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					Thelomathesian Society Minutes September 19, 2007 Convened at 7:01 PM Approval of Minutes: None this week. Next week we will approve both these minutes and the minutes from the 12th. Voting Summary:
SENATORS Chris Baker Phoenix Bell Lauren Bennett Caroline Bright Cameron Bruns Sonya Bryant Lizzy Carty Nick Cosey Keilly Cutler Sarah DeFruscio Taylor Fargo Joshua Johnson Djifa Kothor Rachel Mandeix Brendan McGrath Kathryn McHugh Alina Miska Mark Mooradian Harry Neely Jared J. Pellerin Larissa Plotsky Erica Reiner Ardelle Rivera Patrick Sheridan Rossi Katelyn Shorey Svetoslav Stoytchev Nathaniel Walker Cassie Walsh Molly Williams ASSISTANT CHAIRS Bridget Lennon (Academic Affairs) Kate Farrington (Student Life) Ryan Brand (Public Relations) Present abs Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y ex Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Issue 1 abs Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y ex Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Issue 2 abs Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y ex Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y

Julian Blakney-Carlson (B&F) CHAIRS Caroline Bishop (Academic Affairs) John Pontius (Student Life) Abby Rose (Public Relations) Katya Samoteskul (Environmental Conservation) Lauren Martin (Sexual Violence Education) SENIOR EXEC Jasper Burch Mike Tudoreanu Zoe Bludevich Michael Crankshaw-Bierce Dennis Willette Ashley Cutler




Officer Reports: VP of Senate Affairs Tudoreanu: Hello. Committees have been selected for all of the members of the Senate except one: check your email for your assignment. Also, please meet with your respective committee chairs at the end of tonight’s meeting to determine a time for your committee to meet during the week. We also have elections coming up quickly because we want to be done before Thanksgiving this year. On October 21st, petitions for electable positions will be out for a week. A week of campaigning will follow, and voting will take place from November 4 8. For right now, we need to select elections chair to work with Senate Affairs and other senators during the election. We will have chair elections on October 3 rd during our meeting. I’ll be accepting nominations for 2 weeks via email. You can nominate anyone (non-Senator, even yourself!), so please feel free to send in nominations. Secretary Bierce:

Good evening. Once I learn how to post things to the Thelmo website, I will be timelier about posting the minutes so that you can actually approve them on time in the future. I’d like to remind all of you again to speak slowly and clearly and state your name when speaking to ensure that the minutes are accurate. Also, just a reminder to email me if you expect to be absent, and please sign in using the sign in sheet on the back table before you leave tonight so that our voting numbers match up. VP University Relations Bludevich: Hi. Not much to report: this week I’ve been working on projects related to expanding our Campus Wide Accounts to more local businesses. If you have any ideas, please email me. I may also conduct a survey this semester to get more ideas. SLUSAF Treasurer Cutler: This week I met with the senior class council about senior week, and we have enough for a small contingency request next semester. I am also assembling a new budget report book to reflect the 10% cut to all organizational budgets. Finally, I will be bringing an amendment to the constitution later in the meeting. SDBOT Willette: Good evening everyone. Hope you all are having a good week so far. There were good results to report from last weeks senior staff meeting. The idea of the pub has full support and it is our job to first acquire the proper information about the pubs at other schools, then go to visit as many pubs as we can, and then finally come up with a model that would work here at SLU. Our primary goals for this project are to send out a list of questions to the administration of all of the pubs, and then visit at least Hamilton and Colgate before the

October BOT meetings. We hope to have a solid base of data by then and have started to think of plans that would work for our campus. This project is definitely moving in the right direction, but it is also important to note that we are keeping our eyes open and looking at all of the available student space on the other campuses to see if we can find ways to improve ours here. The student discussion panel is currently on hold, but when I can, I will be putting more effort into getting it up and running. I also have a new idea to propose tonight. I am asking for thoughts or opinions about possibly having a student forum discussing environmental issues that would bring students from different majors together to share their opinions. The objective of this forum would be to educate all about environmental issue, promote discussion about these issues, as well as bring students who would normally not interact together in the class room together in an academic setting talking about an issue that is very popular on our campus. If anyone would like to help me with what I am doing or have an opinion about any of it, please do not hesitate to talk to me after the meeting. Thank you. Chair Martin: I have one announcement: the next GO BEYOND planning committee meeting will be held tomorrow in the Student Center. If you are interested in participating in GO BEYOND, please go. Chair Bishop: Bridget and I are starting to plan our semester. One of our goals this semester is to have Hilary Oakes come in from the WORD studio to introduce senators with what goes on there and how it relates to academics at SLU.

Chair Pontius: I would first like to welcome the new members of the student life committee. Kate and I will be meeting with Dean Tolliver at the end of this week to discuss possibly hosting an information session on the “Use Not Abuse Policy” at St. Lawrence University. At the end of this meeting, we hope to come away with some more substantial information. Early next week, we will have our first student life committee meeting to discuss more about this information session and any ideas that you all may have. But I do ask that the members of the student life committee see me briefly after the meeting tonight to get some times that are convenient to meet next week. This week, I also read a report done a few years ago outlining various aspects of student life at St. Lawrence University. I also plan on going over this with the student life committee and working with Jasper to update this report. Thank you. Chair Rose: No real news from my committee yet. We are considering writing a contract and holding auditions for a student to wear the St. Bernard mascot costume. Chair Samoteskul: Nothing really to report. We met with EAO this week about composting. We are also planning to meet in the future with Katie Craig and Lousie Gava about directions for our committee to take. Additionally, we’re looking into getting a shuttle to take students to the airport instead of having everyone take a separate taxi. President Burch:

First of all, I sent out emails this week about tripartite committee assignments, and got lots of responses. I primarily filled them first-come, first-served and now the committees are mostly filled. The second issue I want to talk about is the push for an on campus “pub” style student space. We got a lot of informal support for the idea when we mentioned it at the Board of Trustees meeting in May. This project is still in the early stages, and we don’t know the end result yet, so if you have any ideas, please send them to Dennis or to me. As he mentioned, we have a list of schools to investigate so that we can present our findings to the Board of Trustees in October. If you know anyone who works at a pub on another campus and has any insight about how their pub is run, don’t hesitate to contact me. At the Board of Trustees meeting, we also decided to start a discussion panel to investigate the experiences of sophomores at SLU, so we will be assembling a committee and helping determine what questions to ask them. Please submit questions if you have any, and if you are a sophomore, you may get a call from us. Finally, to discuss the Middle States review process, we have Kim Mooney here tonight. End of reports. Special Report: The Middle States Review Process Overview: Kim Mooney (Director, Center for Teaching and Learning; Special Assistant to the President for Assessment; Chair, Middle States Steering Committee) Mooney: Thank you for inviting me. I spoke at a meeting last fall, but many of you were probably not here or do not remember my visit. I’m going to give a little background on the review process, which has been going on for a year and a half so far and will have gone on for 2 by the time we are finished.

The Middle States Commission on Higher Education is an organization that conducts peer evaluations of colleges in our geographic region (“Middlestates”). Its purpose is to assure everyone that our institution is meeting basic educational standards. The review process is conducted by peers (other faculty members). Another purpose of the review is giving SLU the opportunity to reflect on the work that it does. We will surely be accredited by the review board, but we take the process seriously because it allows us to improve as a college. Since we are stable and improving, we are in a luxurious position: the board has asked us to conduct a self study (internal review). We’re not panicking trying to pull our report together for a committee, so we have more time and are therefore more able to be introspective about our goals and mission, and we can involve more actors (students especially). Basically, the process is a huge research project. Middle States gives guidelines that we must follow and issues we must address like curriculum, student life, financing etc. Since President Sullivan expects to retire at the end of the 2008-09 year, this document could be very useful as a snapshot to give to potential presidents. Since January of 2006, many groups have been working on this project, and it is now ready for public review. Limited hard copies are available, but the document is web based as much as possible. It’s available to students online at stlawu.edu by following these tabs: quick links /assessment/ middle states accreditation / draft. The evaluation team comes to campus in February 2008 for 3-4 days, meeting with faculty and students, and possibly even Thelmo. Additionally, the chair of the team will be here in about 2 weeks to read the draft, meet with President Burch and SDBOT Willette as well as senior

staff. We really want student feedback, especially on the recommendations that we make for change. I’d also like to point out that our Web-based version has claims backed with evidence. In places where documents are cited, often they will be hyperlinked to the original sources to ensure that everyone has access to the same information that we used. We really want this report to be a useful, long-lasting self study and constant reference, especially in this time of transition. Bishop: What would be most interesting thing you discovered in your research? Mooney: For me, the most compelling message in the document is that we can always be better even if we are doing well. We can sometimes take for granted that all our initiatives and offices work together, but there are many places where two initiatives could be working better together. Rose: Once the process done, how long until it needs to be done again? Mooney: 10 years. The evaluation team will sit down before they leave and let President Sullivan know how we did in both an oral and written report. Later, they will issue us a more formal report. Finally, the commission itself will issue an even more formal report about our accreditation specifically. 5 years from that point, we must submit a periodic review, so issues that were noticed must be addressed in that time. 4 years after that point, the process begins again. There is not much time where no work is going on this project. The formal working groups will disband, but others will take on their work. Rossi: Is Middle States a governmental institution?

Mooney: Recently, there has been lots of pressure for public accountability by schools. Middle States provides that outside of the government because it is a group of our peers who understand our standards. Basically, it is an agreement within our region to hold each other to specific standards. We take this seriously because don’t want government involvement: we’d rather be policed by our peers. Advisor Joe Tolliver: The federal government is currently dialoging about tuition and other issues within higher education and wondering why they do not conduct our reviews. Mooney: President Sullivan is one of the most vocal presidents advocating the continuation of peer review. Bishop: Does Middle States conduct undergrad assessment only? Mooney: We are being assessed on undergrad only, but we draw information about graduate programs into our self study. Thank you for your time. We will be having meetings about this document specifically for students, and the times are listed in the same place that the document itself can be found. Burch: On October 10th we will be having an open discussion during Thelmo time in Winston Room on the draft of the report, and to prepare us for that we have divided the chapters by committees to be read. Willette: The introduction will be read by Public Relations. Planning will be read by Budget and Finance. Leadership will be read by Senate Affairs. Integrity will be read by the Sexual Violence Education committee. We don’t have anyone on the faculty chapter yet. Student Admissions will be read by Student Life. General Curriculum will be read

by Academic Affairs. Assessment and Student Learning will be read by Environmental Conservation and the Board of Trustees committee. Mooney: Thanks again; I’ll bring others who worked on the report on October 10 th. Also, everyone should read faculty chapter because of its importance Old Business: MAASV Organizational Status Request: No representative in attendance. Postponed until 9/26. End of old business. New Business: No constitution or proposal received. No objections to consideration. Society of United Laurentians Club Status: Overview: Nick Blaise SOUL wants to bring organizations together: we will be holding poetry readings, acting presentations, and meetings on what a Laurentian is. We are also planning two major events for the semester, but those are in the early stages. Questions: Rossi: You noted that you will be receiving money from the school. Do you have any fundraising ideas in case you need more? Blaise: We are not pressed for money right now, so we haven’t discussed it yet. Burch: We used to have a Unity Council with a similar intent to SOUL. It died off because organizational leaders were not that interested, and not much was in it for each individual club to attend meetings. How will you motivate leaders to attend?

Blaise: Participation is optional. We would be glad to have them, but we will push on ahead without them if we need to. Debate: For: Against: Speak To: Voted: 31-0-0, passed Second approval will be voted on at 9/26/07 meeting.

Amendment to the Constitution: Overview: Ashley Cutler (SLUSAF Central Treasurer) Cutler: Part of reason for our current state of affairs is a lack of communication between SLUSAF and the Senior Executive Board. This amendment forces the treasurer to advise the senior Executive members about the state of the fund. It’s pretty straightforward. Basically, we want to make sure this can’t happen again and increase accountability. Questions: Debate: For: Against: Speak To: Voted 31-0-0, passed (required 2/3 majority) Second approval will be voted on at 9/26/07 meeting.

End of new business. Member’s Time: Shorey: Won’t the October 10 th meeting be a bad time to discuss Middlestates? Burch: We may move the discussion then. We really need to get it done before the Board of Trustees meeting. Rossi: Do you know what those renovations in the art center are? Are they bringing the pub back there? Willette: That’s for the art center. They want to make it nicer acoustically. Rivera: APO, a service fraternity, is coming back to campus. If you are interested talk to me or Secretary Bierce. Tudoreanu: Please meet with your respective chairs after the meeting. Burch: Math Club will meet on Friday at 1 PM in Valentine 105-106. Martin: Tryouts for the fall fashion show will be on Thursday starting at 6. Bludevich: Monday 24th is Kristin’s Story in Griffiths at 8 PM. It should be interesting. End of member’s time. Adjourned at 7:55 PM on September 19th. Respectfully submitted,

Michael Crankshaw-Bierce Secretary, Thelomathesian Society

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