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									ECHO NEWS
Embracing Children Humanitarian Organization, 890 Snowdrop, Victoria, BC V8Z 2N4 (250) 595-1413

ECHO is a non-profit organization committed to creating forever families by providing financial grants to assist Canadians with the high cost of adoption. OUR PURPOSE & OBJECTIVES ARE: 1) To ensure that every orphaned child has the opportunity to be adopted into a loving family. 2) To help reduce the number of children in foster care and orphanages around the world. 3) To achieve the above goals by issuing grants to families who wish to adopt, in turn reducing the financial barrier to adoption. We all believe that in an ideal world, adoption would not cost the adoptive family anything.

December 2006 Volume 1, Issue 2

All board members are volunteers and are very dedicated to making this non-profit organization a success. To be a success we depend on the generous donations of people like you. All proceeds are used to help orphaned children be adopted into a loving forever family. After all, children deserve a family, a home, a place they can feel safe, loved, and call their own. Don’t you agree? If so, please make a monetary donation to ECHO today. You can also make a difference by becoming a member and offering your time & efforts through volunteering with ECHO. Please visit our website for more information at

Our Motto is: “Creating Loving Homes, Creating Forever Families”

Volunteer Coordinator & Volunteers Needed!!!!!
ECHO is currently looking for a candidate to create and run our volunteer program. We are seeking an enthusiastic, experienced person to compose our volunteer manual and establish an ECHO volunteer program. ECHO has had a lot of interest from the public wanting to get involved, now we just need to implement a program to utilize the expertise of these enquirers. If you are interested in this position please contact the board president, Tara Tschritter, via email at Non-profit registration number 86299 6097 RC0001

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Page 2 Page 2 Page 2 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 4 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Our Thanks How can you help? 1st Annual General Meeting Future ECHO Fundraisers 2005 in Review Why does ECHO need your support? Cambodian Orphans Adoption Topics of Interest ECHO Membership Application A Note from the ECHO President

ECHO NEWS Our Thanks Goes Out to the Following People
                  First and foremost a big thanks to all of our members Our friends & family Terry Erskine: Strategic & Business Planning Consultant Choices Adoption and Counselling Services United Way Volunteer Victoria Bottle Depot in Victoria Westside InstaPrint (Diane Rewers) Ministry of Employment & Income Assistance Employees Website designer (Joanne Faulkner) The Lewisville Pub The B Sharps Rock Band (Randy Anguish, Jeff Russ, Rod Goguen) Wellness Within (Laura Lockhart) Home & Gift Consultant (Patti Sinclair) 4 Seasons Children’s Theatre (Stan Davis) Link Media Communications Inc. Hand Made Cards by Monica Gibson Purdy’s Chocolates

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“Adoption is when a child grew in its mommy's heart instead of her tummy.” ~Author Unknown

Invitees: All Members Date: April 4, 2006 Time: 7:00pm Place: Choices Adoption Agency 100-850 Blanshard Street, Victoria, BC

How Can You Help?
There are a variety of ways you can support our organization:  Volunteering.  Becoming a member of ECHO. Please see page 5 for the application or print it off our website: .  Providing feedback, suggestions, and/or ideas to help increase the success of our non-profit organization.  Monetary Donation via credit card, cheque, cash, money order, or pay pal on our website.  Visit our website regularly to purchase gifts. All proceeds go directly to helping an orphan child to be adopted.  Donating your bottles and cans to ECHO by dropping them off at the following Victoria Bottle Depot Locations: 3961 Quadra St and 955 View St. Please advise the staff before counting that you will be crediting ECHO’s account. Thank you.

Future ECHO Fundraisers
-2006 Valentine Chocolate Sales -2006 Spring Golf Tournament. -2006 Spring Home & Gift Fundraising Party -New items for sale on ECHO Website in 2006. -2007 ECHO Fundraising Calendar available Sept 2006.

If we had to do it over again Adoption is what we’d choose We got more than we had hoped for The day we adopted you for you have given us more in life Than we would ever want or need You made our house into a home And made our family complete We love you more than life itself For all the things you say and do And if we had to do it over again You’d be the only one we choose Author Unknown

ECHO NEWS 2005 in Review
2005 has been a whirlwind year for the fledgling ECHO organization. From only a mere concept in December 2004 has now emerged a fully developed non-profit organization. The small board of directors has spent 2005 building the foundation of ECHO to support a future of services to the adoption community. We have literally created what is now ECHO from scratch. The name, the logo, the mission statement, all of the forms, our website, our Board of Directors and our Board Manual, the list goes on and on. This year has also fostered new relationships. We have had the pleasure of being involved in a number of events put on by Choices Adoption.

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Tara-ECHO’s President

ECHO display-Choices Info Booth In both the spring and fall of 2005, ECHO has had representatives speak at Choices info sessions. The spring session was in Nanaimo, while the fall session was held here in Victoria. Both conferences were as informative for the ECHO Board as for the rest of the attendees. Sharing in the personal journeys of parents connecting with their children could be likened to hearing tales of childbirth, very inspiring and heartfelt, not to mention informative! ECHO board members also volunteered at the Choices booth in Mayfair Mall, helping to sell raffle tickets to support orphanages in both Russia and Nepal. This event allowed ECHO to advertise our mission and further establish our connection with Choices.

In 2005 we have built a membership of 12 that will inevitably grow as the word of our organization spreads. Now that we have established a strong foundation we look forward to a future that includes charitable status for our non-profit. In 2005 ECHO has embarked on our fundraising efforts. These efforts will only be enhanced once we are able to issue tax receipts for all donations received. So far we have sold chocolates (I have to pause here to give a huge thank-you to Ministry of Employment and Income Assistance employees and their collective sweet tooth!!) and had a silent auction at a BSharps concert (thanks guys!). Both efforts were very successful. We have established a couple of ongoing ways to contribute to ECHO through bottle donations and a gift section on our website. ECHO looks forward to an exciting 2006 with the establishment of our annual golf tournament, Valentines chocolates and a calendar.

Yas-ECHO’s Vice-President/Treasurer

ECHO NEWS Why does ECHO need your support?
It’s simple, there are thousands of children around the world that need your help to become part of a real, loving family that will give them a place they can finally call home. Did you know that there are more than 66,000 children in Canada alone that are in foster care right now? 22,000 of these babies, children, and/or teenagers are waiting to be adopted today. It’s so sad to think that these children have been put in foster care due to neglect, abuse, or abandonment. As per the 2004 UN Children on the Brink Report, this is a vast world-wide problem. Did you know that “By end-2003, there were an estimated 143 million orphans (from all causes) ages 0-17 in 93 developing countries. More than 16 million children were orphaned in 2003 alone?” Unfortunately the facts about what orphans endure gets worse. For instance; Orphans in Russia - of whom 95 percent still have a living parent - are exposed to shocking levels of cruelty and neglect. Infants classified as disabled are segregated into "lying-down" rooms, where they are changed and fed but are bereft of stimulation and lacking in medical care.” How can this happen to our children in this day and age? I am just as shocked and outraged as you are to read stories of such horrible nature! These facts clearly point out why ECHO is dedicated to helping even one of these orphans become adopted into a loving, caring, family. In the words of Mahatma Gandhi himself “If we wish to create lasting peace we must begin with the children.” The point is this; your donation to ECHO can help make the difference in even one child’s life today. For more information on adoption please check out the websites below:

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Cambodian Orphans
“Adoption is not about finding children for families, it’s about finding families for children.” -Author Unknown-

Adoption Topics of Interest
1) Proposed 2005 tax credit for adoptive parents. For detailed information please see the Ministry of Children and Families website: If you support this legislation and would like to see an increase in the tax credit amount please contact your local Member of Parliament or Jay Hill, an MP who as an opposition member has been attempting to introduce a tax break for adoptive parents. His e-mail is: 2) The Canadian and Vietnamese governments have recently entered into an adoption agreement, which will provide for an adoption system based on principles similar to the Hague Convention. Vietnam ratified the agreement with Canada on November 15, 2005. The agreement will come into effect on December 15th. It is likely that BC will permit adoptions from Vietnam, after that date. 3) Choices Adoption Agency in Victoria is working on the creation of a new adoption program with Liberia. For more information please see their website:


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Victoria BC

Membership with Embracing Children Humanitarian Organization (ECHO) $20.00 annual membership fee Payment: □ Cheque □ Cash □ Money Order □ Pay pal ( Membership for 2005 includes:  Annual newsletter  Copy of annual general report  Voting rights at the annual general meeting First Name Last Name Address

City Province Telephone Email I am interested in volunteering in the following areas: □ Fundraising □ Recruitment of volunteers □ Administration □ Public Relations □ Other (please specify) __________________________________________ Please send me your Newsletter by: □ Mail □ E-mail □ Fax (please include fax #) ____________________ Signature: _______________________________ Date: __________________________ Please submit your printed/signed application by e-mail (after scanning) to the ECHO President at or by mail to 890 Snowdrop Avenue Victoria BC V8Z 2N4 Postal Code


Page 6 of 6 A Message from the ECHO President
What a year! It is a truly amazing thing to have a dream materialize before your eyes! In one year ECHO has become a well established and fully functioning non-profit society. I would like to personally thank some very special people who have been integral in the creation of ECHO. Our tiny Board has single handily gotten this project off of the ground. I would like to thank each Board Member for the gifts they bring to our team. Eve, what can I say, thanks for keeping my feet on the ground and playing devil's advocate. Your attention to detail has ensured that we have all of our bases covered and keeps the organization running so smoothly. Maxine, you bring skills that none of us can touch. Thank you for all of the formats, from our newsletter and calendar to our brochure. Through your computer skills and creativity you have given ECHO contributions above and beyond your fundraising role. I look forward to our first annual golf tournament in the spring. Yas, thanks for your enthusiasm, flexibility and generosity. You are willing to take on anything and do so with flair. You provide your home and hospitality for our monthly meetings. We make a mess; you clean it up, what a gal! There are a couple of other special people that really deserve mentioning. Joanne Faulkner. What a wonderful website! Not only were you on board in the beginning helping establish our mission and purpose; and keeping us organized, but you have continued to do wonderful work despite your crazy schedule. Also, a very special thanks to Choices Adoption for supporting ECHO by inviting us to be part of their events and passing on information about ECHO through word of mouth and their website. Holly and Jae, in particular, have bent over backward to do what the can in order to further our cause. For this I am truly grateful. I am very excited about 2006 and looking most forward to being able to issue our first financial grant. My dream is that through our efforts more children will be united with families. Over 100 million orphans in this world are just simply way too many. I saw a news clip the other day. It was only a short glimpse of an orphanage in Eastern Europe. In it three toddlers were being kicked and hit by their caregiver. Like any parent, my heart broke. Nothing is more heart wrenching than to think of these little children who have no one in the world to stand up for and protect them. This is the type of moment that is behind the creation of ECHO. We must make it easier for parents to bring these children into loving homes. All children deserve a family to protect, love and cherish them. No amount of money should ever stand in the way of this right.

ECHO Embracing Children Humanitarian Organization 890 Snowdrop Avenue Victoria, BC V8Z 2N4 Canada Phone: (250) 595-1413 Fax: (250) 595-7083 Email:

“Creating Loving Homes, Creating Forever Families” Visit Our Website:

Volunteer Board Members Contact Information President:

Vice President/Treasurer:

Campaign Director:


Format created & designed by Maxine Russ. Articles are written by Tara Tschritter & Maxine Russ.

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