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					M24b Interview Selection Form

Post No. Job Title Department Closing Date Total No. of Panel Members Chair of Panel
NB This detail will also be inserted into the standard 'Invitation to Interview' letter as the contact

Telephone Interview Location Interview Instructions

If any tests, presentations, group discussions or other candidate information/preparation is required for the interview please give details above in order that this extra information can be incorporated into the letter for interview. Where applicable please also give details of any extra requirements. It is essential that candidates are told of any and all special arrangements, presentation, etc. which will form part of the selection process.

M24b Interview Selection Form


Interview Date

Interview Time



Not Shortlisted Reason Code

M24b Interview Selection Form
The M24b Interview Selection form should be completed by the Chair of the Panel. It identifies who has been selected to be invited to interview, the date and time of the interview and in the case of those applicants who were not shortlisted gives the reasons why not. This is based upon the Panel’s composite scores for each Applicant which were arrived at by using the M24a Shortlisting Scoring form.

The Authority is responsible for monitoring the implementation of policy and procedure to ensure elimination of discrimination and a recruitment process that is both fair and consistent. The information is used to build up a picture of any difficulties faced by individuals and will aid the development of appropriate future recruitment and retention initiatives. For that purpose the progress of each applicant is recorded at each stage. Please use the codes listed below: Code Shortlisted APP01 APP02 APP03 APP04 APP05 APP06 APP07 APP08 APP09 APP10 APP11 APP12 Explanation Shortlisted For Interview Did Not Meet Essential Criteria Withdrew Application No Reason Given Withdrew Application Offered Better Pay/Conditions By Existing Employer Withdrew Application Accepted Another Job Offer Withdrew Application Not Satisfied With Pay On Offer Withdrew Application Not satisfied with Terms And Conditions On Offer Withdrew Application Too Far To Travel Withdrew Application Do Not Wish To Relocate Withdrew Application Not Impressed With Local Authority/gained Bad Impression Withdrew Application Domestic Reasons Meets Essential Longlist/Did Not Score High Enough On Desirable For Shortlist Meets Essential Longlist/Not Shortlisted Following Assessment Centre


Upon completion this form should be forwarded to the Recruitment Administration Team. Please be reminded that it is the Council's Policy that all applicants who declare a disability and who meet the essential criteria for the job MUST be selected for interview. Under no circumstances should code APP11 be used for a disabled applicant.

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