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					REMOVAL AND RELOCATION SCHEME 1 POLICY Education Leeds will consider providing financial assistance to officers who need to move home as a direct result of taking up appointments with the City Council according to the provisions below. 2 ELIGIBILITY An officer may apply to receive assistance where: a) The present home is more than 20 miles distant from the new place of work, and is outside the City boundary The new home is within 20 miles of the new place of work and within the City boundary The new home is more than 5 miles nearer to the new place of work than the present home The move is normally made within 12 months of taking up the appointment. This can be extended in certain cases, see Paragraph 7.1 That receipts are produced for all expenditure incurred, and that the original receipted VAT invoices are also produced (where possible)




e) 3

AMOUNT THAT CAN BE CLAIMED The maximum amount that may be claimed is £5,000. This allowance is payable for any combination of the items listed below, with the exception of 3.5 and 3.7 which are subject to the maximum amount as contained in the NJC Conditions for Local Government Services. Please see relevant paragraph for further details. 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 3.5 3.6 3.7 Removal Expenses Storage Costs Legal Fees Estate Agents Lodging Allowance Travelling Expenses Disturbance Allowance

3.1 3.1.1

Removal Expenses Actual cost of removal of furniture and effects from old home to new (or into storage), including insurance of goods in transit.

3.1.2 Where the officer moves into temporary accommodation pending a permanent move and/or places his/her effects in storage, the cost of a second removal will also be paid. 3.2 Storage Costs

3.2.1 The cost of storing and insuring furniture and household effects for a period up to 6 months. 3.3 3.3.1 Legal Fees The cost of Solicitors or Conveyancing Agents Fees, arising from the sale and/or purchase of property. This includes Building Society valuation fee, search fees, postage, structural survey fee, stamp duty, mortgage redemption fees etc. Where house agents or auctioneers are not used the officer can claim the actual cost of expenditure incurred, eg. advertising. Actual cost of any legal fees in taking up a new tenancy and/or actual loss of rent advanced on previous tenancy. Estate Agents The cost of all fees charged by an estate agent arising from the sale and/or purchase of a property. Lodging Allowance



3.4 3.4.1 3.5

As a measure of temporary assistance to an officer who is unable immediately to accommodate his/her family within reasonable distance of his/her new place of employment and has therefore to find temporary accommodation an allowance will be paid.
3.5.2 The lodging allowance will also be paid to a single person who, whilst not having dependants, is attempting to sell a house in their previous locality.

3.5.3 3.5.4

Time limit for allowance 6 months. The lodging allowance cannot be applied to a purchased property.

3.6 3.6.1

Travelling Expenses An officer who is unable immediately to accommodate his/her family within reasonable distance of his/her new place of employment shall be entitled to an allowance of one return journey per week to their former place of residence. The allowance to be paid at the 2nd Class Public Transport Rate. The allowance to be paid for a maximum of six months. Where an officer wishes to travel daily between the existing home and his/her place of work as an alternative to the `lodging allowance’ travel expenses will be paid at the 2nd Class Return Rail Fare or casual user rate up to the maximum amount allowed. Travel Expenses and Subsistence Allowances for the officer and family and dependants from old home to new at either 2nd Class Rail Fare, or casual user allowance or plane fare, whichever is actually incurred. Disturbance Allowance A payment will be made in accordance with the NJC Conditions to cover actual expenditure incurred in relation to incidental expenses connected with moving house, eg., alteration or replacement of carpets, curtains, fixtures and fittings, relaying floor covering, conversion and installation of electrical or gas appliances. Receipts will be required for all expenditure incurred. LEAVE When an officer moves home he/she will be granted two working days leave. SUMMARY Whatever options are chosen under paragraphs 3.1 - 3.7 they are subject to the global maximum of £5,000 and MUST be accompanied by receipts. There will be NO exceptions to the provisions contained in these paragraphs or to the global maximum. REPAYMENT OF ALLOWANCE Any officer leaving Education Leeds for any reason other than death, redundancy or ill health retirement after receiving payment under the above scheme must repay a proportion of the allowance received as overleaf: LEAVING WITHIN 12 MONTHS OF APPOINTMENT100% LEAVING WITHIN 12-18 MONTHS OF APPOINTMENT 75% LEAVING WITHIN 18-24 MONTHS OF APPOINTMENT 50% LEAVING DURING THIRD YEAR OF APPOINTMENT 25%

3.6.2 3.6.3 3.6.4


3.7 3.7.1

3.7.2 4 4.1 5 5.1

6 6.1

7 7.1

EXTENSION OF ONE YEAR TIME LIMIT In certain circumstances, the Chief Officer may extend the period (by up to a further 12 months) whereby an officer is required to move to Leeds. The two main circumstances will be (a) slow moving house market or (b) family reasons, children taking exams etc. In the first case, an officer will be required to put his/her house on the market as soon as he/she joins Education Leeds. In the second case, the officer will require the authorisation of the Chief Officer to grant an extension as soon as the officer joins Education Leeds. Repayments Any requirements for repayments under the scheme will be extended by a corresponding period of time. In other words, if an officer does not actually move to a home in Leeds until, say, 18 months after joining Education Leeds, the time period whereby an officer is required to stay with Leeds will be extended by a further six months, i.e., 3.5 years before the officer could leave without making any repayments under the scheme (see Paragraph 8.1).



8 8.1

ADMINISTRATION OF SCHEME The administration of this scheme is delegated to individual Chief Officers who are authorised to certify for all expenditure incurred. An officer wishing to take advantage of the Council’s Relocation Scheme must sign an undertaking, before any payments are made.

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