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									No Outsiders: Researching approaches to sexualities equality in primary schools
Are you a primary teacher, teacher-advisor or teacher-trainer working in North East England, South West England or London? Are you interested in challenging homophobia and developing approaches to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality in your own school, classroom, Local Authority or training institution? If so, the No Outsiders research project may be just the opportunity you need to explore new possibilities with the support of a network of other teacherresearchers and an expert research team.

Recruiting now for 2007-8: What’s in it for you?
 Supply cover for 12 half days’ release in 2007-8 to develop a schoolbased project in consultation with your own research assistant  One day’s sexualities equality training for your organisation plus the use of a specialised resource pack for primary schools  Funded attendance at national and local training and research events  Links to other teacher-researchers around the country  The opportunity to gain accreditation for your project via the Teachers’ Learning Academy or a designated Masters route We are recruiting teachers to the project NOW! For more information, contact Elizabeth Atkinson: Tel. 07791 014940 or Renée DePalma: or visit our website: ‘Everyone is an insider, there are no outsiders – whatever their beliefs, whatever their colour, gender or sexuality.’
Archbishop Desmond Tutu, February 2004

No Outsiders: Researching approaches to sexualities equality in primary schools
Desmond Tutu’s insistence that there are no ‘outsiders’ provides us with the inspiration to work toward a society where his words are true. At the same time, these words remind us that continuing discrimination, whether in relation to ‘race’, class, gender, disability, sexuality or other features of identity, still conveys a message to ‘outsiders’ that they have no place in ‘our’ society. The 'No Outsiders' research project, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council and led by Elizabeth Atkinson and Renée DePalma at the University of Sunderland, in collaboration with colleagues at Exeter University and the Institute of Education, University of London, supports primary teachers in challenging that message within their own schools and classrooms. We are also extending participation in the project to primary teacher-advisers and primary teacher-trainers. Ofsted and DfES have both identified homophobic bullying (bullying based on assumptions about sexual orientation) as a key priority for all schools. Many children will have a connection, through family or friends, to non-heterosexual relationships, and some will come to identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgendered, but the life experience of all children will be profoundly affected by the ethos of their school, and this means creating a school environment where no-one is an outsider. This might involve, for example, including non-heterosexual relationships within discussions of family, friendship, self or growing up, exploring a range of identities and relationships through literacy, art, history or drama, or including a specific focus on homophobia within a class- or school-based initiative to tackle bullying. Participants in the research will be supported in developing and evaluating their own schoolbased projects addressing sexualities equality. Participating schools (or where participants are not in schools, Local Authorities or teacher-training institutions) will receive sexualities equality training from an experienced diversity trainer and a comprehensive pack of resources, including a wide range of children's literature, for use during the course of the project. All participants will receive support in developing action research strategies in their own practice settings, through training days, regular meetings with a dedicated research assistant and whole-team communications via the project website. Further support will be provided through national and regional meetings and the opportunity to attend other related regional and national events (all expenses to be paid by the project budget). Participants will also have the opportunity to gain accreditation for their involvement in the project through the Teachers’ Learning Academy (TLA) or through designated Masters Degree routes, and will be invited to write up successful strategies for submission to the Teacher Training Resource Bank (TTRB), a resource for teachers, students and teacher trainers. Other planned outcomes include a documentary film and a book of teaching ideas, as well as presentations at national and regional meetings. This project is supported by the General Teaching Council for England, the National Union of Teachers and Schools Out. It supports the work of Education For All, Stonewall’s initiative to promote lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered equality in schools, which is supported by a broad coalition of educational bodies, including the Department for Education and Skills (DfES), the Teacher Development Agency (TDA) and the General Teaching Council for England (GTC). The university-based research team: Elizabeth Atkinson, Renée DePalma and Elizabeth Brace (University of Sunderland) Judy Hemingway, Deborah Youdell and Michael Reiss (Institute of Education, University of London) Alexandra Allan, Nick Givens and David Nixon (University of Exeter)

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