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					Cambodian American Idols Valentine Party 2009

Harvest Moon Restaurant 7260 Arlington Blvd Falls Church, Virginia 22041 Saturday, February 14, 2009 6 PM to Midnight

History and Accomplishments
Cambodian Americans for Human Rights and Democracy (CAHRAD) is a nonpartisan, non-political, and non-profit organization promoting human rights and democracy in Cambodia. It was organized and founded on May 22, 2005 by a small and dedicated group of individuals who strongly believe that freedom and liberty can empower people to seek for justice and dignity. Our mission is to promote human rights and build a strong foundation of democracy in Cambodia through peaceful means, public awareness, education, advocacy, community actions and organizational alliances. In its first year, CAHRAD’s main objective was to lay down a solid foundation, develop good and strong teamwork mentality, and establish connections with the Cambodian community in the US and human rights organizations in Cambodia. Subsequent years, more emphasis is placed on fundraising in order to provide support and sponsor programs/projects that promote democracy in Cambodia. With our limited resources and capabilities, both in manpower and finances, we were able to accomplish some crucial tasks such as participating in the peaceful demonstration against communist Vietnam on human rights abuse; sponsoring a forum on Cambodia Border issues; participating at the Cambodian World Conference; peaceful demonstration against human rights abuse by the Cambodian government; participating in the Candle Light Vigil for the release of human rights activists, Mr. Sonando Mam, Mr. Sokha Kem, and Mr. Ngoun Tieng Pang; sponsoring a forum for Cambodia Human Rights Center president, Mr. Sokha Kem; sponsoring a forum and fundraising for the Community for Democracy project; holding a Candle Light Vigil for the release of Venerable Tim Sakhorn; organizing the Cambodian American National Conference 2007; attending United Nations conferences; commemorating the 1991 Paris Peace Agreement; participating in the Buddhist March in front of the United Nations; holding the flower ceremony to raise fund for the Preah Vihear temple conflict; and providing scholarships to financial disadvantaged students to nurture future human rights advocates that can help Cambodia become a free and strong democratic country. The road is long. It is not difficult but requires determination, patience, sacrifice, and resources. This is why we would like to appeal to and invite every Cambodian, old and young, to join CAHRAD in carrying out its mission so that the vision of seeing the Cambodian people enjoying freedom of expression and freedom of assembly to voice their concerns and ideas; the vision of seeing Cambodia governs its people with democratic principles such as checks and balances of power, and with rule of laws so that our compatriots can live with dignity, and lastly so that justice will be realized and achieved. Mong Heng, Past President

Thank You
We would like to thank you and your family for attending our Cambodian American Idols / Valentine Party 2009. We are honored and delighted by your presence and thankful for your supports. We wish you and your family a very happy Valentine.

Table Sponsors
Angkor Association Cambodian American Heritage, Inc. Cambodian Community Day Cambodian Development Foundation Cambodian Investment Group Hello Band

Raffle Gift Donors
CAHRAD CAHRAD CAHRAD CAHRAD Hello Band Joe & Rany Lushinski Ricky So R-SKY Travel Tung Yap & Amrong Chey Yimsan & Sovandary Gau

Board of Directors and Advisors
Mr. Tung Yap, President Mr. Hean Yuth, Vice President Mrs. Rany Lushinski, Vice President Mr. Vibol Tan, Vice President Ms. Sophorn Holl, Secretary Dr. Nicole Ung, Member Mr. Yan Yuth, Member Mr. Mong Heng, Member & Advisor Mr. Amro Veun, Member & Advisor Mrs. Tevy Veun, Member & Advisor Mr. Michael Benge, Advisor Ms. Sarita Nuch, Advisor Mr. Samkhon Pin, Advisor Mrs. Sowatha Chea, Advisor

Past President
Mr. Mong Heng, Serving year 2005-2007 Cambodian Americans for Human Rights and Democracy (CAHRAD) Website: Email:

Thank You Mr. Emmanuel N. Reeve, Sr.
for a very generous donation of $1,000 last year.

President’s Message
“Democracy, Freedom and Justice for All” We are pleased to welcome everyone, old friends and new ones. We are going to have a good time together to celebrate love and friendship among each other. At the same time, we will help to restore and promote democracy, freedom, and justice for Cambodians in our homeland, because the funds that we raise from this event and others will be used to sponsor and co-sponsor activities and projects that fit CAHRAD’s mission. We completed the year 2008 with some major accomplishments. CAHRAD renewed its commitment to provide three scholarships through the Cambodian Education Excellent Foundation to financial disadvantaged students to nurture future human rights advocates that can help Cambodia become a free and strong democratic country. We successfully hosted the Cambodian Idols / Valentine 2008 fundraising in February, attended the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues as guests of the Khmer Kampuchea Krom Federation in April at the United Nations in New York along with 3,000 people from around the world, celebrated our third anniversary in May with many friends, commemorated the “1991 Paris Peace Agreement” along with our Cambodian Mutual Assistance organizations in USA and France in October, joined the Community of Khmer Buddhist Monks of America in the Buddhist Peace March in front of the United Nations in December to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and cooperated with the Community of Khmer Buddhist Monks of America, Human Rights Party and Sam Rainsy Party to hold a Community Forum and Bon Phkar Ceremony in December to raise funds for the victims of the Preah Vihear Temple conflict. Ladies, gentlemen, distinguish guests, and dear compatriots: With limited volunteer staff and resources, we strive our best to do what we can to promote and defend freedom, dignity, and justice in Cambodia because we firmly and strongly believe that in life Freedom is very valuable. By speaking out for freedom and justice, many voiceless individuals appreciate our actions; those individuals are not just only the poor and disadvantaged ones, but also include the police, military and government officials who might be afraid of losing their jobs if they were to speak out. For this reason, I would like to join with my predecessor, Mr. Mong Heng, to appeal to every Cambodian and to CAHRAD members in building and making CAHRAD even stronger. Together, step by step, we will be able to lift and improve the life of those in needs. If you think, you can contribute to CAHRAD’s mission and wish to join CAHRAD, simply email us to Tung Yap, President

Cambodian American National Conference 2007
1991 Paris Peace Agreement On October 20 & 21, 2007, CAHRAD led a coalition of nine organizations to organize the Cambodian American National Conference focusing on the 1991 Paris Peace Agreement. The event gathered approximately 100 Cambodian leaders from various parts of the United States and France.

Two full days of lecture & discussions

Meeting with senatorial staff

Commemorating the 1991 Paris Peace Agreement
On October 26, 2008, CAHRAD continued the tradition to commemorate the 1991 Paris Peace Agreement that brought peace to Cambodia.

Master of Ceremony: Mrs. Rany Lushinski 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM - Reception 7:30 PM – 8:20 PM - Welcoming remarks by Mr. Tung Yap, CAHRAD President - Dinner - Valentine rose sales 8:20 PM – 9:00 PM - Cambodian Idols hosted by Ms. Sarita Nuch 9:00 PM – Midnight - Dancing to Hello Band’s live music - Cambodian idol awards - Valentine champagne toast led by Mr. Mong Heng and Mrs. Sou Heng - Raffles by Ms. Sophorn Holl and Mr. Seng Chao - Closing remarks by Mr. Hean Yuth, CAHRAD Vice President

Cambodian World Conference
In 2005, CAHRAD cooperated with many other organizations to organize the Cambodian World Conference.

Candle Light Vigil
In early 2006, CAHRAD helped organized a Candle Light Vigil for the release of human rights activists, Mr. Sonando Mam, Mr. Sokha Kem, and Mr. Ngoun Tieng Pang.

Dinner Courses
1. Crap Meat 2. Fried jumbo Shrimps 3. Cantonese Roast Chicken 4. Fried Rice 5. Orange Beef 6. Black Mushroom 7. Crispy Fish 8. Oranges

Cambodian American Idols / Valentine Party 2009
Mrs. Rany Lushinski, Chairwoman

Host Committee
Mr. Mong Heng Mr. Hean Yuth Mr. Vibol Tan Mrs. Sou K. Heng Mrs. Ravy Yuth Mrs. Vannary Tan Mrs. Rany Lushinski Mr. Tung Yap Mr. Yan Yuth Ms. Sophorn Holl Mrs. Amrong Chey

Peaceful Demonstration and Candle Light Vigil for Venerable Tim Sakhorn
On Friday, September 21, 2007, CAHRAD in cooperation with Khmer Kampuchea Krom Federation led a demonstration in front of the White House against Communist Vietnam for illegally and forcibly defrocking and imprisoning Venerable Tim Sakhorn, a good Samaritan Buddhist monk; and held a candle light vigil to pray for his safe release. We are deeply concerned about such human rights violation against innocent human being, and as of today, Ven. Tim Sakhorn is still being imprisoned in Vietnam.

Cambodian American Idols
Host Ms. Sarita Nuch Singing Judges Mr. Juvy Nuth, Mr. Marong Kuy and Mrs. Sophy Hoeung
Video Camera 2007 Winners 2008 Winners 2009 Contestants Mr. Soum Sokhon 1st: Mr. Sakon Bu 2nd: Mr. James Nong 3rd: Miss Sowattey Sem 1st: Mr. Bunna Ang 2nd: Miss Rattanak Oung 3rd: Mr. Malin Kim Mr. Heng Lay, Mrs. Serey Geyer, Three Sisters (Sophiny, Sophorn, Sophea), Mr. Vuth Ngin, Mr. Sothearith Im, Ms. Elaine Mam

In front of the White House

Walking, praying and chanting

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