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					Student and Administrative Services Building June 2009
(Briefing to Central Services Staff due to occupy the new building)

The intention of this briefing note is to update staff on progress with the new Student and Administrative Services Building; the main intended audience being staff within the services who will be moving into the new building when it opens.

Construction Progress and Building Timescales
I am pleased to say that construction of the building is progressing at a rapid pace and is on schedule to be ready for us to begin moving from mid October 2009. The roof is on the building, and both of the glazed atria that form the frontage and the South elevation are now almost complete. The internal fit out is progressing with decorating and finishes. The migration planning group is meeting on a regular basis to ensure that actions are being carried out in each service as required to meet planning timescales. I would like to thank the staff who are putting in a great deal of effort into ensuring that actions are followed up as part of the planning process and in particular the move co-ordinators within each service.

Building Furniture
Most staff who are due to move into the new building will have had the opportunity to view the furniture that has been selected for the building and also had the opportunity to select from the styles and designs of chair available. The furniture order has now been finalised and placed and the storage requirements are nearing completion. Options are currently being considered for disposal or re-use of redundant furniture as a result of the move and I will update you in the next briefing on plans to manage this.

Building Protocol and Management
Our new environment will be open plan and this will bring with it many benefits and opportunities and also some challenges. For some of you it may be the first time you have worked in an open plan environment on the scale of the new building. One of the key tools for making the new environment a comfortable and successful place to work is to try and encourage a set of consistent standards and expectations to facilitate a professional ambience for us all to enjoy. Can I ask you to take a few minutes to read the document “How to enjoy an Open-Plan Office” and feedback comments to Vivienne Robinson (Building Manager at or Craig Armstrong ( Human Resources Manager at ? The document is also available on the SAS website at

Building IT and Printing
A project is underway to ensure that everyone moving into the new building is equipped with a standard IT environment ready for the move commencing in October. The standard environment comprises of a PC, Windows Vista platform with Office 2007 and a flat screen monitor. All other staff within the Professional Support Services who will not be moving to the new building will receive upgrades as necessary by the end of 2009. All of the upgrades will be carried out with the minimum disruption to staff and all staff will need to attend show and tell training sessions with SDU as regards Office 2007 software. A more detailed briefing document is available on the web at A pilot project has been conducted to trial the use of multi-function devices (MFDs) that will replace most desktop and other printers in the new building. Higher specification models that will have similar functionality to those that will be available in the new building are to be trialled over the coming weeks.

Student Service Processes
The recruitment process for the Interaction Team has now been concluded and staff appointed to these new and important roles that will be central to the delivery of a more integrated set of student services. A comprehensive training programme is now under way with staff rotating around different services to gain the breadth of knowledge required to fulfil the new roles.

Staff Briefing Sessions
I would like to thank all staff who attended my briefing sessions during February and March of this year concerning the move to the new building. I was encouraged to hear from you that the majority of staff are looking forward to the move and the opportunities and challenges this will bring. A copy of the slides from my briefing sessions is available on the web at

All available project information can be viewed at John Hogan Registrar

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