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Principals Message


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									Kent Elementary School Newsletter
Se p t em b e r 1 1 , 2 0 0 9 w w w .k e nt e l e me n t a r y . c a M r . C W e j r – P ri n c i pa l M r . K . K o s l o w s k y – V i ce - P r i n ci p a l

Principal’s Message
After a lovely summer, I hope you are all rested and as excited as I am for the year at Kent Elementary. Staff and students have settled into their classes and school is moving forward as usual.
Welcome Back! Upcoming Events: Sept. Sept. Sept. Sept. 17 – Shoe Swap 17 – Kent Choir Begins 18 – Fall Fair Friday 21-25 – Coin Drive for Terry Fox Run Sept. 23 – 1st PAC Meeting @ 7:00p Sept. 25 – Terry Fox Run

If you did not get my letter on Tuesday, I just wanted to welcome Mr. Karl Koslowsky, the new vice-principal, as well as Mrs. Dumas, our new librarian/gr. 6 teacher, to our school. Both teachers come with a wealth of experience and will continue the tradition of putting students first in education. I realize this week has been extremely busy but there has been some important information sent home regarding H1N1 (swine flu), the school calendar, and supply lists. If you have any questions or concerns related to these or any other issues please contact the school.

September is always an exciting month at Kent School with no shortage of activities for the kids. In this month’s newsletter, read up on Fall Fair, Show Swap, Intramurals, choir, athletics, and the Terry Fox Run. Please check your child’s backpack for letters sent home. There are a number of notices that you will need to read in the next week. Also, make sure to read our 10 Good Things To Talk About that will go home every Friday. If you have missed a newsletter, please check our website at www.kentelementary.ca . Students are continuing to “Make A Difference” at our school and we look forward to a great year.

Kent Highlights!
Kent Nature Project (Garden/Stepping Stones)

April 24- NonKent Choir Instructional Day

Terry Fox Run – Darrell Fox Will Be Here!!!
We are pleased to be participating in the Terry Fox School Run Day on September 25th. Mr. K will be sending out more information on events for fundraising – “someone” may have to shave his head again... but only if we show him the money! Darrell Fox, that’s right, the same man that helped plan and support the original Marathon of Hope, the brother of Terry Fox will be at our school!!!!!!!!!! We invite all parents to come and listen to Darrell’s story and complete the Terry Fox Run with Darrell and our school!

May 15- Historica Fair NonInstructional DayGroup FN Enhancement
Sports Day Festive Lunch Talent Show Making a Difference Jump Rope For Heart Field Trips Galore! Basketball Cross-Country Team Kent Intramurals Destination Conservation Gr. 6 Hikes & Camp ... & many more ...

This year, we are extremely pumped to have a very special guest Please watch for more details.... at our school on that day. Mr.

Shoe Swap at Kent School
Mrs. Gallamore and Ms. Garrioch have organized a Shoe Swap at Kent School on Wednesday, September 16 th. Students and families are encouraged to bring running shoes (clean and still in good condition, no skater-style shoes please) to the school on Monday and Tuesday so they will be available for other students. On Wednesday, students will be taken through all the shoes and they can select shoes that fit them so they can be worn as their inside/PE shoes. For more info, please contact Mrs. Gallamore or Ms. Garrioch.

Kent School Newsletter

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Kent Athletics and Intramurals
Mrs. Gallamore will be heading up Kent Athletics this year – stay tuned for information on Cross-Country this fall. Mr. Gallamore is running our intramurals again this year. The first sport will be European Handball. Students will sign up in the next week and the activities will start near the end of September.

Kent Choir
Mrs. Di Rezze will begin singing with students who wish to be a part of Kent School Choirs next week on Wednesday, September 16th. The intermediate (grades 1-4) and primary (grades 1-3) choirs are singing Transportation songs this year for their annual Spring Concert in mid-May. The students will be meeting every Wednesday afternoon to learn, rehearse, and polish the songs. The intermediate choir also sings during the Christmas Season at local concerts.

Fall Fair Friday and Kent Float
Suit up in your “Country Get-Up” for Fall Fair Friday on September 18 th. Students will take part in various activities at lunch time to get them excited about our local fair! Kent School will also, once again, have a presence in the Fall Fair Parade as Mrs. Cardinal, Ms. Fushtey, and Ms. Exley have designed our Kent School Float. Next week, students will spend time creating and decorating the float; teachers will have draws and contests to determine who the lucky students are who get to ride on the float.

Kent StrongStart Centre
A reminder that our StrongStart Centre is open once again. Parents are invited to bring their children (5 and under) with them to participate in early learning activities with our StrongStart program coordinator Patsy Campbell. The Centre is open from 1230-3:30 Monday to Friday.

H1N1- Swine Flu
Tips to prevent the spread of H1N1: 1. If kids are sick, please ensure they stay home – the flu is contagious 24 hours before symptoms and 7 days following. 2. Cough and sneeze into a tissue and then throw away. 3. Wash hands and use alcohol-based hand-sanitizer.


Mr. Wejr – cwejr@sd78.bc.ca

Mr. Koslo wsky – kkoslowsky@sd78.bc.ca

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