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									Minutes of Stowupland Parish Council Meeting held on Thursday 13th August 2009 at Stowupland Village Hall commencing at 7.30pm Present Cllrs M Bloom, M Brand, V Calthorpe, R Cooper, J Gladwell, N Perks, J Voden, K Welham, the clerk and 6 members of the public. 1. To receive any apologies for absence. Cllr Carter (work) and Cllr A Edwards (holiday). District Councillor Caroline Byles, County Councillor Gary Green and PC Stefan Henriksen. To fill the casual vacancy for a parish councillor by co-option. Applications were received from Rick Hamilton and Robert Castle. Following a discussion it was agreed by a majority vote to co-opt Rick Hamilton as a parish councillor. Cllr Hamilton then signed the declaration of acceptance of office and joined the meeting. To receive any declarations of personal/prejudicial interest. Cllrs Cooper, Perks and Welham declared interests in items relating to the Green. To consider and sign as a correct record the minutes of meeting held on 9th July 2009. The minutes were signed as a correct record. Matters of Report from previous meetings Safe Route to school – SCC are reviewing the scheme and a site meeting will be held with representatives of the parish council, Cllr Gary Green, representatives from SCC and Sara Blake (community board). A proposal will then be put forward for discussion by the Parish Council. Proposed Bus shelter in Reeds Way. A letter of objection from a resident in Reeds Way was read out. SCC advised that they are unable to provide drop kerbs and a disabled bay as requested by the Parish Council. Following a discussion, Councillors agreed that the bus shelter should go ahead (Cllr Brand abstained from voting and all other cllrs were in agreement). No volunteers were forthcoming for Road Safety representative; to be discussed further at the September meeting. The cycle path near Maple Road is virtually complete. Cllr Welham has asked for details of the site safety audit or, if this has not yet been carried out, that a site meeting be held to discuss safety issues. Stowmarket Area Action Plan land bids – MSDC have recommended that there should be no allocations in Stowupland. A new PC has been appointed to the Stowupland Safer Neighbourhood Team. The clerk had discussed parking issues raised by the Church with PC Henriksen. Parish Plan Action Group There were no matters of report from the Parish Plan Action Group.






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Minutes 13th August 2009


Allotments Working Group Letters have been sent to allotment holders as per the minutes of the meeting held on 6th August. The meeting was opened and David Andrew suggested that a notice board is provided at the allotments. This was agreed; Mr Parris is to be asked to make a notice board. The meeting was closed. Community Events Working Group Thanks were expressed to members that had resigned from the working group and Cllr Voden reported that more volunteers are needed for the group. The date of the Barn Dance has been amended. Finance and Policy Committee Two new benches have been ordered for the Green and will be delivered next week. Presentations have been received from three housing associations and visits will be made to schemes in neighbouring villages. The committee will then make a recommendation for the Parish council at the September meeting. Highways Working Group There were no matters of report from the Highways Working Group. Cemetery and Churchyard Working Group. There were no matters of report from the Cemetery and Churchyard Working Group. Footpaths Working Group The August footpath walk was successful and another walk is to be arranged for October. Green Working Group The ditch near the Retreat was cleared and weed killer has been applied to areas near the pond. The wire fence in the pond is to be removed and a working party is to be held on 12th September. Mr Parris has trimmed a number of hedges around the Green. Emergency Planning Group The group has discussed problems relating to power cuts and a possible pandemic in the winter. Updated contact information has been sent to MSDC. SALC There were no matters of report from SALC. Community Board The Board has received £60,000 of funding which will be allocated to projects identified. The pilot is due to finish in February but SCC are hoping to continue the scheme. To receive reports from District and County Councillors and Police. Written reports were received as follows: District councillor Byles reported that she feels the amended plans for new dwellings in Trinity Walk are more in keeping with the surrounding area. No further information
Minutes 13th August 2009











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has been received regarding local government reorganisation. An employment survey is awaited in respect of the proposed multimodal park. PC Henriksen reported 3 crimes since the last meeting; criminal damage to the Bowls Green and two instances of antisocial behaviour. 18. To consider a response to Planning Applications received from Mid Suffolk District Council 18.1 1964/09 Land between 7&9 Trinity Walk Construction of 3 new Housing Association affordable housing dwellings, consisting 2 no. 2 Bedroom Houses, 1 no. 3 Bedroom House and 7 no. parking spaces. Construction of 2 new parking spaces for No. 9 Trinity Walk and 2 spaces for No. 11 Trinity Walk. Support 18.2 2076/09 Land at Junction of Creeting Road and Mill Street Redesign of existing junction No comment as outside parish boundary.

19. Decisions received regarding planning applications and other planning matters Planning permission granted 0900/09 Woodview, Saxham Street 1635/09 Freeman Primary School 20. To consider the following items of Correspondence and decide on action required. 20.1 Age Concern – Request for donation. To be passed to the Finance and Policy committee. 20.2 MSDC – Play Area report. Cllr Edwards to report at the September meeting. 20.3 EADT – Request for minutes or a report of council meetings to be sent on a regular basis. A letter is to be sent advising that although reports of meetings are sent, these are often not published. 20.4 NALC – Local council awards. It was agreed not to enter. 20.5 SLCC – CiLCA portfolio. It was agreed that the clerk’s portfolio was no longer needed and is to be destroyed. 20.6 SLCC – Conference available at a cost of £49. It was agreed that the clerk should attend. 20.7 SCC – Details of problems with G39 street lights. To be passed to the Finance and Policy committee. 20.8 Anglian Water – Water supply pipe cover available for cemetery at a cost of £12.99 for first year rising to £22.99 in subsequent years. It was agreed that this cover would not be taken out. 20.9 Stowupland Residents – proposed bus shelter in Reeds Way. Discussed in item 5. 20.10 SCC – proposed bus shelter in Reeds Way. Discussed in item 5. 20.11 SCC – Quote of £1,007.41 for new street light near Oak Cottage. It was agreed that this quote would be accepted. 20.12 Stowupland resident – request for new dog bin near Freeman Primary School. The clerk to order a new bin. 20.13 MSDC – Planning training sessions available.
Minutes 13th August 2009

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20.14 MSDC – Allotments. Funding available for provision of allotments. To be passed to the Allotments Working Group. 20.15 MSDC – Distribution of Mid Suffolk Messenger. To be passed to the Telstar group. 20.16 MSDC – Consultation – The Gambling Act 2005: Review of Mid Suffolk’s Statement of Principles. No reply to be sent. 20.17 SALC – Missing ducks. There have been no reports of missing ducks in Stowupland. 20.18 NALC – Invitation to subscribe to DIS (fortnightly service providing news and information relevant to parish councils). Cllrs decided not to subscribe. 20.19 SLCC – New edition of Charles Arnold Baker Local Council Administration available at a cost of £53.60. Cllrs decided not to purchase the publication. 20.20 Suffolk ACRE – Invitation to attend AGM 24th September at a cost of £13.50. No cllrs to attend. 20.21 Ashton Graham – Poole’s Farm. Further information requested regarding access to Poole’s Farm. A response is to be sent advising that the council is not willing to expand upon the acknowledgement previously sent but is still willing to instruct the council’s solicitor to negotiate a mutually acceptable form of words, providing all costs are met by the applicant. Circulars SALC – The Local Councillor Age Concern – Services available Suffolk Conference 2nd October 2009 – Act on climate change Mendlesham newsletters MSDC – Thornham Walks and Countryside Activities MSDC – Planning newsletter Suffolk ACRE – newsletter 21. To authorise the signing of cheques for payments previously agreed Mr Murton August salary £ 138.41 Mr Parris August salary £ 164.37 Rachel Godbold August salary £ 449.90 Rachel Godbold expenses £ 17.83 M. Hawkins August salary £ 223.25 Stowupland Village Hall £ 103.75 Stowupland PCC £ 10.00 Stowupland URC £ 50.00 Turfsol £ 53.02 Shell (direct debit) £ 16.01 Ivy Wadsley £ 146.13 MSDC (dog bins) £ 98.90 Ivy Wadsley £ 24.25 Anglian Water £ 29.72 MSDC (playground inspection) £ 72.74 Turfsol £ 228.77 Shaun Prendergast £ 25.00 M. Pizzey £ 25.00 Mr Parris £ 31.15
Minutes 13th August 2009

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Parish Councillors’ and Clerk’s Reports. Cllr Perks advised that footpath 38 is very overgrown between M&M Butchers and the bridge leading to the High School. The clerk to report to SCC and ask Turfsol for a quote to clear. Cllr Perks also advised that, during a recent football game, trees and the hedge outside Walnut Cottage were vandalised and bottles were broken. The Young Foundation has approached the Community Board and would like to work with a local community. Stowupland has been suggested and cllrs agreed to further discussions to find out what would be involved. Cllr Bloom asked why there were so many EDF vans at Birch Close, however, no one knew of a reason for this. Cllr Bloom also asked for a new bin in the Village Hall car park; to be passed to the Village Hall committee. Cllr Calthorpe advised that the footpath behind Trinity Walk is very overgrown. The clerk to report. Cllr Brand reported that cars visiting the Old Police House park on the pavement blocking the cycle path. Cllr Hamilton thanked everyone for voting him as councillor. Public Forum. Angela Packer felt that there are too many football matches played on the Green. She also advised that the language and behaviour of footballers were causing offence to residents of the Green. The clerk to write to Suffolk County FA and also advise PC Henriksen of public urination during matches and ask that he attends a match. She also reported rubbish dumped at Rendalls Lane. Dates of forthcoming meetings. Community Events 16th September, Cemetery and Churchyard 24th October, Footpaths 1st October, Finance and Policy 27th August, Parish Plan Action Group 2nd September, Parish Council 10th September, Highways 17th September To exclude members of the public to confirm staff salary increases. Salaries for the cemetery maintenance worker, maintenance worker and litter picker were confirmed as £6.76 per hour (effective April). The clerk’s salary was confirmed as £13.522 per hour (effective June). The meeting closed at 9.45 pm




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Minutes 13th August 2009

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