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PRESENT Paul Garner Jackie Maher Gary Chwalko Cathy Kelly Jo Kenyon Keri Lydon Sue Kearney Merseyside Probation Imagine Forum Housing Sefton Homless Venus Resource Centre Supporting People Supporting People



Apologies were received from: Natalie Caza – Stonham Housing; Jane Maguire – One Vision Housing


Priorities for the Group KL

Terms of Reference – PG offered to look at Terms of Reference from the Provider Forum and other groups for members of the move on group to consider prior to the next meeting. KL informed the group that Natalie Caza from Stonham Housing is going to email some terms of reference over to her and that KL will email these to providers for consideration and comments. It was agreed as a priority that the group needs to identify what it hopes to achieve, how to feedback into the main Provider Forum and how the group will deliver in terms of outcomes. It was agreed that the group should identify a Chair – either on a permanent basis or to have a rotation. KL to email providers for interest in this position. It was agreed that the position of Chair should be held by a provider and that the group should be led by providers. Supporting People will continue to facilitate the group.


Frequency of Meetings – it was agreed that the group would meet monthly until the end of the financial year. Venue of Meetings – there are options to change the venue of the meetings dependent upon providers.

3. Discussions It was noted that there were no representatives from the Older Persons sub group. It was agreed that the current Chair of the Older Persons sub group should be contacted to ensure that all providers have the opportunity to contribute to or attend the Move On group meetings. It was agreed that there is a need to identify the need and requirement for the provision of move on accommodation. Exclusions are causing problems for some client groups to access accommodation. There is also a need to move away from the “fire fighting” aspect of homelessness and to work in advance of eviction etc. There is a need for the group to underpin the reasons why there are difficulties for move on and what providers have done to try to resolve the issues. When issues cannot be resolved after following usual processes it would be useful for the group to know what providers did next. It was agreed that it would be useful for providers to offer any information regarding problems with move on. Case studies would be a useful form of evidencing the problems with move on – identifying timescales and barriers. A discussion then followed about High Priority Panels. GC informed the group that he had information sheets on High Priority Panels and that he would email the information to Supporting People for distribution to providers PG would invite Wirral High Priority Panel representative to the next Move on group meeting to provide further information about the Panels. There is a need to make sure that providers can move people on to appropriate accommodation to ensure through put and continued provision of services. Criteria could be set via the High Priority Panel to ensure that correct and useful move on arrangements are set up and that gaps in provision are filled. GC/KL KL


PG informed the group that Knowsley and Wirral had dedicated officers who co-ordinated the activities of their High Priority Panels and he suggested that the group should speak with the Local Authority/Supporting People to see if this requirement fits in with any grants available. PG offered to speak with the Wirral HPP Co-ordinator to seek information on the requirements of the position. It was agreed that the group should ensure that the HPP is wide ranging and includes the larger providers such as One Vision, Riverside, Crosby Housing etc. Each provider should have an identified “Homeless Champion”. It was agreed that the group should obtain a list of appropriate persons representing each of the providers. It was agreed that the group should devise a Workplan in advance of setting up a High Priority Panel to inform their strategy. It was agreed that there needed to be a linkage into the private rented sector for move on accommodation. This link could be made via the High Priority Panel. There is a process for accreditation for Private Landlords, however, there is historically some difficulty in retaining private landlords. Usually the reasons for this have been delays in housing benefit payments, or miscalculations in those payments – also direct payments could cause some issues for private landlords. It was agreed to invite Jim Ohren to the next meeting of the move on group to discuss issues relating to Private Landlords. The meeting included discussion around High Priority Panels and how these panels can influence strategies. The Panels lead to good inter agency practice with sharing of information and good practice. PG provided information on national figures regarding homelessness from the “High Priority Panel Report December 2007”. A major point to come from the figures are the large numbers of “unidentified” homeless people – in the region of 400,000 nationally. PG asked those providers present if they had any other issues to add to the discussion. JM said that she would like to get social workers and consultants on board as providers need their backing to move some people on. JK agreed that the HPP would be a very useful tool for them to seek suitable accommodation for their clients. PG confirmed that there is a need for floating support to be part of the move on process in order for it to achieve its objectives.





Next Meeting KL

KL to contact all providers to arrange the next meeting. The meeting would be held at Merton House during w/c 7 th January 2008.

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