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					TEACHER INFORMATION PACK FOR THE PENANG TAPS 5th – 7th February 2009 1. Introduction Please find below all you will need for the Theatre Arts Programmes Symposium (TAPS) at the Penang International School. If you have further concerns or questions between now and the festival please don‟t hesitate to contact Sally (sallyr@ista.co.uk) or Emmy (emmya@ista.co.uk). 2. Welcome from host/ISTA It is real joy to welcome each of you to Penang! I believe this experience will be an inspiring experience for students and teachers as well. Please visit the International School of Penang and Penang tourism websites to make yourself familiar with our school and the area. I look forward to working with each of you.


3. Host school/venue contact information The International School of Penang (Uplands) Jalan Sungai Satu Batu Feringgi 11100 Penang, MALAYSIA. Tel: (604) 881 9777 Fax: (604) 881 9778, Email: info@uplands.org Rep. and Host: Randy Moss rmoss@uplands.org 60174306471 4. Hotel/accommodation information By now all schools will no doubt have reserved rooms directly with the hotel for the duration of TaPS. Please note workshops/MC will take place at the hotel – so this is the venue for TaPS as opposed to the school campus itself. Copthorne Orchid Hotel Tanjung Bungah Penang Malaysia Tel: (604) 892- 3333 Fax (604) 892- 3321 rsvn@copthorne.com.my When booking rooms mention Uplands ISTA Event Room for accommodation Single with Buffet Breakfast Superior r/night RM210 nett p/night Junior Suite Tower RM250 nett p/night


Twin with Buffet Breakfast Triple with Buffet Breakfast

RM225 nett p/night RM290 nett p/night

RM265 nett p/night RM320 nett p/night

5. Travel information Schools should plan to arrive in Penang on Wednesday Feb. 4 and depart on Sunday Feb. 8. Once schools have booked flights, Randy will put together a travel plan for getting to and from the airport. Cost for airport transfers will be based on numbers coming in at one time. A van for 8 people cost RM 80 one way. a. During TAPS All travel during the TaPS will be provided by the school. All workshops will take place at the Copthorne Hotel. 6. General information: Penang is an island off the northwestern coast of Peninsular Malaysia. It is also the name of the Malaysian state which is made up of Penang Island and the facing strip of territory on the mainland called Seberang Perai (formerly Province Wellesley). Penang is one of Malaysia's main tourist draws. Its beaches are nice, though a little lacklustre when compared to those in some other Malaysian states, but this is more than compensated for by the island's rich multicultural history which is full of Chinese, Malay, Indian, and European influences. Penang is also well known for being the "food paradise" of Malaysia. b. Money exchange Exchanging money is Penang is no problem. There are bank machines all over the island. Money can be exchanged at the airport or one of the many official money changers located around the island. Current rates are: US $ = RM 3.6 GBP = RM 5.4 c. Spending money All TaPS participates will be given a meal allowance to cover the cost of lunches and dinners during the event. There will be several shopping opportunities during the weekend to pick up souvenirs. Schools arriving early on Wednesday or staying till late Sunday, may want to make their way to Gurney Plaza a huge shopping mall located within a quick taxi ride from the hotel. I would suggest RM 100 for snacks and souvenirs during the weekend. d. Weather Penang, like the rest of Malaysia, has an equatorial climate. This means temperatures of between about 22°C (night) and 30°C (day), between 70% and 90% humidity, and an annual total rainfall of about 2400mm. The driest months are usually January and 2

February. However, we only have two weather conditions in Penang; Raining or going to rain- you will need an umbrella. e. Clothing Penang is hot! Wear comfort clothes. Workshop clothes should be loose and comfortable to move in. We will be outside on several occasions and good walking shoes are a must! The hotel and indoor workshop space are air conditioned and a jumper might be needed. f. Health insurance details (what’s needed from visiting schools) Medical care in Penang is excellent, schools will need ensure their insurance is valid in Penang. Walk-in services are relatively inexpensive on the island. But insurance is a good idea. g. T-shirt information There will be t-shirts on sale and Randy will be in touch with you ahead of time if he needs orders before arrival. 7. Meal information Meals on Wed on arrival will be the school‟s own expense. A buffet breakfast is part of your daily tariff at the hotel. All participants will be given money to purchase lunch and dinner daily and Randy will provide details of all the eating places located around the hotel. 8. Certification The Rep at this event will have a pack for each school containing a certificate of participation for all your students. We will also have teacher certificates. Full attendance at every session is required for a teacher certificate to be issued.

Please note for those schools who registered after the FCD, we cannot guarantee that your certificates will be given out at the TAPS. If this is the case, we will be happy to send you these post the event, directly to your school address. There will be a small charge for postage and packing.
9. Student behaviour and lines of reporting/decision making Visiting teachers are asked to play an active role in monitoring their students throughout the weekend. We also ask that one teacher from each school be present at the TAPS venue at all times. The overall guideline for student behaviour is outlined in the codes of conduct. If staff encounter any problems with students they will in the first instance try to resolve these within the ensemble or MC. If problems persist, they will raise the issue with the Rep. At this stage the Rep will involve you in discussions. In extreme cases a course of action will be jointly determined by the Rep, the visiting teacher


and host. Any instances of unusual behaviour or general concerns about a student in ensembles/MC‟s will be reported immediately by the staff member to the Rep. 10. Photos There will be photos taken during the weekend, along with film material. These will be used in the ISTA archives, website, Scene and other promotional material. If you do not want your photo taken and used by ISTA please let the Rep know. Thanks. 11. Housekeeping Please note that along with the teacher info pack, we attach the student and teacher codes of conduct. Please ensure that all your students sign, and have their parents sign before travelling and keep all copies on file. Please bring the teacher code of conduct with you signed to hand into the Rep at registration. Please ensure that you have read the Guide to the new course AND the TSM before arriving. Please come prepared for practical/hands on workshops – dress should be informal and appropriate for practical work! 12. Financial information We ask that all invoices are paid to ISTA within 28 days of issue or before you leave for TaPS. 13. Feedback Emmy will be in touch with you post the event to remind you about feedback and the student writing. We ask that all teachers complete a feedback form within two weeks of the event. As an organisation we use and respond to feedback heavily in terms of making changes for the future. Can we remind you to be positive and constructive in your comments and to be aware of things that can be changed and things that are beyond ours or the host‟s control. Thanks. We ask that teachers collect comments from students in order to complete the feedback form. This year we will continue to look for more quotes to use – so please do urge students to give you these. And remember – always put down the name of the student responsible for the quote – thanks! Also – due to the amazing response we had to the 2007-2008 student writing we will continue to collect student writing from all events during 2008-2009. 14. N/A Important dates

15. Staff Rep Teacher Workshop Leader Student Ensemble Leader -

Randy Moss Sherri Sutton Jo Scott


Tom Schulz 16. Participating schools/teachers International School of Beijing - Tom Rosevear International School of Kuala Lumpur - Timothy Howe International School of Penang (host) - Randy Moss King George V School - Ian Baker Taipei American School - Doug Bishop Yew Chung - Juliette Simms

Attending without students

Canadian International School – Malina Patel King George V School – Louise Adams Renaissance College - Angela Liu 17. Schedule Tuesday/Wednesday February 3rd and 4th – staff arrive Wednesday February 4th – all schools arrive Thursday February 5th 9:00-9:30am 9:30-11:30am 11:30-7:00pm

7:00-10:00pm Friday February 6th 9:00-11:00am

Full group Student ensemble #1 Teacher ensemble #1 City experience 3.5 hours ensemble (Fort Cornwall) #2 3 hours city walk, lunch Commedia performance in Fort – followed by talk back Dinner at Batu Ferringgi

11:00-1:00pm 1:00-3:00pm 3:00-3:30pm 3:30-5:00pm 5:00-7:00pm 7:00-8:30pm

MC for students Group A – Commedia Group B – Stage Combat Teacher ensemble #3 Lunch Student ensemble #3 Teacher MC – Commedia Break Student ensemble # 4 Teacher ensemble # 4 Free time and dinner Stand up comedy performance followed by talk back


Saturday February 7th 9:00-11:00am

11:00-1:00pm 1:00-3:00pm 3:00-3:30pm 3:30-5:00pm 5:00-6:00pm 6:00-8:00pm

Student MC Group A – Stage Combat Group B – Commedia Lunch Student ensemble # 5 Teacher ensemble # 5 Break Student ensemble # 6 Teacher ensemble # 6 Full group closure Sunset Beach BBQ

18. Schedule notes The „Out and About‟ on Thursday will allow both teachers and students the opportunity to see some of Penang and to work on site in Fort Cornwall. All sessions will take place at the hotel rather than at Uplands. Ample time has been scheduled for participants to „break‟ for meal times. 19. Ensemble information There will be two student ensembles comprising of approximately 20 students. The teacher ensemble is currently @ 9 in number. 20. Master class information Students will take two MC. The first will be on Stage Combat, led by Randy Moss. The second will be on Commedia led by Marco Luly. Teachers will take one MC on Commedia. The student and teacher ensemble leaders will then link the MC experience to the course components and potential follow up work that students might wish to pursue. 21. Theatre performance information We are delighted to announce two rather special performances. There will be on Commedia (linked to the MC and vice versa!) with Marco Luly. The second will be a stand up comedy performance with Sherri Sutton. After both performances there will be the opportunity to have a talk back with the performers. And like the MC, the student and teacher ensemble leaders will tie in the performance experiences to the course work covered in the ensembles. 22. ISTA and the IB The teacher workshop, as advertised, is a Level 2 workshop only; and is run in cooperation with the IB. As such the standard content for a Level 2 workshop will be


delivered. It is crucial that teachers read AND BRING WITH THEM the IB Theatre Guide and TSM. Any teachers not having these two documents with them will be asked to have them photocopied at their own expense before embarking on the workshop. 23. Handouts/workbook information All teachers will be given a comprehensive workbook as part of the workshop. We ask that all students bring with them note books and pencils as reflection will be an integral part of the TaPS experience. Very few handouts will be given on site; however full resource packs for the MC will be posted online shortly after TaPS. Final words… I am delighted with the schedule and planning that has gone into this event to date. All participants are in for a real treat in terms of their stay in Penang. The MC and Theatre performance opportunities carry strong links to the IB Theatre course and will be such invaluable experiences for all. The „out and about‟ will allow everyone to see and taste a little of Penang, and to use this cultural experience to feed into their TaPS work. And finally, we have a superb line up of ISTA staff – so you will be in safe and very competent hands indeed. Thanks to Randy for all the planning to date and I know he is eager to welcome you to our final TaPS of 2009-2010!

Sally Robertson – ISTA CEO

Note # 1 Code of conduct from host school/venue Although hosted by the International School of Penang, all events will take place off the school site. The ISTA code of conduct and the individual school‟s codes of conduct will serve as the guidelines for this festival. There will be a curfew set by ISTA once the final schedule is in place. Note # 2 Staff bios (including MC) Randy Moss (Rep) is a teacher. Certainly, he loves „the theater‟ and has spent time as an actor and director in both community and professional productions, but his first love is teaching. The rush gained from applause at the end of a successful production is only equal to the rush gained from the smile on a student‟s face as they get a difficult math concept, or the excitement on an actor‟s face when they know they have made a character their own. Randy feels honoured to be associated with ISTA and to be a staff member because ISTA is a celebration not only of „the theater‟, but of teaching and learning also. From 1994 till June of 2006 Randy called Beijing home. There he hosted several ISTA events beginning on the Great Wall of China. Randy is now working as the Head of Drama at the International School of Penang.


Joanne Scott (Student Ensemble Leader) is currently teaching Drama, Theatre Arts and English at United World College of South East Asia in Singapore. Her home town is Newcastle in the North East of England, but she considers herself to be an adopted Scot after living in Glasgow for six years, where she studied Theatre Studies and English Literature. Before coming into international school teaching, she was involved in directing, writing and producing a number of plays in and around central Scotland, two of which premiered at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Joanne‟s main areas of interest are non-text based and physical theatre, the role of film and video in performance and performance art. She has done particular research into the work of the innovative and controversial company, DV8, who first coined the term “physical theatre”. Joanne has been involved with ISTA for four years now, as a teacher, festival coordinator and workshop/ensemble leader. Tom Schulz (Student Ensemble Leader): I didn't really discover the theatre until I was in college. My plans to become a lawyer lasted one semester. In search of a new major, I looked around campus to see who was having the most fun, and it was obviously the theatre students. So I joined! After graduating and a couple of years in Europe doing the 'starving artist' routine, I directed with an avant-garde company Off-Off in New York. Those were rough years in NYC, and eventually I headed back to California. With nothing better to do, I decided to go back to school, and found a program at San Francisco State's "Center for Experimental and Interdiscplinary Art" which allowed me to work with artists from outside the theatre: painters, dancers, musicians, writers, sculptors. It was with friends I made there that I formed "Elbows Akimbo", which I led as Artistic Director for 7 years. The loss of my best friend to AIDS, and a particularly harsh review of a show we had spent 18 months developing prompted me to take a break. So I set off on a year's adventure travelling in Asia. I'd never heard of an International School when I arrived in Jakarta, but it was a theatre connection that got me on campus for the first time Didn't take me long to sneak in the back door as a local hire, and now, 16 years later, there is nothing I'd rather be doing than exploring theatre with young people. I never have to wonder "who do I serve?" And when I look around campus, it's still the theatre people who are having the most fun. Who knew it was this much work to have this much fun!?!? Sherri D. Sutton (Teacher Workshop Leader) has taught master classes in all over the globe and is the creator of her one-women show, Don‟t Make Fun Of Jesus. Sherri has a very practical approach to teaching and encourages creative risk-taking with participants. Using the concepts of the "mask", Sherri loves to work with props, costumes, glasses and movement to create rich characters. Her personal philosophy about acting is, "whether you are acting from the 'inside out' or the 'outside in' just get there truthfully!" Working on practical character development has helped her discover her voice as a playwright. One of the most exciting things about teaching and working in the theatre is the opportunity to explore its many areas. Sherri


recently spent her summer in New York city working as a stand-up comic. She was entered into a couple of competitions and came out as the Grand Finale Winner of the 2003 Boston Comedy Club, she has since moved to New York to pursue a career in Stand-Up comedy. Most recently, Roseanne Barr spotted her video on youtube and asked her to open for her!


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