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Flash Drive Set Up


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									USB Flash Drive Set Up

Place the Targus 128 MB flash drive into the USB port of your choosing A “Found New Hardware” message will be displayed in the System Tray (in the lower-right side near where the time is displayed) Right Click on My Computer Choose Manage Click the plus sign next to Storage Under Storage choose Disk Management In the bottom half of the right hand panel, Select the drive that is named “SMART” (you may have to scroll) Right Click and Choose Change Drive Letter and Paths Click the Change button A Change Drive dialog box appears; make sure the “Assign the following drive letter” radio button is checked Click the drop down arrow next to E (the default will usually be E) or the letter it assigned; Choose a letter like U or below. Click OK Click Yes The new drive is now ready to use and will be shown in My Computer under Devices with Removable Storage.

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