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					The Bespoke Corporate Yacht Charter
The right guests in the right place at the right time
What could be more conducive to a good business meeting than the surroundings of a luxury motoryacht? It is the most inspirational setting for any corporate occasion: unique, memorable, utterly captivating. A

bespoke motoryacht event is perfect for all types of audiences and occasions, offering sumptuous elegance and comfort with a level of service that even the world’s best hotels would find hard to match. All yachts provide a superb range of facilities and can cater for any objective: business development, staff incentive, board meeting, creative brainstorm. We will guide you in your selection of a yacht that is

perfectly equipped to meet the requirements of your event. We will also appoint a Guest Director who will coordinate all pre-event planning, manage your itinerary and assist in the critical post-event evaluation. Senior business executives need a good reason to accept an invitation that will take them away from their desks and families. A luxury motoryacht is such a reason, ensuring that your event attracts the people you want. Guests expect to receive 5-star treatment, and our service is designed to exceed all expectations.

The backing of a specialist event organiser
With 22 years of experience in hosting unique business and celebrity events on motoryachts, the ATTENTION TO DETAIL brand name is an assurance of a luxury business experience like no other. Our promise includes flawless

personal service, planned to the finest detail and delivered exquisitely on the finest motoryachts in the world. We offer a total event management solution, from initial

conception to post-event evaluation, and a specialist Guest Director means that you have a single point of contact and hands-on support at all times. We operate an open book pricing policy where we do not mark-up services provided by our location partners. Everything is geared towards ensuring you achieve your goals.

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Meeting your business objectives
The planning phase is driven primarily by your business objectives. Our approach covers everything from carefully creating the right business environment to the small but crucial details, like the seating plan for meals. If you choose, we can design an event around a new marketing campaign or dovetail it with an existing one, ensuring that your investment yields a strong return. Confidentiality is assured for sensitive meetings or information, and everything is managed, presented and facilitated with the utmost discretion and sophistication.

Your guests, their preferences
Building a detailed guest profile means we anticipate every

requirement of every guest in advance, strengthening their impression of a truly unique and personalised event. For example, if you know that one of your guests likes the Chateau Petrus 1982 vintage we’ll make sure there’s a supply onboard. The same applies to all your guests: the

smaller the detail, the greater the ‘wow’ factor. Together we will develop an itinerary that fits with your guest profile; you can choose from a vast range of activities, striking the right balance between business and leisure. There are virtually no limits to what we can arrange, and we’ll manage all bookings so there won’t be any unwelcome surprises along the way. All our location partners guarantee the same high standards of quality.

Your Guest Director
Closely involved in planning the itinerary, your Guest Director manages all activities once your trip is underway, allowing you to concentrate on your guests. He/she is on call

from the moment you leave home to the moment you return, ensuring that your event is smooth, seamless and successful. Your Guest Director will liaise between your party and your crew, providing expert advice and assistance in all aspects of your event: as business facilitator, tour guide or team leader, with specialist knowledge of the Cote d’Azur (including spoken French). He/she will make all arrangements and bookings as your event unfolds and manage any contingency planning that may be necessary. Your Guest Director can also support business sessions, e.g. with speeches, toasts, time-management, as well as

managing guest dynamics so that you get quality time with the people you most want to focus on.

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Enjoying the moment
The setting of a luxury motoryacht gives you access to an amazing range of leisure activities, all carefully planned to entertain and inspire your guests. Onshore you could visit a local vineyard, perfumerie or museum; play golf or go horse-riding; sample the culinary delights; hit the nightclubs and casinos; or simply potter around the countless markets and marinas along the coast. On the water, your guests can learn to

waterski, kayak, windsurf, ride a jet-ski, go fishing … or simply swim in the beautiful Mediterranean. And onboard the yacht, guests can sip cocktails on deck, watch a movie, enjoy a massage, be entertained by musicians or guest speakers, or just relax in the sunshine. Your itinerary can dovetail with another event if you wish, e.g. an exhibition or Grand Prix, while you may wish to host a cocktail party or reception for a much larger number of guests (e.g. colleagues staying ashore, conference attendees) – again, not a problem.

A day in the sun
On board a luxury motoryacht, there’s no such thing as a typical day. Every sunrise brings the possibility of a new experience, new

pleasures, all in the delightful certainty of knowing one is living life to the full. Here’s what one day’s itinerary might look like.

0800 0830 0930 1100 1300 1400 1600 1730 1800 1900 2030 2300

Plunge into the sea for a morning swim Breakfast on deck; mangoes, croissants and coffee Meeting in the Salon: conference call with London office Watersports! Kayaking, jet-skiing and diving for everyone Ashore for lunch: the finest seafood ever presented, in a restaurant you won’t find in any guidebooks Guided tour of the Roman ruins in Fréjus with Guest Director; others are free to shop and explore Meet in port and return to yacht: massages, saunas, manicures and showers Check email; watch the news on CNN; send a fax Cocktail reception on deck as the yacht cruises into St Tropez harbour Back ashore, and drinks in the Grand Café on the quay Dinner in St Tropez’s most famous restaurant Back on board the yacht; coffee and cigars on deck

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Post-trip evaluation: measuring success
For business events, we recognise the importance of getting detailed feedback – individual and collective – that

can be measured against your original objectives. We listen to clients’ opinions, impressions and feelings during the event, and deliver them to you post-event in whatever form or style best suits your purposes. We can arrange a follow-up call to guests after the event has taken place; perhaps a post-event meeting would give you a clearer picture of how your guests felt about the event, and how successful you were in meeting your objectives. In all aspects of post-event evaluation, we will draw on our extensive marketing experience to ensure you have the best means for calculating success and return on investment. We will also retain your individual guest profiles in case you decide to host another event.

A memento of the trip
An integral part of the post-event activity is the provision of a gift for you to give each of your guests; something as elegant and special as the event itself, that will evoke happy memories at a glance. We will work with you and use our

experience in corporate event management to choose the right memento. We can also include a high-quality video production of the event, filmed professionally and discreetly while the event is underway, and provide each guest with their own personal copy on video or CD-Rom. Whatever you decide will strike the right note, we can arrange for it to be ready when the yacht returns to port. This gift can then act as a vehicle for post-event follow-up, ensuring you stay in touch with the group.

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