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									The Government seem to have made it deliberately difficult for concerned residents to respond to their consultation on the Secretary of State’s proposed changes to the Regional Spatial Strategy (RSS). But the No Way To 33K team are here to help. We have produced this ‘sample’ comments form, which is based on the official Draft South West RSS – Proposed Changes Comments Form but with the correct policy/paragraph number added in so Ministers can see which ‘part’ of the RSS you are commenting on ie. the housing numbers and urban extensions that require concreting over South Gloucestershire’s precious Green Belt. We have also added some of the key reasons why the Government’s plans are so objectionable. But this is only a guide and you can change these comments to make it your own. Making it personal also means it’s more likely to get considered by the Government. Fill it out, make it personal and send it off by 5pm on Friday 24 October and please tell your friends and family to do the same! PLEASE NOTE – THIS FORM REFERS TO THE GOVERNMENT’S ‘EAST OF KINGSWOOD URBAN EXTENSION AND SO IS FOR THOSE THAT LIVE EITHER SIDE OF THE RING ROAD (PUCKLECHURCH, SHORTWOOD, SISTON, WARMLEY, WICK, OLDLAND AND BITTON).


Office Use Only

Draft South West RSS – Proposed Changes Comments Form

Respondent No: Comment No: Date Received: Acknowledged:

If you wish to comment on the Proposed Changes to the Draft South West Regional Spatial Strategy please:

Complete all relevant details in Section A – this need only be done once irrespective of how many parts of the RSS you wish to comment on Complete a separate page 2 of the form for each part of the RSS you wish to comment on. Ensure you insert your organisation name (or surname if responding as an individual) on each page 2 and complete Sections B, C & D. You may make copies of this form. Type or print clearly in black ink Note that all comment forms will be made available for the public to read – they cannot be treated as confidential E-mail or post (please do not send duplicates) the completed forms to be received by the Government Office for the South West before 5.00pm on Friday 17th October 2008.


 


Please send all responses to: Regional Spatial Strategy Team Government Office for the South West 2 Rivergate, Temple Quay Bristol BS1 6EH Section A E-Mail:

Telephone: 0117 900 1705 Fax: 0117 900 1914

Comments submitted by: Organisation Surname Title/first name Address Line 1 Address Line 2 Address Line 3 Postcode E-Mail Tel. (day) Fax

Agent (if applicable): Organisation Surname Title/first name Address Line 1 Address Line 2 Address Line 3 Postcode E-Mail Tel. (day) Fax



Comments from (organisation, or surname)……………………………………………………………… Section B

Support / Oppose / Comment (please specify) RSS Reference – Policy or Paragraph Number For comments on the Sustainability Appraisal – Paragraph Number


For comments on the Habitats Regulation Assessment Report – Paragraph Number

Section C To help us process your response effectively please summarise why you support or oppose the Proposed Change:

We strongly oppose the proposed change to Area of Search 1C (east of Kingswood in South Gloucestershire) to increase the proposed number of new homes to 8,000 because of the lost of Green Belt. Furthermore, we strongly oppose the overall increase in housing to 32,800 in South Gloucestershire.

Section D1 If you wish to expand your response please use the space below.

Under these proposals:  there will be a significant loss of the Green Belt, as well as loss of valuable wildlife habitats, such as the such as the Siston Conservation Area and threats to the new areas of woodland planting around Siston village and at Warmley Forest Park as part of the Forest of Avon; once you start expanding eastwards into the Green Belt, when do you stop? the separate and distinctive character of different communities, such as Pucklechurch, Shortwood and Siston villages, will be threatened; the economic and social decline in certain neighbourhoods in Kingswood, Staple Hill and Cadbury Heath will mean that new residents will need to travel to work – adding to existing traffic problems; congestion will get worse on the Avon Ring Road, M4, M32 and other local roads; the radical downgrading of Frenchay hospital means that current and additional residents will not have access to good health services;

  

 


new homes built in this area are likely to be exposed to poor air quality and noise with proximity to Avon Ring Road, M4 and M32;

We object to the way the process has been used to take detailed decisions at regional/national level, which should be taken locally following a process in which we can all engage – the level of detail in the RSS is greater than needed and removes local flexibility. We believe that the slowdown in the economy and housing market has not been taken into account.

Section D2 If you are suggesting changes to the draft RSS please supply revised wording of policies or supporting text as you wish to see them:

Please ensure that you have written your name at the top of the page. Completed forms should be received in the Government Office for the South West by 5.00pm on Friday 17th October. Late responses will not be accepted.


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