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					Shepherd University Residence Life
Applications and three recommendations are due: Friday, September 4, 2009 by 12PM. Please continue to check your Shepherd University e-mail account following 09/04/09 for further instruction regarding your application status. All communication between Residence Life and RA candidates will take place via the Shepherd University e-mail system. ***Please print or type*** I. GENERAL INFORMATION: Full Name: _______________________ Shepherd ID Number: ________________ Phone #: _______________ T-shirt size (for staff shirt):_______________

On-campus address: ________________________ e-mail: Summer or Permanent Address:

__________________________________________ __________________________________________

Permanent/Home Phone #: __________________ 

Cell Phone #: _____________________

How many semesters have you lived in Shepherd University residence halls (including the current semester)? Which residence halls have you lived in? _____________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________


Have you attended any other colleges/universities other than Shepherd University? If yes, please list. _________________________________________________________________________ o Did you live in the residence hall system? If yes, how many semesters? ___________________ N (circle one)


Have you ever been found responsible for violation a Shepherd University policy? Y o

If yes, please explain. ____________________________________________________

(PLEASE NOTE: Judicial history is officially verified.) II. ACADEMIC INFORMATION: Present Classification: FR SO JR SR (circle one) Cumulative GPA: ___________

Previous Semester GPA: ___________

(PLEASE NOTE: All grade point averages are officially verified.) Expected Graduation Date: ____________

III. PLACEMENT INTREST: Place a check mark next to the areas in which you are interested in being an RA. Please keep in mind that RAs in Birch and Maple apartments will be required to be on duty during university breaks. There will be no duty coverage Thanksgiving Day, the day following Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. A duty rotation will continue all other days. Apartment RAs will be compensated for extra duty rotations during times when the administrative offices of Shepherd University are closed. Also keep in mind that your chances of being hired as a Resident Assistant become greater with the more areas in which you are willing to work. Only check those areas for which you would accept a position if offered. ____ Traditional Housing (Gardiner, Kenamond, Shaw, Thacher, Turner) ____ Suite-style Housing (West Woods and Miller) ____ Apartments (Birch and Maple) *applicant must have 45 credit hours to be considered IV. Anticipated Commitments for Next Semester: List any activities (such as student teaching, varsity sports, band, internships, clubs/organizations, Greek organizations, part-time jobs) and your involvement (officer, member, captain, etc.) in which you will participate. _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ How many credit hours do you anticipate taking next semester? ________________________ V. PERSONAL EXPRESSION: Please prepare an item that describes something about you that you would want others to know. It can be a quotation, collage, photograph, painting, poem, or anything showing the interview committee a different side of you that might not otherwise be seen during an interview. During the interview process, you will be asked to explain your expression. You will not be “graded” or “judged” on how creative your expression is. Your personal expression must fit within a standard manila folder. Personal expressions can be picked up in Residence Life after all interviews have been completed. All personal expression should be turned in with the Resident Assistant application materials.

VI. SHORT ANSWER QUESTIONS: (Please print or type responses and submit with application materials) 1. Please list and explain previous related work experiences 2. Resident Assistants are responsible for building community and celebrating diversity on their wings/halls/buildings. What would you do to build an ideal community? 3. From your perspective, what do you feel are the 3 most important functions of a Resident Assistant and why? 4. What do you believe is the biggest problem facing students living on-campus and how would you approach this problem as a Shepherd University Resident Assistant? VII. REFERENCES: You must have 3 references in order to be considered for a Resident Assistant position. Three reference forms are included in your application packet. Please make sure your references are aware of the 09/04/09 Recommendation Form due date. In addition, it is strongly recommended that you get at least one reference from a current RA in your building.
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