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									Declaration of interest in being awarded LSIS Beacon status
Learning and Skills Beacon status is the means by which the Learning and Skills Improvement Service (LSIS) recognises excellent learning providers that consistently deliver high quality teaching and learning, supported by strong and effective leadership and management. The award of Beacon status is an invitation to work in partnership with the LSIS to help drive through improvements, reform and change in the further education system. There is no financial reward purely for being awarded Beacon status. However, LSIS will negotiate individual arrangements with each Beacon for to share and transfer their expertise and good practice and will reimburse any agreed additional expenditure incurred by the Beacon. Guidance on completing your declaration of interest The form has three sections. You will need to complete each section in full before returning your declaration. If you have any comments or need assistance, please contact Jo Burch on 02476 792467 or e-mail For guidance on submitting your declaration as an attachment, please follow this hyperlink Electronic users please click in the grey boxes to begin typing


Section 1 of 3: Organisation contacts
Name of organisation/provider Address 1 Address 2 Address 3 City County Postcode Name of Chief Executive/Principal Contact telephone number Size of organisation:
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Your contact name Job title Fax Telephone (direct line) Mobile (optional) E-mail 1 E-mail 2 (optional)




Approximate number of learners

Type of learning provider: (please tick one) General FE College Sixth Form College Tertiary College Agricultural / Horticultural College Art, Design & Performing Arts College Specialist Designated Institution Higher Education Institution Work Based Learning Adult & Community Learning Other
(please give details)


Section 2 of 3: Areas of expertise
A. Please give details of where you feel your expertise and main strengths lie – and identify which particular strengths you feel could best be shared with the rest of the further education system.



B. In no more than 1000 words, please describe: o how you share and transfer good practice within your organisation o the experience your organisation has of cross-sectoral good practice sharing o in your opinion, what makes for effective cross-sectoral good practice sharing o how you determine aims / objectives and performance outcomes for good practice sharing activities o how you know you’ve made a difference.



Section 3 of 3: Agreement to work with LSIS
LSIS requires all Beacons to agree to share and transfer their expertise to benefit other learning providers in the FE System. This is a requirement of the status. The help you can offer will be negotiated individually and any agreed additional expenditure that you incur will be reimbursed by LSIS. Care will be taken to ensure that the additional tasks do not become a burden and that your own future performance is not adversely affected. Please tick the appropriate box below to confirm your agreement to this condition.



Please tell us why?

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Instructions for submitting your completed declaration
Your completed statement should be returned as an attachment to Jo Burch, Innovations coordinator at Send a document as an attachment Once you have completed your statement, you will need to return the document as an attachment, to do this: 1. 2. On the File menu, point to Send To, and then click Mail Recipient (as Attachment). In the To box, enter Jo Burch’s e-mail; To select other recipient names from a list, click the To or Cc button. E-mail addresses must be separated by semicolons. By default, the file's name appears in the Subject box. If you want, you can type your own subject name. Click Send or press ALT+S.

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