2002 enrichment by forrests


									Month Theme
“Official” Ideas for Miniclass Subjects

January Marriage and Family Relations
The Proclamation; FHE, family prayer & scripture study; Parenting skills

February Spiritual Development
Temple worship; Personal prayer & scripture study; Sabbath-day observance 2-12 Chinese New Year 2-14 Valentine’s Day

March Service
Service to family & neighbors; Serving in the Church; Community service project 3-17 Rel.Soc. Birthday 3-31 Easter

April Homemaking Skills
Growing, cooking & preserving food; Home organization & cleaning; The value of work

May Cultural Arts
Importance of music in the home; Literature & fine arts; Understanding other cultures

June Physical and Emotional Health
Exercise & nutrition; Stress management & recreation; Gratitude & recognizing blessings

2002 enrichment

Tentative schedule of themes and miniclasses for

This Month’s Special Days
Valentine treats; Chocolate

5-12 Mother’s Day

6-12 Filipino Indep.Day 6-16 Father’s Day


Chinese food

Birthday cake; Easter treats

Food from the evening’s cooking class, or something for Mother’s Day

International cuisine

Filipino treats?

Miniclass 1
Parenting and Family Relations Skills *

Discipline children with love

Sabbath-day observance: ideas for families, singles

Teaching children gratitude & generosity

Teaching our children to love work

Music in the Home; Getting children interested in good music “Tour” of another country; Cultural diversity and appreciation Vocal Masterclass; Mini-concert (e.g., organ, violin)

Raising happy children; Raising confident children

Miniclass 2

Marriage skills; Marriage improvement

Pres.Hinckley’s Standing for Something bk review

What it means to magnify our church calling

Organizing your home

Exercise for every lifestyle

Miniclass 3

Family Home Evening for all types of families

Personal scripture study; Personal prayer

Community service opportunities all around us Serving and loving our own family members; Happiness at home

Growing and cooking with herbs; Balcony gardens

Take time to de-stress yourself

Miniclass 4

Things to do in Geneva

Making temple worship personal; Temple preparation Goal-setting; Answers to prayers; Honoring the Priesthood; Overcoming trials & adversity Genealogy resources (FamilySearch, etc.)

Specialty cooking class (stir-fry, low-fat, ??)

Displaying children’s art; Framing skills

Getting and keeping a good sense of humor Wholesome recreation; Cultivating gratitude; Creating a peaceful home; Time management Father’s Day display; Health & fitness resources

Other Miniclass Ideas Display Table Ideas

Quality & quantity time for children; Family traditions; Family councils; Celestial environmt at home Valentine crafts; Marriage & Parenting resources

Tips for great church talks; Cleaning (& spring cleanFellowshipping; Small, ing); Delegating household anonymous acts of chores; Home filing sysservice; Citizenship tem; Time management Easter crafts; Community service resources Mother’s Day crafts/ideas; Home organizat’n, gardening resources; Job charts

Fine arts appreciation; Supporting arts in our communities Display of members’ artwork/crafts; Schedule of local art/music festivals

[ Official Guidelines for Home, Family, and Personal Enrichment Meeting: When planning home, family, and personal enrichment meetings, carefully assess the needs of the sisters. When applicable, make certain these meetings include classes that help develop skills in parenting and family relations. See Ensign, December 2001, p.104. Or visit www.lds.org > Gospel Library > Teachings for Our Time 2002 > English (Ensign) for a PDF file with guidelines.

Month Theme
“Official” Ideas for Miniclass Subjects

July Literacy
Gospel literacy; Written histories & testimonies; Early childhood education & children’s literature 7-4 US Independence Day 7-24 Pioneer Day

August Strengthening Relationships
Communication & resolving conflicts; Repentance/forgiveness; Effective leadership

September Personal Development & Education
Patriarchal blessings; Developing talents & creativity; Lifelong learning

October Self-Reliance
Home storage & emergency prep.; Education & resource management; Health & hygiene


December 2nd Annual RS Dessert Party!

This Month’s Special Days Refreshments Miniclass 1
Parenting and Family Relations Skills *

8-1 Swiss National Day

(Back to school)

10-31 Halloween

11-22 Thanksgiving

12-23 Joseph Smith’s b-day 12-25 Christmas

A dessert “classic”: Ice cream sundaes

Great gifts for the neighbors: Quickbreads

Something with apples? Apple pies, apple tarts...

Something with our food storage rice: Gourmet rice pudding; Various risottos

Raising great readers; Reading aloud to children; Children’s literature

Communication: How to get your children to talk about their day Win-Win: Conflict resolution (Covey-style)

Helping children improve study skills / memory

Stay-at-Home-Parent’s survival guide

Miniclass 2

Your personal history; Keeping a journal

Lifelong learning; Continuing education opportunities in Geneva

Practical food storage

Miniclass 3

Book Review: The History of Joseph Smith, by his mother

Miracle of change: repentance & forgiveness

Creativity class: Memory books

Auto maintenance & safety (incl. emergency kits for cars) Family finances & budgeting; Money management Computer basics; CPR & first aid; Emergency preparedness; Simple home maintenance & repairs Emergency kits; food storage resources

Miniclass 4

Family photo albums and scrapbooks

Meal time, family time

Understanding our patriarchal blessings

Other Miniclass Ideas Display Table Ideas

Being a good friend & Any creative class: photogEarly childhood education; neighbor; Family commu- raphy, painting, quilting, Home preschools; nications; Leadership; sewing, cooking, music, Educational games Strengthening family ties crafts, hobbies, etc. Personal journals/albums; Children’s books Member talent display; Communication resources; Continuing adult education Quickbread packaging resources

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