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					Name Gay Caballeros Betty Boop The Devil Himself

Model B17-F 91/323 OR-V B17 B17-F

S/N 42-29759 42-30434 41-24612 (41- in picture) 44-40123 (in picture) 42-97402 (in picture) 42-3485 42-29717

BG 91st 390th 303rd 458th 491st 92nd 482nd
94th 92nd 384th

BS 323rd 579th A 427th R

lost Feb 25, 1944, Landau. (same a/c as Pistol Packin Mama)

She Devil Bomb’N Belle Round Trip Ticket Ruth Just Right Mr. Five By Five

B24-J C.O.151 B17 B17-G-45-BO B17-G-1-DL B17-F-65-BO

852nd 325th L
331st, ? ,544th

The photo you sent is of a B17-F with a serial number 42-29717. It was my father's (1st lt. Martin V. Stanford, bombardier) first B-17F Mr. Five by Five that he flew in (see attachments). This one (4229717) was transferred to another squadron and a new crew and was shot down over Germany. He also flew in a second Mr. Five by Five B-17F serial number 42-21390 (see attachments) which was shot down over France. The 42-29717 was assigned from the 92bg to the 384th on the 13th Sept '43.
Listed as S/N 41-24500 at Nose art carried on both sides of the aircraft. Transferred to CCRC 7/18/43

Annie Freeze The Hag of Harderwyk Hitler’s Headaches Pistol Pack’n Papa Luscious Lady Pistol Packin’ Mama Leadfoot Betty Lou’s Buggy The Sweater Girl Homesick Angel II The Celestial Siren White Angel

B17-F-25-BO B17 B17 B17 B17-F (GN-V) B17-F-105-BO B17-F-35-BO B17-G-20-BO B17-F (WA-O) B17-G-30-BO B17 B17-G 350DL

41-24540 42-5830 42-39832 42-5081 42-30434 (in picture) 42-5137 42-31579 (in picture) 42-5828 42-31907 (in picture) 42-37732 42-107058 (in picture)

381st 379th 305th 303rd 390th 301st 91st 381st or 379th 92nd 384th 384th

535th Y 524th P 422nd B 427th V 570th A 32nd 323rd or 324th 524th 326th J 526th R 545th

Returned to USA
Crash landed 18 Apr 44 condemned salvage Apr 19, 1944

lost Feb 25, 1944, Landau. (see Betty Boop) Also found a B17-G Pistol Packin Mama in the 303rd BG 359th Z BS S/N 42-31213

MIA 30 Oct 43 Painted by Tony Starcer MIA 22 Feb 44

lost Feb 25, 1944, Landau.
MIA Sep 11, 1944 on mission to Eisenbach, Germany. MACR 7885 Also listed as lost Sep 11, 1944, MACR 8903

Salvage Queen Flak House The Heats On Hells Belle

B17-F B17 B17 B17-G

42-30005 (in picture) 42-3429 42-37911 44-6111

384th 384th 91st 457th

546th A 544th F 401st C 749th O

Has nose damage in picture salvaged 11/27/1943 after overshooting runway crashed 1 Jan 45
Painted by Tony Starcer Plane s/n 44-6111 "Hells Belle" was interned together with it's crew after landing in Switzerland while returning from a mission to Munich on Jul 12th, 1944 Returned Sep 24, 1945 Maybe same as in book: (crash landed) means “Kiss My Ass” KIA-POW) On 09 February 1945 mission #313 to Lutzkendorf, Germany in B-17G #43-39149 (no name) (427BS) GN-D. Two 427th BS B-17s collided before "bombs away" - #43-39149, piloted by Lt Barrat (8 KIA 1 POW) and #42-31060 Poque Ma Hone piloted by Lt A.K. Nemer (5 KIA, 1 POW & 3 Returned). The right wing of #42-31060 hit the tail of #42-39149. The rear part of the fuselage of #42-39149, from the waist window back, was torn off and the B-17 was seen going down in two sections. The sections hit the ground and exploded. Miraculously, Sgt Emerson (TG) managed to parachute out of the severed tail and became a POW. All other crewmen were killed. In 1991, a German eyewitness to the crash of #43-39149 reported that the aircraft was heading for the center of the village of Eisenberg. Just before it would have crashed into the city, killing hundreds of people with its intact armed bomb load, Pilots Barrat and Harvey managed to level the B-17 and dropped their bombs on a field outside the village. Only one house was hit that killed 10 people. It then crashed and exploded in a wooden area near Eisenberg / Thuringen, Germany. In October 1991, a group located the crash site, recovering parts of the aircraft and the human remains of the crew members. A gold wedding band with the initials "MN to PB 1944" was found that belonged to Navigator F/O Best. Another ring with the initials "R.J.B." was found that belonged to Pilot 2Lt Barrat. On 07 September 1995 villagers erected a memorial to the crew members who reportedly gave their lives to save hundreds of villagers. Surviving crewman George Emerson (TG) attended the dedication. Lt Barrat's ring was presented to his two sons and sister. F/O Best's ring was carried back to the USA by Hal Susskind, Editor Hell's Angels Newsletter who later returned it to F/O Best's sister. The memorial was the first instance where German citizens honored American Airmen.

Pogue Ma Hone




427th N

Hellcat Agnes Mojo The G.I.Virgin Gremlin Delite The Bronx Bomber The Second Bunny (also says Suzie) June Bug Gravel Gertie

B17-G-60-BO B17 II B17-G B17-F (VP-L) B17 B26-B-30-MA Marauder B17-G-95-BO

42-102974 (in picture)

303th and 379th

to RFC at Kingman, AZ Nov 7, 1945 Found a Hellcat Agnes in the 303rd BG 358th C BS S/N 41-24580 It was a B17-F

42-32000 II 42-32098 42-3522

379th II 457th 381st

524th P II 750th Y 533rd G

Salvaged 10 July 44 The GI virgin II is from then 457th BG
(Crash Landed) Douglas Returned US 7/9/44. Late F model with chin turret. Picture states it as G model

41-31907 (in picture)
Looks like 4338… in picture

crashed on test flight Apr 27, 1944 303rd

Bomber Dear Ass Bandits Homesick Angel Bulging Betty Fertile Myrtle Ya Cawn’t Missa Unknown_1 Bad News Big Moose Dynamite John War Bride Unknown_2

B17-G-45-BO B17-G B17-G B17 B17-G-95-BO (VP-Z) B17

42-97234 (in picture) 42-37799 (in picture)

91st 306th 92nd 381st 306th 397th 384th 401st 303rd

323rd M or 322nd

Painted by Tony Starcer MIA 2 Nov 44
(nose damage in picture) landing accident in Podington per picture

533rd or 323rd


Painted by Tony Starcer Shot down by fighter Eichholz, Germany Jan 11, 1944.

B17 B17-F-75-BO B17-G B17-F-50-BO L4 or L5 liaison or spotter plane

42-29653 42-29870 42-102398 42-5360

325th 545th 612th
359th or 358th

It says “Lt. John F. Kohler” and “Lt. John W. Colsh” on it MIA 14 Oct 43 MIA Oct 14, 1943 on mission to Schweinfurt, Germany. to RFC at Kingman, AZ Dec 17, 1945 MIA 11 Jan 44

WW2 Photo Lab Technician Donor: Corporal Robert B. Anderson (Army Serial Number 39 262 940) Squadron BA 4132nd AAF Base Unit Notes “Fertile Myrtle” is S/N 42-29999 and was shot down 11-1-44 per this German website. “The Devil Himself” S/N looks like 41-24612 in the high resolution scan of the picture (at least some of the digits). The S/N 42-5483 is probably “The Devil Himself (Red Ass)” These 2 websites reference 41-24612: This website references both 41-24612 and 42-5483: “She Devil” S/N 44-40123 is shown as 491st BG and 852nd BS per these websites: “Gay Caballeros” S/N 42-29759 is shown as 91st BG 323rd BS on these websites. I don’t know why I have it as 96th BG:

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