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									KEY STAGE 1 Racket Skills

This unit of work uses plus balls to develop racket skills and coordination. These balls give the pupils the TIME to develop skills with the racket. Their success rate is high and therefore they build up confidence. This encourages them to carry on having fun and developing their full potential. In the past many people have been put off this type of activity, as they do not succeed with the faster moving missiles. It is excellent for developing hand eye coordination. Pupils blow into the balls to inflate them; the mouth should NOT come into contact with the ball. Once inflated the balls must NOT be squeezed. Also they should not continually be blowing up the balls, the balls will self inflate by being hit into the air. It is strongly recommended that whilst the teacher is explaining tasks to the group the equipment be placed on the floor. This stops the pupils fiddling with the equipment. Also it encourages the pupils to listen carefully to instructions.

LEARNING OBJECTIVES      To explore skills using a plus ball To develop control of the ball using hands To cooperate with others using the plus balls To develop control of plus balls using rackets To develop control of other missiles using the rackets

FRAMEWORK FOR THE UNIT      Be aware of space especially when using equipment Develop racket and ball coordination Develop control of the ball with the racket Develop and play simple aiming games. Develop the skills of observation and work out how to improve performance.

INTENDED LEARNING OUTCOMES     Be able to hold the racket and control the ball Play simple games using rackets and balls with a partner Describe performances accurately Copy actions and use information to improve their skills.

CHILDREN SHOULD BE CONTINUALLY GUIDED TO:  Use appropriate vocabulary to describe what they are doing and be able to watch and copy the actions of others  Recognize how their bodies feel when they are active and understand that exercise improves health, makes them feel good and helps their body to work well.  Cooperate with others and play fairly.  Be safe when using equipment It is recommended that each of these lessons is taught twice, adapting as necessary so the pupils have time to practice and consolidate their skills.



Mark off four areas colour coded cones. To help with spacing the pupils will be near their cone for the lesson. The plusballs can be placed on the cone whilst the pupils are listening to instructions. Unit Title: Basic racket skills Lesson 1 Intended learning outcomes Criteria for assessing attainment Be able to control a plus ball using hands and rackets Safe spacing when using the rackets To work safely with the rackets Eyes watching the balls Lesson Teaching Points Resources Walk into spaces. Be aware of others. Warm Up  Move around the cones lightly on your feet Light control with fingers of the ball. when told to stop stand by a cone. What colour Aware of where they are working cone?  Return to your cone each time  Carefully collect a plus ball and place. Move around holding the ball like an egg very carefully go back to your cone. Skills  Sitting down try to tap the ball, explore different Use different parts of the body to control the ball small taps. developm ways to tap the ball Use rhymes like pat a cake to get the pupils to focus. ent  Try the same thing standing up  How can you make your hand bigger? Introduce Recite the rhyme whilst patting. Ask the pupils how they can increase the size of their the racket and try to pat the ball. hand, spread fingers across the back of the racket and use  Count the number of times you can pat the ball to pat the ball with the racket. Watch the ball onto the racket. Game like  Hit the balls up into the air using the music Gentle tapping the ball. The music helps the pupils to activity focus. Cool Down Walk around the hall in and out of the cones patting the ball Be aware of others keep spaced heads up


Lesson 2 Criteria for assessing attainment Controlling the height the ball is hit Watching the ball onto the racket Teaching Points Be aware of others. Be aware of spacing and remember where you are standing Be aware of others and keep eye on the ball Racket movements allow the ball to come back down before trying to hit it again Be ready to receive the ball. Do not pass it on until the person is ready.

Warm Up

Unit Title: Basic racket skills Intended learning outcomes Tapping the ball in time to music Focus on the ball Lesson  Move around the hall stretching up into the air  Return to your cone each time  In a large circle tap the ball in time to the music. Start to move closer and then move away keeping in rhythm with the music. In the circle tap the ball 3 times and then pass it around to the next person. Gradually increase the amount of balls being used Sit and face partner, tap the ball to partner and they tap it back


Skills developm ent Game like activity

 

Cool Down


Cooperation. Direction the ball is going


Lesson 3 Criteria for assessing attainment Open face of the racket. Control watching the ball. Teaching Points Side step galloping, Moving into spaces always aware of other people

Warm Up

Unit Title: Basic racket skills Intended learning outcomes Hitting the ball to a partner. Lesson  Moving around the area stretching up, then touching the ground, moving to the left then to the right.   Recap patting the ball in the air, moving around the room. In twos pat the plus ball to a partner, 2/3 metres away. Count the number of times you can do it. Change partners. In fours, one person starts in the middle taps the ball to each of the others in turn. Change middle people. Try not to let the ball touch the floor. Lie flat on the floor and try to pat the ball into the air ten times, use different parts of the body to tap the ball.


Skills developm ent

More control required.

Control the ball and send towards partner. Look at the ball coming to you. Control, watching the ball. When change middle person that person moves into the middle tapping the ball.

Game like activity


Cool Down


Spacing, encourage them to try to tap the ball with different parts of the body.

Tick the box that best suggests what you are able to do. 
I can’t do this well

I can do this quite well

I can do this very well

I can tap the ball with my hand with control I can use both my right and left hand to control the ball I can use other parts of my body to control the ball I can tap the ball in the air ten times I can rally the ball with a partner I can work with my partner safely in the space I can rally with my partner using the foam balls I have fun using the rackets and the balls

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