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					Questions and Answers: Bromley Hospitals Trust

Orpington Hospital:  What services is Bromley Hospitals Trust planning to move from Orpington Hospital in the future? Bromley Hospitals NHS Trust is planning to move elective surgery. A limited number of orthodontic and oral and maxillofacial surgery attendances will be moving because of the retirement of a single handed consultant in maxillofacial surgery and the maternity leave of a single handed orthodontic consultant these services will be provided by consultants in Sidcup.  What plans does Bromley Hospital Trust have for the future of Orpington Hospital? The Trust have no plans for changes at Orpington Hospital other than the repatriation of services mentioned above and the move on those limited outpatient services mentioned above.  What assurance can the Trust give that patients will not wait longer and that the quality of care will not be compromised? The Trust can assure patients that it is on target to meet the national deadline for all surgery to be complete within 18weeks of referral by their GP. It is a government promise that every acute Trust will meet the 18weeks project deadline by December. The quality of care offered by Bromley Hospitals NHS Trust is independently measured by the Healthcare Commission and is not site specific. Last year we were assessed as ‘good’ in a range of excellent through to weak.  Is hospital acquired infection performance a more significant issue at the PRUH, and is there a greater risk of patients contracting such infections with the move of services from Orpington to the PRUH? Patients moving to the PRUH for treatment are at no greater risk of acquiring infection. The Healthcare Commission independent assessment covers the whole Trust and is not site specific. We were given a clear bill of health in January.  Is the Trust confident that these changes are sustainable taking into account estimates for future demands on services? The Trust is confident that these changes are sustainable taking into account estimates for future demands on services.


Will staff be transferred with services? Staff will be transferred with services.


Will there be staff redundancies? No redundancies are planned.


How will the transfer of Services be managed? The transfer of services will be managed by the Trust’s Surgical Directorate.


It was reported that this change will save the Trust £1m. Is this still the projected saving? It is projected that these changes will save the Trust a minimum of 1m a year.


There has been a certain amount of confusion within the local community surrounding the proposals. What services will remain at Orpington Hospital? Services that will remain on the Hospital site are;Intermediate Care, outpatients and all related services, e.g.; physio, OT and hydrotherapy.


Can you provide the Committee with statistics on the number of operations at Orpington Hospital in the 18 months prior to the move and the projected numbers of operations at the PRUH post the move? The capacity at Orpington Hospital with Theatres was to operate in a four week period 120 operating sessions, over the past year the maximum number of sessions provided has been 92 in a four week period. It is proposed that with changes in clinical practice and movement of day surgery particularly, these will fit into 92 operating sessions within the PRUH.

Princess Royal University Hospital:  Can you provide an update regarding the standards of Cleanliness at the PRUH since the Healthcare Notification was lifted? Standards of Cleanliness since the improvement Notice:Actions Taken:

Performance management framework strengthened to ensure Board to Ward reporting of Cleanliness Standards Matron Role redefined and implemented within the Trust in accordance with National Guidance. Key role with responsibility for standards of cleanliness within clinical areas. Ward Housekeeper roles introduced to support the Nursing Teams in the management of their Environments. Comprehensive Audit Framework in place with monitoring of cleanliness standards across the Organisation. This includes ISS Mediclean and Trust Staff undertaking joint audits. Environmental programme 07/08 completed for inpatients areas which included deep cleaning, painting and essential maintenance of areas. New programme commenced for 08/09. Within Cleaning contract all areas deep cleaned as a minimum annually. Cleaning Contract reviewed to ensure that it will meet NPSA 2007 standards. Outcomes: Improved monitoring of Cleanliness standards. This includes the ability to tackle issues effectively as they arise. Clear understanding of staff roles and responsibilities regarding the maintenance of environmental cleanliness Improved clinical Environments across the Trust for delivery of patient care. Standards of cleanliness improved. Where audit scores below the acceptable standard remedial action taken swiftly. Trust on trajectory with HCAI targets.

General:  Can the Trust give its assurances to Members that in future Policy Development and Scrutiny Committees will be notified and/or consulted regarding changes to services before public notices are issued? The Trust can give assurances to Members that in future Policy Development and Scrutiny Committees will be notified/consulted regarding changes to services before public notices are issued, unless it is a matter of urgent clinical need.

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