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									Web Links The social and moral responsibilities of citizens le Simple, introductory website offering short summaries of what it means to be a citizen in both a local and national context Brief look at issues associated with citizenship from the Citizenship Foundation Recommendations from the European Assembly on the responsibilities of individuals and how best to implement these through education Activity-based website providing tasks associated with what it means to be a citizen, rights and responsibilities, barriers to involvement and so on. Fairly basic but with interactive element Statement from the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U), expressing the need to educate students about personal and social responsibility Short article on the relationship between moral responsibility and citizenship by Dr Helen Irving of the University of Sydney st Interesting insight into one person’s perceived responsibilities as a citizen in the 21 Century More formal look at the practical side of rights and responsibilities expected by the UK government of people coming to the UK and current citizens Citizen responsibilities as outlined by the U.S. Department of State Overview of a lecture presented by Professor Helen Haste of Bath University on responsibility and citizenship Activity-based quiz from the University of Southampton ‘designed to start you thinking about where you stand on some key issues on the rights and duties of citizenship’

Website aimed more at school-level but which offers some basic information on understanding and advancing roles and responsibilities via the educational system. Statement from the National Council for the Social Studies entitled ‘Creating Effective Citizens’ Article addressing the educational status and provision of citizenship in U.S. schools entitled ‘Teaching the responsibilities of citizenship’ sarocr2596.doc+student+understanding+of+social+and+moral+responsibilities&hl=en&ct=cln k&cd=197&gl=uk Short summaries of the rights, legal obligations and responsibilities of citizens. Also provides an overview of the changing attitudes towards citizenship from the various UK governments since 1945.

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