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Dear Praying Friend Here are some more suggested prayer topics for your use in May as we continue in the year of continuous prayer. We are into the seventeenth week, almost exactly a third of the year has been completed. One of the often repeated reports from churches about the weeks of prayer that they have undertaken is that it has had a good effect on the church’s prayer life. That is, after the week some churches have experienced a greater level of support for their usual prayer meetings, or have noticed a benefit for the prayer life of the church in some other way. Helping Christians to pray more is one of the goals of the year: the prayers of the saints are the foundation for all that we do. Let’s pray that it not only continues, but increases in its effect.

Swine Flu
Now that swine flu has been seen in several locations across the nation, and there have been human to human infections, there is a growing concern about what this means for our health and safety. But the latest reports as Mexico cut its suspected death toll by 75 to 101, indicate the outbreak may not be as bad as initially feared. Nevertheless we should pray for God's grace and wisdom to those who seek ways of dealing with this outbreak and to equip them for the task. See article by Justin Thacker, EA Head of Theology on EA website that considers some spiritual responses to it. http://www.eauk.org/publictheology/friday-night-theology/swine-flu.cfm

Christians In The Workplace
A Christian teacher has been suspended from a senior post for complaining that a staff training day was used to promote homosexual rights. Kwabena Peat, 54, left a compulsory training session with several other Christian colleagues at the north London school after the speaker, Sue Sanders, invited by the School head teacher, openly questioned why people thought heterosexuality was natural. Mr Peat, who is a year-head, and other staff were deeply upset that teaching staff, and others, who disagreed out of Christian conviction were given no opportunity to respond. Pray about the ongoing battles faced by Christians in the workplace. Pray for their ability to stand firm in their faith and to “shine like the stars in the universe” (Phil 2:15)

Call for One Million Hours of Prayer in Manchester
Andy Hawthorne is calling on Christians around the world to take part in a million hours of prayer for Manchester, a city that has one the highest rates of knife crime in the country. The one million hours of prayer initiative is in partnership with The Message Trust, UCB, Audacious, World Prayer Centre and many others, who are calling for 30,000 Christians around the world to commit to 20 minutes of prayer a day for 100 days for the city of Manchester starting Friday May 1st. Andy's vision is to enable every young person in the city of Manchester to repeatedly hear the Christian message and he strongly believes this will only come about as a result of focused prayer.

It is great to read about initiatives like this. Let’s pray that it is strongly supported and that as a result violent crime in Manchester diminishes.

The State of our Nation
Our nation continues to need more prayer in this time of economic instability. Pray: That the church will learn how to wait on the Lord for wisdom and direction in this difficult time and that God would have mercy on this nation.

Kidnapped Nurse Prays for Attacker
A nurse who was discovered locked in a car boot within hours of death has said she will pray for her attacker. Magdeline Makola, 38, an Edinburgh cardiology nurse, was bound and gagged and locked in her own car boot for ten days before she was found. On Boxing Day, Justice Ngema, 35, a failed South African asylum seeker, had forced his way into Miss Makola’s home and forced her to give him the pin numbers to her bank cards. Despite the incident, Miss Makola said, ‘I feel no anger towards him, only pity. I wish him well in the future and I will pray for him.’ She said she ‘spent a lot of time praying’ during her ordeal and ‘Praying gave me a lot of strength’. Praise God for this clear testimony. You might like to consider using the Lord’s prayer in your prayer meetings this month, with its emphasis on forgiveness.

North West Christian Business Forum
On Thursday 7th May at 7 pm a group of business men and women will be meeting to prayerfully establish a forum for Christians in business. John Manwell, Christopher Gibaud and Norm Murray have been consulting and meeting since the International Business Conference at the Echo Arena in October 2008 with a view to setting up such a group, backed by a wider group of supporters. They have been greatly encouraged by the enthusiasm for it. The aims of the group are twofold: To establish an active forum of Christian businessmen & women across the North West that brings God’s voice to the world and Church. To be kingdom activists mobilizing Christians in business to be kingdom ministers. Please pray for this evening to be God honouring and effective in drawing businessmen and women together; that it will envision them about serving God in their business environment; that a clear programme for its development will be seen.

European Parliamentary Elections
Ahead of the elections on 4th June, please continue to pray for the election of people of integrity and peace.

Redeeming Our Communities launches in Liverpool
Redeeming Our Communities – Liverpool is an event on June 16th at the Liverpool Echo Arena, inititated by Merseyside Police and Debra Green from City Links and supported by TFH. The evening will give the opportunity to listen to speakers and hear some of the new and exciting projects that are being developed around Merseyside. The main theme of the evening will be ‘Tackling Gun and Knife Crime', how to prevent it and how to effectively engage young people. This is a great opportunity for the Church to come together at the Arena to express our passion to see society changed. The Police are financing the event. Don’t miss it. Admission will be free, but please register that you are coming

for administration purposes. You can do this on http://www.citylinks.org.uk/Articles/137012/CityLinks/Redeeming_our_Communities/Around_the_UK /England_North_West/Liverpool/Redeeming_Our_Communities.aspx or email office@tfh.org.uk for more details. Pray that as this initiative is launched in Liverpool it will contribute towards transformation in the community.

National Day of Prayer For The Police Service
The Christian Police Association are organising a day of prayer for the Police Service on 21st of this month. You can get more details from their web site: www.CPAuk.net. Please pray :  That senior officers may have wisdom to direct their forces well and have concern for all their staff  That local forces would be effective in administering justice, supporting victims, preventing and detecting crime, reducing the fear associated with it and building public confidence  That officers will be kept safe and will enforce the law with integrity and wisdom especially in volatile situations  That officers and their families would be protected from the effects of stress and know God's peace in their lives  That Christian Police Officers and Support Staff will be strong and effective in their witness within the Police Service  That God would crush the forces of evil that are at work in the lives of individuals and communities which lead to addiction, despair, crime and disorder  That the church would respond to local issues and help bring communities together with the police to tackle local problems effectively Please continue to pray for Merseyside police. An outline of the names of police in the range of neighbourhoods across the region follows:

Pray for the Merseyside Police

Chief Constable Bernhard Hogan-Howe Assistant Chief Constable Simon Byrne Deputy Chief Constable Bernard Lawson Assistant Chief Constable Colin Matthews

Assistant Chief Constable Helen King Andrew Stephens: Chief Officer responsibility for the Finance, IT, Procurement, Estates and Vehicle Fleet portfolios. Assistant Chief Constable Patricia Gallan

The area commanders and Inspectors for each Police Neighbourhood are:
Chief Superintendent Jon Ward Inspectors: Paul Harrison Bidston, St James, Oxton,Cclaughton Mick Blease Birkenhead Andy Wise Bromborough Julie Fletcher East Wallasey Kate Cunningham Heswall Paul Vickers Hoylake Pete Kolokotroni West Wallasey& Moreton Brian Griffiths Upton, Prenton & Egerton

Chief Superintendent Ian Pilling Inspectors: Chris Burnham Bootle Neil Turner Crosby Kirsty Jennett Litherland & Netherton Kevin Booth Maghull Jim McLoughlin Formby, Ainsdale & Birkdale Neil Moss Southport North East Gary Fairbrother Southport Town Centre

Chief Superintendent John Young Inspectors: Steve Kavanagh South Kirby Tami Garvey-Jones North Kirby Paul Sutcliffe North Huyton Lee Scofield South Huyton Mark Scraggs Prescott, Whiston & Halewood

Liverpool North
Chief Superintendent Steve Watson Inspectors: Damien Walsh City Licensing Mark Morgan City, business & Regeneration Gary O’Rourke Kirkdale Keith McLachlan Everton, Anfield & County Dave Charnock Kensington, Fairfield & Tuebrook Dave Herron Old Swan, West Derby, Yew Tree & Knotty Ash Steve Harding Croxteth, Norris Green & Clubmoor Simon Draco Warbreck & Fazakerley

St Helens
Chief Superintendent Chris Armitt Inspectors: Dianne Pownell St Helens Town Centre Mark Lawes Parr, Sutton & Bold Tim Kelly Rainhill, Thatto Heath, Ecclestone & West Park Ian Cooper Windle, Rainford, Moss Bank, Billinge & Seneley Green Steve Lowe Newton, Haydock, Blackbrook & Earlestown

Liverpool South
Chief Superintendent Steve Ashley Inspectors: Stuart Quirk Riverside, St Michaels, Greenbank & Dingle Ian Black Princes, Picton, Wavertree & Granby Bob Daly Childwall, Church & Mossley Hill Keith Porte Allerton, Belle Vale, Netherley & Woolton Ian Mason Cressington, Garston & Speke

Some churches praying are in the area of the Cheshire Police
Inspectors: Derek Lockie Runcon Sharon Case Widnes

Some churches praying are in the area of the Lancashire Police
Skelmersdale Tanhouse
Constables: Howard Kershaw; Paul Edwards; Lizzy Chenneour

Inspectors: Andy Ross Warrington Central Richard Spedding Warrington East Sarah Edgar Warrington South Brian Heywood Warrington West
This briefing document is sent to all churches participating in the Year of Continuous Prayer 2009. A modified version is also emailed as a bulletin to individuals who pray regularly for the region and have asked to receive the bulletin. Please consider inviting members of your congregation to sign up for this by emailing TFH on prayer@tfh.org.uk

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