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									Vinvolved Bury Volunteer Registration Form
Please fill in this form to register as a vinvolved volunteer. After we receive your form a Youth Volunteer Adviser will contact you to talk about the type of volunteer activities you are interested in.
The personal information you give us will be stored on a computer database and will only be used by GMYN and our partner agency Bury Youth Service. We only use your information to make sure we can give you with the best support and advice to find a volunteer activity that suits you. The Equal Opportunities information is used to make sure we treat people equally and to provide information to youth volunteering charity, v, which funds the vinvolved scheme – this information is kept separate from your personal details. If there is a question that you feel uncomfortable answering please tick the ‘Prefer not to say’ box or speak to a vinvolved Youth Volunteer Adviser on 0161 274 3299.

Your Details
Please use CAPITAL LETTERS for your name and address.
1. Personal Details

First name(s):


House number and Street Town Postcode Area e.g. Ardwick, Shaw, Tottington

Date of Birth:
Date Month Year

Telephone number(s):
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Age group:
16-17 18-19 20-25

Email address:

When is the best time(s) to contact you?
Days and times

Male Female Transgender Prefer not to say

If at school/college/university, which one?
2. Where did you hear about vinvolved? (please tick all boxes that apply) From a friend At school or college At university Other, please write here: At work At Connexions Youth Offending Team In an email On the Internet On TV or Radio In a cinema Newspaper or magazine Where I volunteer

3. Have you been a volunteer before?



If no, move onto Your interests on the next page.

4. Have you volunteered in the last 12 months? Yes


If no, move onto Your interests If no, move onto Your interests

5. If yes, are you currently volunteering? What is the name of the organisation or project you are volunteering with? What voluntary activities do you do there?



Please note: if you are currently volunteering, you do not have to do any extra volunteering to become a vinvolved volunteer but you are welcome to take part in other voluntary activities if you want to. Do you want us to help you find an additional volunteer activity? Yes
vinvolved Volunteer Registration Form


Your interests

6. Why do you want to be a volunteer? (tick all the reasons why you want to be a volunteer) To gain work experience To try something new To learn new skills Other reasons, please write here: To meet new people To help other people Something to put on my CV To build up confidence Because there are no jobs available To get involved in the community

7. What type(s) of volunteer activity do you want to do? (tick all the activities you are interested in) Administration Advice and Information Art Dance Befriending Business Campaigning Caring Catering Community work Computers Conservation Counselling Design Drama Driving Environment Entertainment Events First Aid Fundraising Gardening General help Hostel work Languages Legal work Marketing Media Mentoring Music Peer support Photography Practical work Research Retail / Charity shops Sports Steering group Stewarding Training/ coaching Visual Art Web design Work with elderly people Work with children Work with animals Youth Work

Other type of activity, please write here:

8. How often do you want to volunteer? The amount of time you give as a volunteer is up to you. You might want to try an activity first or you might be ready to become a full-time volunteer! Tick the box below that best describes how often you want to volunteer: Not sure, I want to try it first Once a week A few times a year A few times a week Once a month Every day A few times a month

9. When do you want to volunteer? Volunteers are needed all day, everyday so no matter when you have the time to volunteer, there will be an organisation that needs you! Tick the boxes below to show when you can volunteer: Monday Morning Afternoon Evening 10. Is there anything else you want to tell us about yourself? Please use the space below to give us any more information or ideas that will help us to make your volunteer experience a good one for you. For example, what are your interests?, what kind of things do you like doing? Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

11. So we can give you the best support, is there anything you think we need to know that may affect the type of volunteer activity you can do?

12. Signed (please sign and put the date in the boxes below) Volunteer (you) SIGN:
vinvolved Volunteer Registration Form

vinvolved Youth Volunteer Adviser SIGN: DATE:


Consent Form

13. Photographs and Video Footage As part of the vinvolved project we may take photographs, or video, of the volunteers in action. This might involve taking photographs or video footage of you whilst you are volunteering. We will always tell you first if we are going to do this. The photographs or video could be used in a number of different ways by Greater Manchester Youth Network (GMYN). People’s names will not be used alongside photos without asking the people in the photo if it is ok to do so. In video footage of individuals only first names will be used and only if the person has said it is ok for their name to be used. Please tick if you are happy: for your photograph to be taken to appear in a video for your photograph to appear on GMYN paper material (e.g. newsletter, promotional material, reports, etc.) for your photograph or video to appear on a CD-Rom or DVD for your photograph or video to appear on the GMYN website or related websites Please write your name and sign and date in the boxes below to show that you understand the above information and give your consent for photos or video to be used, as ticked above. NAME: SIGN: DATE:

14. Volunteering if you are under 18 Please note: if you are 16 or 17 we might ask you to get a parent or guardian to complete a consent form to show that they support you in the voluntary activity that you will be doing. This form will be given to you along with some information about vinvolved before you start your volunteering. The form will give an outline of the volunteer role you are taking on, the kind of activities you could be involved in and when and where you will be volunteering. If you are 16 or 17, are you happy for us to get consent from a parent or guardian? Yes No

vinvolved Volunteer Registration Form

Equal Opportunities Form

The information you give on this page will be used to give feedback to v, the youth volunteering charity that funds the vinvolved project and also for GMYN to see how our Equal Opportunities policy is working. Information may also be shared with our partner agency Bury Youth Service but only for monitoring purposes. 15. Ethnicity (tick the group that you feel is most relevant to you) Asian or Asian British Indian Pakistani Bangladeshi Other Asian background Black or Black British Caribbean African Other Black background Dual Heritage Black Caribbean & White Black African & White Asian & White Roma and Travellers Roma Irish Traveller Other Traveller Prefer not to say Other ethnic group Chinese Chinese White White British White Irish Other White background

16. Disability (tick any that you feel are relevant to you, or leave blank if this does not apply to you) Learning difficulty Multiple disabilities Learning disability Physical disabilities Long-term illness Sensory disabilities Mental health issues Prefer not to say None

17. Education (tick the one you feel is most relevant to the highest qualification you have achieved) No Qualifications Level 4 or Degree Level 1 or GCSEs D-G Postgraduate qualification Level 2 or GCSEs A*-C Other Level 3 or A Level Prefer not to say

18. Employment, Education, Training Status (tick the one you feel is most relevant to you) Employed Self-employed In education/learning Other In training Not in employment, education or training Prefer not to say

19. Sexual Orientation (tick the one you feel is most relevant to you) Bisexual Gay Heterosexual/straight Lesbian Other Prefer not to say

20. Additional Information (tick any that you feel are relevant to you, or leave blank if this does not apply to you) On low income In or leaving care Other Homeless Refugee/ Asylum seeker None of these At risk of exclusion Lone parent Offender/ ex-offender Young carer Prefer not to say

Please return your completed form using the FREE POST address below – no stamp is needed.

Freepost RRXB-ZAGK-UXZG GMYN vinvolved 27 Ardwick Green North Manchester M12 6FZ

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