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Helping you
choose the right
Halifax mortgage
for you


 Why choose
 Halifax for your
    Since the Bank of Scotland                     We have everything you need under
                                                   one roof, so not only can we offer you
    and Halifax joined forces                      a great Halifax mortgage deal, we can
    we’ve been working together,                   help with so much more...
    combining our knowledge                        •   Free budgeting advice
    and expertise to give you an                   •   Valuations and Surveys
    improved range of products                     •   Conveyancing and other legal services
                                                   •   Insurance for you and your home
    and services. The mortgages
                                                   •   Additional lending when you need
    we offer are Halifax                               it most
    mortgages – the UK’s No. 1
    choice for mortgages with                                  Mortgage Awards
    over 150 years experience                                         Don’t just take our word
    of helping people to own                                          for it, for the sixth year
                                                                      running Halifax has been
    their homes.                                                      awarded Your Mortgage
    Whether you’re buying your first home,                            magazine’s most prestigious
    moving or switching to a new mortgage                             award for Best Overall Lender.
    deal, we make the whole process as                                To find out more about our
    straightforward as possible.                                      fantastic mortgage service
                                                                      make an appointment

 No.1 choice is based on Halifax’s share of the total UK mortgage debt and the
 amount of the average UK mortgage.

    Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up
    repayments on your mortgage.


Help every step of the way          3

Buying a home for the first time    5

Moving home                         7

Moving your mortgage to Halifax     9

We won’t forget you                11

Online service                     13

Great value insurance products     15

Getting started                    16

Important Information              17

Help every step
    of the way

            Whether you’re buying your
            first home, moving or looking
            to switch to a new mortgage
            deal, our fantastic mortgage
            service is designed to meet
            all your needs.
            What you can expect
            • Help every step of the way – with
              expert advice from our specially
              trained mortgage professionals
            • Free budgeting advice – helping
              you to understand all the likely
              costs involved. We can review your
              finances so you’ll know how much
              you can afford to borrow without
              over stretching yourself
            • Mortgage Promise – this tells you if
              you can have a mortgage with Halifax
              and how much you could borrow. It
              can be used to show sellers that you’re
              serious and have already sorted your
              mortgage, which could put you in a
              stronger bargaining position. This is
              subject to a valuation of the property
              to be mortgaged and the information
              supplied by you being correct

• Key Facts Illustration – this sets out    • Money Made Clear – The FSA have
  all the details of the mortgage product     provided further information including
  you’re interested in, including how         a jargon buster, budget calculator,
  much your monthly payments will be          mortgage calculator and other useful
• Valuations and Surveys – we can             impartial information to help you
  arrange the most suitable valuation         choose the right mortgage at the
  or survey for your needs                    FSA website
• Halifax Conveyancing Service –
  helping you with the legal side of
  moving home and arranging the               Make an appointment today
  right conveyancer
• Remortgage Service – helping you
  switch from another lender without
  any of the hassle you might expect
• Insurance – Halifax offer great value
  insurance products for you, your                        EITHER
  home and your lifestyle                       At your
• We’ll never forget you – we will tell         local branch
  you when your current Halifax mortgage
  is coming to an end and invite you in                           By calling
  for a free mortgage review to arrange                      08457 27 37 47
                                                                       Lines open
  your next great Halifax deal. Even if         Mon to Fri 8am–8pm, Sat 9am–4pm
  your mortgage deal isn’t coming to an
  end you can pop in for a review at any
  time to make sure your mortgage is            or go online at
  still right for you                 

We do                                         more
for first time
    We’re here to help you onto the
    property ladder and offer expert
    advice every step of the way. Plus
    of course, Halifax offer affordable
    mortgage solutions because they
    understand the costs soon add up.
    In fact, you may find buying your first
    home is a little easier with Halifax…
    • Save less deposit – You could buy
      sooner than you think because you
      can borrow up to 97% of the valuation
      or the purchase price (whichever is
      the lower), for properties valued
      up to £250,000. For more expensive
      properties, speak to your Mortgage
    • Minimise your monthly payments –
      you could spread your repayments
      over a longer term of up to 40 years.
      You will pay more interest over
      the longer term, however this could
      instantly reduce your monthly payments

• Reduce upfront costs – a product fee      What’s more, you can also find lots
  can be added to your mortgage to          of help and advice online at Halifax’s
  reduce your upfront costs, but interest   dedicated first time buyer website which
  will be charged                           is bursting with hints, tips and help.
• Guarantor mortgages – Halifax are         Visit
  happy to consider using a guarantor
  to support your mortgage application
• Help every step of the way – there’s
  no need to worry, your Halifax Mortgage
  Adviser will explain everything you
  need to know. We even have a specially
  designed first time buyer Step by Step
  Guide for you to take home and refer
  back to
• Great value insurance products – we’ll
                                            Take your first step onto the
  help you consider your insurance          property ladder, make an
  requirements and Halifax can provide      appointment today and see if we
  you with all the cover you need           can make the dream of buying
  (see page 15)                             your first home a reality

                                              At your
                                              local branch

                                                                By calling
                                                           08457 27 37 47
                                                                     Lines open
                                              Mon to Fri 8am–8pm, Sat 9am–4pm

                                              or go online at

 Moving home
 With everything under one roof we
 can help you every step of the way

    If you’re                    • Help every step of the way – we’ll
                                   give you as much help and support as
    moving home                    you need. We’ll even give you a copy
                                   of our home mover’s Step by Step
    we can help                    Guide, specially designed for you
                                   to take home and refer back to
    As part of our home moving   • Valuations and surveys – we can
    service we offer so much       arrange the valuation report for you
                                   and your Halifax Mortgage Adviser
    more than great Halifax        will discuss the one that’s most
    mortgage deals. We have        suitable for your needs
    everything under one roof
    making things more
    convenient and hassle-free
    for you.

• Help with the legal side of things –
  Halifax have their own conveyancing
  service so you don’t need to shop
  around for a conveyancer. This can
  help make your purchase and sale
  go smoothly for a fixed fee, which
  means you’ll know exactly what
  you’re paying before you move
• Protecting you and your home –
  Halifax can provide you with all the
  insurance cover you need in case
  the unexpected happens (see page 15)

Find out how we can help you
move home, make an
appointment today.

             At your
             local branch

                               By calling
                          08457 27 37 47
                                    Lines open
             Mon to Fri 8am–8pm, Sat 9am–4pm

             or go online at

Moving your mortgage
to Halifax

    More and more people are                     conveyancer to provide you with
                                                 additional legal advice or services, at the
    choosing to remortgage –                     same time as you remortgage, please
    the term used for switching                  note you’ll need to pay for these
                                                 separately. If you’d like to use your own
    your mortgage from one                       conveyancer, please speak to one of our
    lender to another, without                   Mortgage Advisers
    moving home.                               • Please note our Remortgage Service is
                                                 only available for mortgages on property
    You may want to move from your               within the UK (excluding Isle of Man)
    existing lender to get a better deal
    and save money on your repayments.
    It’s easy and straightforward with
    • We’ll sort out all the paperwork – so
      it’s hassle-free
    • With some of our deals there’s no
      charge for the property assessment
    • We can instruct a conveyancer to deal
      with the legal work involved in the
      remortgage for us, if you wish, and we
      pay for this. If you want the same

• We’ll discuss your insurance       To switch your mortgage deal,
  requirements and ensure you have   make an appointment today
  suitable cover for you and your
  home. We can provide all the
  cover you need through Halifax
  (see page 15)
                                      At your
                                      local branch

                                                       By calling
                                                    08457 27 37 47
                                                            Lines open
                                      Mon to Fri 8am–8pm, Sat 9am–4pm

                                      or go online at

  We won’t forget you

             Once you’re
           with Halifax you
           can rest assured
            you won’t be
               There’s a
            whole host of
             benefits to
               having a

• You could borrow more money and          • Also, if you have a mortgage to which
  not just for home improvements –           an early repayment charge applies, you
  whatever your plans such as a new car,     could over pay on your mortgage by
  funding your child’s education or even     up to 10% during each rolling period
  helping them on to the property ladder     of 12 months without having to pay
• Halifax will let you know when your        part of the early repayment charge
  current mortgage deal comes to           • What’s more, you can come for a
  an end and we can help you choose          free mortgage review any time. We’re
  another great Halifax mortgage deal        always here for you to chat through
• If you’re like most of us and find it      your mortgage arrangements.
  hard to juggle your finances – simply
  moving your mortgage payment date        Make an appointment for your
  to coincide with your pay day is just    free Mortgage Review today
  one of the many ways we could help

                                             At your
                                             local branch

                                                              By calling
                                                         08457 27 37 47
                                                                   Lines open
                                            Mon to Fri 8am–8pm, Sat 9am–4pm

                                            or go online at

  Online mortgage help
  is just a click away

  You’ll find fantastic online
  calculators and lots of helpful
  information at
  • You’ll find details of some of the great
    mortgage deals Halifax have to offer –
    with the option to apply online
  • A quick and easy calculator gives you an
    indication of the amount of mortgage
    Halifax could lend you
  • Apply online for your Halifax Mortgage
    Promise – this tells you if you can have
    a Halifax mortgage and how much you
    can actually borrow. This is subject to
    a valuation of the property and the
    accuracy of the information you supply
  • For first time buyers there’s a dedicated
    website just bursting with lots of hints
    and tips visit
  • For help with the legal side of buying or
    selling your home plus a FREE quote, visit

 View your mortgage online                    Safe and secure
 Once you have a mortgage with Halifax,       Bank of Scotland is committed to looking
 the online service doesn’t stop there.       after your money. We use a variety of
 It’s easy to check details including: Your   security measures to keep you safe online.
 current balance (the outstanding balance
                                              In the unlikely event of fraud, we promise
 displayed is not a redemption figure),
                                              you won’t lose out. All our online banking
 your monthly payment and due date,
                                              customers automatically benefit from our
 any payment holiday entitlement and
                                              online fraud guarantee.
 an estimate of how much equity is in
 your home.
                                              onlineguarantee for more details.
 All you need to do is register at and
 you’ll be sent details of how you
 could use the service.


  Great value insurance
  cover for you, your
  home and your lifestyle
     You never know what’s round the corner,
     so Halifax offers a range of insurance
     products to protect you, your home
     and your lifestyle including:

     • Cut your costs, not your cover with
       Halifax Home Insurance

     • Total Mortgage Protection Plan –
       A choice of Mortgage Repayments
       Cover (accident, sickness &
       unemployment cover), Critical Illness
       Cover and/or Life Cover to help
       protect you and your mortgage

     Ask a member of staff for more details.

Getting started

For all your Halifax mortgage
needs, please speak to us

In branch
• Visit any of our branches and arrange
  to speak to one of our Halifax
  mortgage specialists

By phone
• Call us on 08457 27 37 47
  Lines are open Monday to Friday
  8am-8pm, Saturday 9am-4pm
  We may monitor and record telephone calls

• Click onto


     Additional needs                            General Halifax information
     We are committed to meeting                 We hope that this leaflet has been
     the needs of all our customers.             helpful. Our staff can provide more
                                                 detailed information and answer your
     If you have a hearing or speech             questions about Halifax products and
     impairment you can use Typetalk             services. Just call into your local
     whenever you contact us, or                 Halifax branch.
     contact us using Textphone on
     08457 32 34 36 (lines open
                                                 General consumer
     9am-5.30pm, 7 days a week).                 information
     For visually impaired customers             If you’d like more general information
     we can provide documents in large           then the financial services watchdog –
                                                 The Financial Services Authority –
     print, Braille or on audio cassette.        provides a range of free consumer
     Please speak to a member of staff.          booklets and factsheets and a
                                                 Consumer Helpline. Visit their website
     Customer service                            at or
     We aim to please – but we know that         call 0845 606 1234.
     sometimes things go wrong. If you have      The Financial Services Authority has
     a problem or complaint relating to your     a wealth of helpful information on a
     mortgage, we want to know. In most          wide range of financial areas. However,
     cases this can be dealt with at your        it can only provide general information
     branch or by calling 08457 27 37 47.        and cannot give specific advice or
     If your complaint is not resolved to        recommend any company’s products,
     your satisfaction, then ring our Customer   investigate individual complaints or
     Complaints Helpline on 08457 25 35 19.      contact firms on behalf of individuals.
     A copy of our complaints procedure is
     available on request. Complaints we
     cannot settle may be referred to the
     Financial Ombudsman Service.

We comply with the Solicitors’
Introduction and Referral Code published
by the Law Society, and any solicitor, to
whom we may refer you is an independent
professional from whom you will receive
impartial and confidential advice. You
are free to choose another solicitor.
It’s easy to get
in touch:
  Banking                                    Bank Accounts                08457 20 30 40
                                             Credit Cards                 08457 28 38 48
                                             Lost/Stolen Cards            08457 20 30 99
                                             Personal Loans               08457 24 34 44
  Mortgages                                  Mortgages                    08457 27 37 47
                                             Secured Loans                08457 27 37 47
  Insurance                                                               08457 23 33 43
  Savings                                                                 08457 26 36 46
  Investments                                                             08456 00 08 45
  Share Dealing                                                           08457 22 55 25

Calls from BT landlines will cost a maximum of 4p per minute and a 6p call set-up fee. The price of
calls from other telephone companies will vary. The call price is correct at June 2008.

Company information
Halifax is a division of Bank of Scotland plc. Registered in Scotland No. SC327000.
Registered Office: The Mound, Edinburgh EH1 1YZ.
1/336430-7 (06/08)                                                       Compliance No 8/00051.14

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