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					PORT Mobile Power Inverter (NW801Lv2.0) FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS
Last Updated 10/17/99

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How does it work? Specifications Fuse Placement/Use of Inverter Battery Operating Times Can I connect to other than 12VDC power sources Low battery alarm is on all the time Positive Ground vs Negative Ground Technical Support Customer Service

Q. How does it work? A. This inverter converts low voltage DC electricity from a battery or other power source to
standard 115 volt AC household power. In designing the NW801L, DC/AC has employed the same technology used in computer power supplies to give you an inverter that is lighter, more compact, and easier to use than any other inverter with a similar power rating. It converts power in two stages. The first stage is DC to DC converter which raises the low voltage DC at the inverter input to 145 volts DC. The second stage uses the advanced power MOSFET transistors in a full bridge configuration. This gives you excellent over-load capability.

Q. Specifications. A. Features:
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What are the features and specifications?

12 volt DC input will be converted to 115 volts 60 Hz AC output voltage: 115V +/- 10% DC Input voltage: 12VDC input (11-15VDC) Output power continuous: 140Watts max Output wave form: Quasi-sine wave or Modified sine wave Replacable fuse: 15 Amp slow blow fuse 2 AC IN receptacles, grounded Input overvoltage and output overload • Low battery alarm: DC 10.5 V +/- 0.5V • Low Battery shutdown: DC 10V +/- 0.5V • High Battery shutdown: 16V +/- 0.7V

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• OverThermal Protection: Yes • Short Circuit Protection: Yes Cigarette adapter for connection to power source: (+) tip (-) side contact Frequency: 60Hz Efficiency: 90% No load current draw: < 0.3A Dimensions: 125mm x 96mm x 48mm (5.1"L x 3.65"W x 1.25"H) Weight: 1.10 lbs Placement should be flat and have adequate air flow Car battery time = 1 to 2 hours; should restart vehicle avery 30 minutes to recharge

Q. Fuse.

Is the fuse replacable and what is it?

A. Yes the fuse is replacable.

In fact one replacement was supplied with your unit. The fuse is a fairly standard 15 amp fuse and available at various auto parts or electrical supply shops. To replace you unscrew the tip of the cigarette lighter plug and remove the tip, spring and old fuse. Be careful not to lose the tip or the spring when replacing the fuse.

Q. Placement/Use of Inverter. A. The NW801L operates best when placed on a flat surface such as the floor or seat of the
vehicle. The area should be dry and the unit should not get wet and the unit needs to remain cool. Ambient air temperature should be between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not place the inverter on or near a heating vent or any piece of equipment which is generating heat above room temperature. Also, avoid placing in direct sunlight when possible. The inverter needs to remain ventilated so allow at least one inch of clearance around the NW801L v2.0 for air flow.

Q. Battery operating times.

How long will my car battery operate with

A. A typical battery will operate the NW801L for an expected 1 to 2 hours without the
engine running. In order to ensure that the battery doesn’t' get drained completely it is recommended that you restart the engine every 30 minutes to 1 hour to recharge the battery when using the inverter for extended periods and the engine is remaining off. If the battery required charging a low battery alarm will sound. You should stop operating the NW801L v2.0 at this time and recharge the battery.

Q. Can I connect to other than 12VDC power sources? A. No. The NW801L is designed to function when connected to a power source supplying a
nominal 12VDC. The NW801L v2.0 will not operate from a 6 volt battery and will be damaged if connected to a 24V battery. The power source must supply between 11 and 15 volts and must be able to supply sufficient current to operate the load.

Q. Low battery alarm is on all the time. A. This can be caused by poor battery condition in the vehicle you are connecting in.

Try it in another vehicle. This can also be caused by inadequate power or excessive voltage drop. Check the condition of cigarette lighter plug and socket. Clean or replace as necessary.

Q. Positive Ground vs Negative Ground. A. The NW801L v2.0 should not be used with positive ground electrical systems.

The ground on the AC receptacles mounted in the NW801L is connected to the case of the unit and to the negative side of the DC input. This provides continuous ground connection back to the vehicle frame when the unit is used in a negative ground vehicle. The majority of modern autos, RVs, and trucks are negative ground.

Q. Technical Support.
NW801L? •

How do I get further assistance with my PORT

A. If after reading the FAQ information you need additional assistance:
PORT Technical Support for the NW801L can be reached at 1-(888)970-PORT, 8:00am to 8:00pm EST or email: How do I get my unit replaced under the one-year

Q. Customer Service.

A. If the PORT NW801L unit is not operating correctly then:

PORT Customer Service for the NW801L can be reached at 1-(800)-995-4715, 8:30am to 5:00pm EST.

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