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A Gift of Jewelry…
By Andrew Z

to be Cherished Forever
Sometimes I forget how fortunate I am to be part of a profession that celebrates life, and all the wonderful occasions and happy memories that we all encounter. The evidence is in the showcases in my store: diamonds are forever, promise rings, diamond engagement rings, wedding bands, Mother’s rings, journey pendants, past-present-future, eternity rings, circle of life. And this list took me under two minutes to produce! I wondered why we historically commemorate life’s most important milestones with fine jewelry. Well, let me ask you: when deciding on a gift for a very special person, what are some of the characteristics that you’d like that gift to have? How about: precious, rare, magnificent, special, valuable, enduring? Now, what are some qualities that come to mind when thinking of diamonds and fine jewelry? How about: precious, rare, magnificent, special, valuable, enduring? Do you see what I mean? A gift of fine jewelry embodies all the same characteristics that you’d want in that very special gift. DIAMONDS Now that we can see that a gift of fine jewelry is a gift cherished forever, I’d like to give you a few ideas to set you in the right direction for this holiday season. First, let’s consider diamonds and diamond jewelry. Fine quality diamonds are rare and special. They represent all that is the very best in gemstones. Some good choices that are available this season include the classic three-stone, or past-present-future, rings and pendants; journey pendants, which have a series of graduated diamonds, each representing a step in the journey of life as we grow together; micropaveset diamond jewelry in any form, such as

a completely encrusted diamond ball pendant or maybe a new updated mounting for your engagement diamond—and yes, it’s a great idea to have your original engagement diamond reset into a completely new mounting; and circle of life pendants, which represent the continuum of life through a 360-degree circle of diamonds. COLORED GEMS Next, let’s take a look at colored gemstone jewelry, but please don’t limit yourself to a birthstone. Birthstones are a nice thought, but why not broaden your options to nature’s entire rainbow? If you aren’t sure which gemstone to consider, here are a few tips: choose the recipient’s favorite color; look at what he or she already owns and wears—perhaps complete a wardrobe with a similar gemstone set in a piece he or she doesn’t have; match eye color; or choose red ruby or green emerald as a forever reminder of a special Christmas. Once you’ve decided on a color, ask your jeweler about gems in that color category. Also, make sure to mention whether this gift will be for everyday wear or for special occasions. Certain gems will be more suitable for different types of wear and tear. A GIFT CHERISHED FOREVER Finally, remember that a beautiful gift of fine jewelry can be very powerful. It can make hearts pound with excitement, eyes tear with happiness, smiles turn to cries of joy! It will probably cause instantaneous hugging and gratitude. This is because the recipient is very grateful for such a beautiful gift, and also because of what jewelry has come to represent: a rare and precious gift symbolizing our most cherished emotions and feelings. Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and peace to all!


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