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					SHARKS VS BUSSELTON MAGPIES Saturday 02-May-2009
This was a big day for the Sharks. Not only were they going into battle for the Gleeson/Adams shield (Sharks yet to hold) but it was also club legend, Ross Williams 150th. The cry at training all week was “Let’s do it for Rossco”. With the commemorative edition of Sharks Shots released at training Thursday night this was compulsory reading in the days leading up to the big game. Come Saturday it was yet another glorious autumn day with temperatures in the high 20’s. Luckily the game was scheduled to commence at 5.00pm. Players started rolling up around 4.00pm with wives in tow. They were keen to enjoy the free drinks put on by the Sharks prior to & during the game. With no after match meals to prepare the ladies were able to sit back, have a chat over a few drinks. From all reports it went very well. Even the Busselton ladies joined in. Our girls managed to get a few tips for the up coming carnival from them Back onto the big game. All could see big Rossco was a bit nervous as he used up all his nervous energy pacing around the rooms. Out onto the ground for the warm up, Both teams lined up for a guard of honour. Ross was sent back into the rooms (did not want to overdo the warm up). He then came sprinting out like a young 35 year old to the thunderous applause of both teams. The teams lined up with Ross at Full Forward. He then wound back the clock to put in a vintage display of forward work. Taking a few big marks & delivering with precision the big fella was on fire. He even tried the big hanger but only managed to put his knee right in the back of his Busselton opponent (at least not your back this time Dessy). This sent the pack sprawling. Umpire Wishy called play on much to the disgust of the Busselton defender left clutching his back on the ground. After the early goal by Busselton all the momentum was with the Sharks with Thommo, Muzza & Big Rossco all contributing. It took old Ross Piggott to finally slot one to take advantage of the Sharks early dominance. By this time Macca had already limped off with his re-occurring cwalf strain. Suddenly the momentum shifted as Busselton gained control of the midfield. Bomber & Smiley were repeatedly outnumbered on the top side wing as Busselton created the loose man. With Busselton having a younger version of Rossco at Full Forward, Terry the Taker had his hands full. He was getting on top of Terry with strong leading & marking until Ted dished out the same treatment a number of Sharks received at Manji two weeks prior (crunch to the back of the scone). Busselton went into quarter time with a small lead.

The second quarter started with Reggie dominating in the midfield. The Sharks could not put the score on the board from this dominance. This was highlighted when “Not so Superboot” Des Scott made the clanger of the day. From 15 meters out with open goal beckoning & all on his own Des managed to kick the ball only 10 meteres & did not make the distance. It was reminiscent of Arron the previous week at Manjimup but much worse. Des sank to his knees in disbelief as his once trusty left foot let him down big time. Once again Busselton got on top through the midfield & went into half time with a handy break. The third quarter was all Busselton as their midfield took complete control. No20 (Brett Milne) for Busso racked up the possessions. The coach sent Youngy onto Langy in a tagging roll. Langy was a bit confused by this as Youngy followed him everywhere as he zig/zagged his way across the ground & could not loose him. Langy was heard to say this is not superrules. A Shark was heard to say run to the bar, Youngy won’t follow you there. The one opportunity the Sharks had to goal in the third quarter was when Princess Reggie marked 15 meters out (certain goal). Being the team player he handballed to first year player Thorpy who then handballed to Clanger Des. This last handball was one too many as the inevitable fumble occurred & another opportunity was lost.The quarter could not end quick enough for the Sharks & came into the three quarter time a dispirited bunch. With only pride to play for & lets do it for Rossco, coach Wang lifted the Sharks spirits. He made a couple of telling moves moving a fresh Des (ball starvation for 2 quarters) onto the wing & Bomber down forward. With Des, Whitey & Scotty doing well in the midfield the forwards started to get some quality ball. Bomber, Gunge, Sharapova Muzza (grunts & groans in every marking contest) & Princess Reggie all looked dangerous as the Sharks kicked a couple of unanswered goals (Muzza & Bomber). Princess Reggie looked like adding to the tally when running from the boundary line he made his way round numerous stationery opponents then when only 2 meters out tried the old banana but was only successful in completing a reverse banana that ended up about 30 meters away on the other side of the ground. Not long after that he gave Bomber a shirt front in his desire to get the ball. Des said Bomber went down like a sack of spuds. By this stage of the game 150th Rossco had run out of steam. He had tried his heart out especially in the first quarter. He was spent. The umpires then called an end to the game with Busselton running out comfortable winners despite the late surge by the Sharks. Awards went to Des Scott despite his clangers. Des used the old adage that play well in the last quarter & you get recognized for the whole game. The other award of course went to the old warhorse in Ross Williams who put in a performance reminiscent of days gone by. Unfortunately could not do it for the whole game nonetheless it was a good performance by Ross in his 150th. Just unfortunate the Sharks could not have a win. Ross was also presented with a

signed football to mark the occasion. It now sits proudly in a Jarrah stand holding pride of place in Ross’s pool room. The Adams/Gleeson shield was presented to Busselton for the third straight year. The Sharks will have to wait another year before attempting to win the shield for the first time. Everyone sang happy birthday to Bomber who was turning 50 (yellow jumper) on Sunday. Well done to the two Traceys & Gunge for the raffles that raised over $300. Thanks for South Bunbury for the venue & providing the meals for a large crowd. Enabled the ladies to enjoy the drinks prior to & during the game. All in all a great day & congratulations to Roosco.

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