Texas Instruments: All TI-30X and TI-36X models. Any Texas Instruments calculator must contain either TI-30X or TI-36X in its model name.

2. What other items are prohibited from the exam room? Any device having a QWERTY keypad arrangement similar to a typewriter or keyboard is prohibited. Devices with communication capabilities are prohibited. These include but are not limited to cameras; cell phones; desktop, hand-help, laptop, and palmtop computers; databanks; data collectors; organizers; pagers or beepers; PDAs; radios; headsets; tape players; portable fax machines; calculator watches; reproduction equipment; electronic dictionaries; electronic translators; and recorders. 3. What calculators am I not allowed to bring to the exam? Only the models on the NCEES-approved list may be used on the examination. All other models are prohibited in the exam room. 4. What if a calculator not shown on the approved list has similar capabilities as those on the list? Is it allowed in the exam room? No. Even if the model you have has similar functions to those on the NCEES-approved list, it may not be used on NCEES examinations and is not allowed in the exam room. Any prohibited device found in your possession after the examination begins will be confiscated, you will be dismissed from the exam room, and your examination will not be scored. 5 . What will happen if I bring an unapproved calculator into the exam room? As with cell phones and other electronic devices, any unapproved calculators will be confiscated by the proctor. If an unapproved calculator is found in your possession after the examination begins, you will be dismissed from the exam room and your examination will not be scored. 6 . Where can I buy calculators on the NCEES-approved list? The calculators on the NCEES-approved list are available at selected retailers and numerous sources on the Internet. It is recommended that examinees contact their state board to determine if there are other restrictions on materials that may be brought into the exam room.

PE Update July 2007

The NCEES announced the results of the April 2007 NAME PE Exam. Congratulations go to 89% of the First-Time-Takers and 100% of the Repeat-Takers. This is the first time that all of the Repeat-Takers have passed. Clearly the NAME PE Review Course (PERC) is highly effective in helping candidates prepare for the exam. If you are are planning to take the NAME PE Exam on Friday, April 11, 2008, now is the time to submit your application. Some of the application filing deadlines are as early as six months before the exam date. In at least 28 states, the examinations are administered by the NCEES sponsored ELSES organization after the state boards have qualified the applicants. Accordingly, applicants in these states need first to make application to their state board to become qualified and then to the examination administrator to be allowed to take the exam. Professional Credential Services, Inc., provides PE examination services for seven jurisdictions, including Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, and Virginia. For further information, applicants should go to: where the results of a recent NCEES Board Survey can be found that has answers to many questions about various state policies, requirements and procedures. To register for the 2008 PERC, contact Richard Mouk at or (201) 499-5063. If you want to start your study early, register early and start with the 2007 units that are currently online at Registering for the 2008 course is then automatic and without extra cost. The 2008 PERC will start on or about Monday, January 7. The PERC tuition remains $500 for members and $750 for non-members. If other questions need answers, email them to Walter Maclean at or David Chapman at We will try to respond promptly.

PE Update February 2007 Just a last minute reminder that it is still timely to register for the 2007 PERC. Although the first two on-line sessions have been held, the transcripts for those sessions will be available and the next on-line session will not be held until February 7 when materials properties and corrosion will be of most interest. Registration can be done online at, or by contacting Richard Mouk at SNAME Headquarters,, telephone number (201) 499-5063. Tuition remains $500 for SNAME members and $750 for non-members.

PE Update January 2007 2007 PERC is up and running Unit 1 Assignment is already posted! A recent e-mail enquiry questioned as to whether it is too late to register. The answer is NO! The PERC structure is ideal for study at your own pace. The Unit Assignments and Solutions are posted according to a schedule and the Online Sessions; once held, are recorded and made available as transcripts for later reference. So if you have a travel schedule to keep, all materials remain available for you to study on your return and at your own pace.

Course tuition remains $500 for SNAME members and is now $750 for non-members, making it advantageous to be or become a SNAME member (members who have let their membership lapse should renew their membership promptly and enjoy all of the member benefits). In 2006 those who took the PERC had a pass rate significantly better that than those who did not, with a pass rate better than 90% while the others had a pass rate of 50% or less. The overall pass rate published by NCEES was 80%. In 2004 and 2005, the PERC registrant pass rate was 93%. Register for 2007 PERC online at or contact Richard Mouk at SNAME Headquarters via e-mail at or, by telephone at 201-499-5063. If you have other questions, please send them to Walter Maclean, or David Chapman at We will try to respond promptly.

PE Update September 2006 Several enquiries have been received concerning accreditation for PE licensing of non-US college education. The Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET, oversees the integrity of engineering and technology programs in the US. ABET offers educational credentials evaluation services to those educated abroad through its service, Engineering Credentials Evaluation International, ECEI. Those seeking accreditation of their nonU.S. college education should go to, which gives the fee schedule and offers downloads of the application and instructions. It also offers answers to many frequently asked questions. If further answers to questions are needed, please email Dave Chapman at or Walter Maclean at We will try to respond promptly. Several members have recently enquired about registering early for next year’s PE Review Course (PERC). Course updates for the 2007 offering will not be available until just before the course starts in early January. In the meantime, course materials and transcripts from the 2006 presentation are still available for those wishing to start early. Please contact Richard Mouk at or (201) 798-4800 X-3044. He will accept tuition ($500 for SNAME members and $750 for non-members) and arrange for access, which can be transferred to the 2007 PERC at no additional cost.

PE Update July 2006 April 2006 Examination Results are Posted Twenty-four of the thirty examinees passed the April 2006 Naval Architect and Marine Engineer (NAME) P.E. exam. We offer congratulations to all. Pass rates for the exam were 81% for firsttime takers and 75% for repeat takers. It is worthy of note that the NAME pass rates were the highest for any of the exams given in April, excellent testimony to the good work of the ten instructors of the NAME PE Review Course (PERC) presented this past winter. The April 2006 Fundamentals of Engineering examinees who declared themselves to be graduates of ABET-accredited programs in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering or Ocean Engineering had good pass rates as well. First-time takers and repeat takers for NAME had pass

rates of 73% and 50% while the OE examinees had pass rates of 75% and 50% respectively. There were at least 50 examinees of each program. For all of the posted results, go to For those who were unsuccessful in this year's exam, NCEES offers a diagnostic statement, sent with the failure report, indicating deficient areas of candidate performance. This is the best guide for repeat examinees for determining strong and weak subject areas, a good guide for future study and when taking PERC. Now is a good time to plan for next year's NAME exam. PERC Tuition will remain at $500 for SNAME members, but will rise to $750 for non-members. The PERC web site will remain up and available for next year's registrants. We expect that the 2007 PERC will begin on Monday, January 8 and conclude on Wednesday, March 28. This schedule leaves three more weeks for study, since the exam is set for Friday, April 20, 2007. If you have any questions about PERC or the NAME exam, please email Walter Maclean or David Chapman. We will try to respond promptly.

PE Update February 2006 The Naval Architect and Marine Engineer Professional Engineer Review Course for 2006 (PERC) is now underway. It is not too late to sign-up as the main portion of the eleven-week course is yet to come and the transcripts of missed sessions are available. The third session is scheduled for 8-11 PM EST on February 1. Tuition is $500 for SNAME members and $650 for non-members. To register go to or call Rich Mouk at SNAME Headquarters, (201) 798-4800, Ext 3044. Over the last several months, we have received communications from members in Massachusetts concerned that they might need to obtain their PE licenses in NAME. Massachusetts was one of the states that was unsure if it would offer the NAME exam to its applicants, but apparently that situation has changed. One of our members has passed the NAME exam in Massachusetts. Massachusetts apparently uses a company, Professional Credential Services to handle license applications and examinations for its applicants. The URL for this organization is:$file/PEApplicationupdated0915 2004.pdf At this site, application instructions and forms may be found for those wishing to become NAME licensees in Massachusetts. On page 9 of the pdf, question 23, the NAME examination is listed as Marine. Note that the application must be sent to Engineering Examination Services/MA ENG, PO BOX 198689, Nashville Tennessee, 37219-8689. This company also provides services for the jurisdictions of Iowa, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. A telephone contact for PCS is: 877.ENG.EXAM, or 615-880-4226. The results of the recent PAK Survey have been put into a recommended revision of the NAME Examination Specification, which has been further reviewed by a group of SNAME PEs. The Examinations for Professional Engineers committee of NCEES has been requested to approve the revised specification for implementation in the 2008 NAME exam. More about this revision will be reported upon in future PE Update columns.

PE Update February 2006 Taking the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam Most PE licensing jurisdictions require that applicants take and pass the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam in order to be eligible to take the PE license exam. The FE exam focuses on undergraduate subjects including mathematics, engineering probability and statistics, chemistry, computational skills, ethics and business practices, engineering economics, engineering mechanics, strength of materials, material properties, fluid mechanics, electricity and magnetism, and thermodynamics. It is only logical, and proven by experience, that the best time to take the FE examination is just after completing these undergraduate courses. Students in EAC/ABET accredited engineering programs become eligible to take the exam in their senior year. Many students during their senior terms believe they are too busy to take the FE Exam. However, in hindsight, all who have told us about their travails have said that they wished they had made the extra effort during their senior year. We can only echo their sentiments. The FE Exam is prepared and scored by NCEES. The exam specification can be found at: NCEES provides a Reference Handbook for use in the exam, thereby restricting the number and type of references allowed in the examination room. No other reference is allowed. FE Exam results are announced as PASS or FAIL. NCEES has updated its Calculator Policy as of November 15, 2005. Only approved calculators listed below will be permitted in the exam room. No other models of calculators or variations of the models listed below will be permitted.    Hewlett Packard – HP 30s, HP 33s, HP 9s Casio – FX 115 ES, FX 115 MS, FX 115 MS Plus (Note: FX 115 ES and FX 115 MS models ending with an "-SR" designation are also allowed.) Texas Instruments – TI 30XA (or TI 30Xa), TI 30X IIS, TI 30X IIB, TI 36X Solar

For general information about eligibility for the FE exam, go to: To contact license boards, go to and click on Licensing Boards. There is additional information available on the NCEES web site including the latest news in the Licensure Exchange, a bimonthly newsletter published by NCEES and distributed to licensing boards in the U.S. and its jurisdictions. Good luck to all those taking the FE Exam this spring on Saturday, 22 April. Please note that this is the day after the P.E. exam that takes place on Friday, 21 April. If you have any questions or comments about P.E. licensing, please email them to: or

PE Update Jan 2006 The time is fast approaching for the start of the 2006 NAME P.E. Review Course (PERC). This will be its fifth and further improved offering with ten experienced instructors. The start of the course is scheduled for January 9 and it is expected to be concluded on March 30. Tuition remains at $500 for SNAME Members and $650 for non-members. To register for the course,

contact Richard Mouk at SNAME Headquarters at, or call him at 1-800-7982188, Ext 3044. Alternatively, sign up on-line by following the instructions at Note that the pass rate for first-time takers has been 93% for the past two years. The three-hour on-line sessions with the unit instructors provide an open-ended question and answer period in addition to email responses to questions. The site offers a course tour and answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). It is expected that there will be about 35-40 registrants for this year's course, so don't delay. Those who registered previously and wish to retake the course may do so by reregistering; there will be no added costs for doing so. As was done last year, it is planned that at the end of the course the Sample Exam will be provided for all to test their knowledge and skills. The sample exam conforms to the exam specification and is in the exam format, but it does not contain questions that have been on past examinations or are planned for future exams. If there are questions regarding the NAME P.E. exam, please email them to Walter Maclean at or

PE Updates August 2005 Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Survey of Professional Activities and Knowledge We are asking all SNAME Members to participate in a survey of professional Activities and Knowledge for Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (NAME). The survey should take roughly 30 minutes to complete, and does not need to be completed in one sitting. Although the primary purpose of the survey is to update the specification for the US Professional Engineering (PE) Exam in NAME, we are reaching out to all SNAME members to help define our industry, which is truly global in scope. Click here for more information and link to survey. Item Selection Meeting set for 14 September at SNAME HQ – PDH credit available It is time to select the Items that will be on the 2006 NAME exam. Only currently licensed members can participate. If you can participate in the meeting please email Dave Chapman at or Walt Maclean, For those seeking to satisfy Continuing Professional Competency requirements, this meeting will be worth about seven Professional Development Hours (PDH). Note that on the same evening, the New York Metropolitan Section will be holding its Past Chairman's Night and paper presentation, expected to be worth one more PDH.

PE Updates July 2005 The results of the April NAME Exam have been released. The overall pass rate was 86% (for 2005 first-time takers it was 93%. Congratulations to our 30 new NAME PEs, and a round of applause for the ten PE Review Course (PERC) instructors!

The exam will next be given on April 21, 2006. Anyone planning to take the exam should note that NOW is the time to start the application process. Filing deadlines in some states are as early as late September. For more specific information go to PERC will again be offered starting on January 9 and will finish at the end of March. Those wishing to get a head start in their studies can arrange with Rich Mouk for early access to the 2005 website and later access to the 2006 website when the course starts. PERC tuition remains at $500 for SNAME members and $650 for non-members. Those who took the 2005 PERC are still able to access the PERC website and can re-register for 2006 at no additional cost. If you have any questions concerning the NAME PE Exam send them to or

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