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Desktop and Laptop Purchasing Waiver # 007
Presented to Technology Governance Board (TGB) Date Prepared: March 30, 2009
(In reference to State of Iowa Enterprise Desktop and Laptop Purchasing Standard, dated June 7, 2007)

Agency: Agency name:

Iowa Department of Public Safety Leon Frederick Special Agent in Charge Gerard F. Meyers

Agency CFO or contact name:

Projected purchasing date: Immediate upon approval [ Federal Funding ] Cost: Name of item: MacBook Pro, 15 inch, Dual Boot with MAC OS and Windows XP or Vista Cost of item: $3,754.00 [ to include the following ]: MacBook Pro, (15 Inch) 4GB, 1066Mhz, DDR3, SDRAM – 2x2GB, SuperDrive 8x (DVD+R DL/DVD +RW/CD-RW) 320 GB Serial ATA Drive @ 7200 rpm Backlit Keyboard / Mac OS – US English 2.53 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo AppleCare Protection Plan – MacBook Pro Microsoft Windows Vista Business – w/SP1 – Complete Package Microsoft Windows Vista Business – w/Microsoft Windows Vista Enterprise – software assurance – 1 PC – Open Business – Single Language Microsoft – Office Professional Plus 2007 ENG OLP NL LOCL GOVT Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007 – Media – Volume – CD – Win Setup Dual Boot with MAC OS and Windows XP Professional, Install Office Pro for Windows. Targus Trademark Toploading 200 Edition Notebook case – Notebook Carrying case

Manufacturer: Mac / Apple Number of items with projected purchase: 15


(Attach D.3)

Comparable cost of similar items purchased through the WSCA amendment:
$ N/A (See Note Below) - No item(s) of comparable configuration are currently available through the WSCA agreement – providing the Dual Boot, parallel OS interface.

Business need for purchasing outside the WSCA amendment:
The purpose for this proposal would encompass the operational need for this specific dual boot MacBook Pro systems for use within the Iowa DCI Cyber-Crime Unit and the Iowa Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force specifically directed toward the computer forensic application. These systems would fulfill a critical and necessary component relative to the conduction of associated comprehensive forensic examination(s) relative to the task force operations. The proposal includes systems that would expand our capacity to include the analysis and examination of Mac / Apple OS suspect systems both on-site and in our computer forensic laboratories within the DCI Cyber-Crime Unit / Iowa Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. We currently do NOT have this specific capacity.

Other items pertinent for the board’s discussion: N/A

Recommendation of the IT Standards Advisory Group to the TGB:
Authorize this IT waiver to be approved: Yes _ __ No ___ Comments from advisory group members:

Approval of the TGB and DAS Director:
Approve IT waiver: Yes _ __ No ___ Comments from the board:


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