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					Claim for Disturbance Allowance (JSP 752 Chapter 7 Section 1 refers)

In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1988, the Ministry of Defence will collect, use, protect and retain the information on this form in connection with all matters relating to personnel administration and policy.

JS Form JPA F018 (Introduced 03/06)

Part A – To be completed by the Claimant
Originating Unit




Service/Employee Number

Part B – Details of Move
Assignment start date Move less than 50 miles? Mid-Assignment move? Is this a Final Tour of Duty move? Full Name and Age of Children for whom child element of DA is being claimed. Yes Yes Yes No No No Name (including surname) Age

Actual Move Date:

Move within UK? Type of Accommodation being moved to (appropriate box) a. Privately owned b. Privately rented c. Service families (SFA / SSFA) d. Service single (SLA / SSSA)



Will you be sharing private accommodation with other Service personnel? If sharing private accommodation with other Service personnel, how many other DA entitled persons are you sharing the accommodation with?



Part C – Claimant’s Certificate
I have read and understood JSP 752 Chapter 7 Section 1, and I claim Disturbance Allowance and certify: 1. I have not previously claimed and received Disturbance Allowance in respect of this move. 2. Should the assignment or move not take place and I have received Disturbance Allowance in advance, I will provide receipts for any expenditure incurred. I will repay the Disturbance Allowance in full or in part for the amounts not covered by receipts (see JSP 752, Chapter 7 Section 1). 3. Where the assignment or move is from an overseas location I confirm that I have at least 91 days service remaining (in accordance with JSP 752, Chapter 7 Section 1). 4. One or both of the residences involved in this move is a Residence at Work Address (RWA). 5. Where I am claiming Disturbance Allowance on my Last Tour of Duty and Voluntary Separated from my family, I am not claiming Continuity of Education Allowance or School Children’s Visits. 6. All information provided in this application is correct to the best of my knowledge. Date Signature

Part D – to be completed by the Unit Allowances Checker ■ I confirm that this claim is in accordance with JSP 752, Chapter 7 Section 1
Date Signature Rank/Grade and Name
(in BLOCK capitals)

Part E – JPAC Use Only ■ Details of the claim have been entered on JPA and the record updated.
Date Signature Rank/Grade and Name
(in BLOCK capitals)

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