Young Artist T-shirt Design Contest

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					Young Artist T-shirt Design Contest
Children Helping Children, Youth Reaching Youth

To encourage youngsters in HK to care for the underprivileged & handicapped orphans with love through their creative talents:

1) Each design will be presented as a gift to an orphan 2) 1st prize Winners (3 categories) will be sponsored to visit orphans in Luoyang China 3) All entry fees go towards helping orphans through The Family Anew Program (China)

Love with No Boundary ~ toward the handicapped orphans in China

* Each entry design will be presented as a gift to an orphan in Luoyang China

1st A *Love in Action 4-day-3-night Luoyang summer trip + A Sony PlayStation 3 2nd A **mobile phone 3rd An Apple iPod nano

* Categories A & B: family up to 4 members (contestant and other participants under 18 must be accompanied by at least one adult family member) Category C: contestant + 1 member Additional trip participants are welcomed to travel at their own expenses ** Brand: Category A: eTouch TD200 Category B: Samsung F110 Category C: Samsung M7500

Category A: Ages 6-10 Category B: Ages 11-15 Category C: Ages 16-25

Judge Panel:
Mr Walter Ma (HK top fashion designer) Ms Gemma Choi (Co-Founder of “Shanghai Tang”)

Ms Vivian Chow Wai Man (celebrity / artist) Mr Joe Nieh (celebrity / writer) Ms Candy Lo Lam (Miss Asia / artist) Mrs Perveen Crawford (HK first woman pilot / Virgin Galactic - Hong Kong Founder Astronaut) Ms Jane Law (Korea Ambassador / high-profile socialite) Mr Felix Ferreira (celebrity makeup artist) Mr Nelson Wong (Legislative Councillor)

Entry Details:
1) Each design should be clearly sketched on ONE A4 (29.7 x 21.0 cm) paper. Submit the design(s) with the entry form (can be downloaded from and a cheque made payable to The CEO Foundation and mail them to: King's Road P.O. Box 35509, North Point, H.K. Clearly print "T-shirt Design Contest" on the envelope 2) Contestant selected as a finalist must print his/her design on a white T-shirt 3) All finalists must model his/her design on stage at the Final Contest. The contestant may choose to model the T-shirt himself / herself or by a representative

Early Bird Deadline: 30 May, 2009 (Sat) (by postage date) Contestant Entry Deadline: 13 June, 2009 (Sat) (by postage date) Final & Prize Presentation Ceremony: 4 July, 2009 (Sat)

Score Criteria:

1) Content 2) Creativity 3) Artistic quality
Entry Fee:
HK$100 (1 design) HK$180 (3 designs - same contestant) No limit on number of designs submitted from each contestant. Early Bird Entry (before 30/5/2009): HK$80 (1 design) HK$150 (3 designs - same contestant)

Early Bird Entry Deadline: 30/5/2009 (Sat) Contestant Entry Deadline: 13/6/2009 (Sat)