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									Graduate Women in Science General Meeting July 11, 2008 WRC Library 12-1 pm Meeting attended by Rose Marie Larios (President), Jean Sumner (Secretary), Celestina Barbosa-Leiker, Tori Byington (Faculty Representative), Mary Anderson, Dee McManus (National GWIS Executive Director – phone conference) T-shirt recap: the meeting opened with a recap and continued discussion about the decisions made at an additional T-shirt meeting on June 19th. Mary showed us a comparison of T-shirt prices between the Shirt Shack (local) and  Shirt Shack - 50 shirts = $619.85  Custom - 50 shirts = $499.50 (shipping included) Additionally, it turns out that the Shirt Shack must be priced out as two orders different pattern sizes for adult versus youth tees; thus, lower bulk pricing won’t apply to the two separate orders. The National organization loves the T-shirt design and has offered 1-2% profit for t-shirts sold. Rose Marie and Tori discussed an additional option of asking National for $1 per tee shirt. Before calling the National Executive Director Dee McManus for the scheduled phone conference, we discussed some questions and confusion regarding how the t-shirts would be sold: will the Psi Chapter be printing/selling the t-shirts? (we hope not!!) Will tees be available through the National organization (eg. via website) with differing chapter names printed on the back? Conference Call with Dee McManus: Dee is excited to be the newly elected Graduate Women in Science Exective Director. She told us that GWIS is making changes at the national level. Dee is the first paid executive director. She recently made a presentation at the national meeting in June for improving dues collection online in which Xi chapter will be the Beta test. Although they are not quite ready to use the Psi Chapter’s T-shirt design, they are planting seeds for next year, when National plans to release a new GWIS e-commerce site to showcase the Psi Chapter’s new T-shirt online, as well as GWIS jewelry and other items. Dee said the National leaders have been very impressed with the Psi Chapter website and want to create a great new website like ours! The Website will be moved to new server and will have more photos and videos, like the Psi website! Dee tells us that in the near future, they would like to make t-shirts at the national level and have them available at a larger volume. They plan to give the Psi chapter back a portion of the profits. She said people at the National meeting have been talking about Psi Chapter’s t-shirt design and love it! Dee said National

would want to stay with the rainbow as the color scheme per bylaws (eg. our school colors wouldn’t really make it nationally). Could the Psi Chapter host the National Business Meeting for the summer of 2009? Tori believes we wouldn’t have to host the conference in Seattle. Dee described the format of the National meeting: a business meeting on Friday required by bylaws and a scientific conference hosted by the local chapter on Saturday. At this year’s National conference, they talked about difficulties in traveling with the recent increases in airfare. As a result, GWIS may hold a national conference with business meeting yearly, with scientific conference every two years. Xi chapter has stepped up to host the meeting for 2010. Thus, National proposes a business only meeting in 2009 and would work with us with the planning for 2009:  Location & Lodging: Most people would stay on dorms on campus – executive committee has done this for years! Rose discussed how difficult it is to get to Pullman, WA; Dee has been here; not something we should worry about at this point – they will worry about it on the national level to plan and figure out transportation…Do we have dorms available for campuses? Honors Hall may be rented out for this conference, which are extremely nice. Will need to drive up and pick people up at the airports etc. will be A LOT of work. Providing food, etc. Proposed format of the meeting: Travel day on wed, Thurs evening committee meetings with dinner at night; Friday morning --- Friday afternoon grand chapter meeting in afternoon with Chapter presidents who can attend, officers. Banquet usually on Sat night but would consider it for Fri night – up for discussion. Thurs afternoon – could the chapter host something the campus would be interested in? Meeting is typically the middle to end of June. Generally 35 – 40 people attend the business meeting, plus the individuals from the local chapter; 50 maximum. Set up in a classroom with a U; need microphone and projector. Paying for the Meeting: National would provide $1K for each chapter and is very flexible about us paying it back. Meeting can also be funded by fee for dorms and registration for attendees. We might think about raising money through individual chapters, corporate sponsors, etc., but she wouldn’t expect us to do that due to the age of our chapter.



As the new Executive Director, Dee will be making personal visits to all chapters that are interested. Psi Chapter is very interested in meeting/hosting Dee, so we discussed the best month to host Dee in Fall 2008. Dee said October would be a good month – first Friday? We cannot host Dee around October 3rd – COACh workshops, so we’ll have to reschedule meeting around Fall activities, etc. Dee said her fall is pretty open at this point, so we’ll continue to discuss Dee’s visit after looking at the football schedule and other fall events, etc.

Dee recently received feedback from her short survey requesting chapters to discuss their concerns about the National GWIS Organization. She took the Psi Chapter’s comments, along with 6 other chapters, and presented them at the national meeting. The Psi Chapter’s major concern was about paid members not being on the National Secretary’s membership list, and our chapter was not alone; Xi chapter had new members assigned to Omega chapter and didn’t know they existed til end of the year. There were also reported problems regarding the application fee when joining online for each chapter. Dee states that the new Membership Secretary, Sharon Altmann, had been busy with research, but we’ll have the same membership secretary this year so things should improve. Dee will be overseeing the Membership Secretary, Editor, and regular Secretary. She hopes to keep making improvements by keeping members involved in National. GWIS has paid a new e-newsletter service with a focus on professional and grad student members, which includes feedback from readership based on who opens what and reads what. The application fee for Fellowships will be moved online. Regarding membership, paper dues notice will be followed up by 3 to 4 email reminders. GWIS also plans to host an annual funding drive at the end of the year, which has never been done. At 2 pm the meeting was adjourned as scheduled, with plans to follow up on the following items (not discussed due to time constraints) below: 1) RSO (Registered Student Organization) a) Mandatory RSO training session must be attended by 5 Students b) Pick training session and students to attend 2) Face Painting at the Lentil Festival (Jean) a) Updates? 3) Website Updates (Huan) 4) Fall Events a) Dee McManus i) Luncheon/Presentation ii) Dinner iii) Other activities 5) Chapter Dues a) Collection of dues

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