Event Merchandise Blowout Sale

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					FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 29, 2006

Contact: Christine Strugala (814) 472-8414

Event Merchandise Blowout Sale
Ebensburg- Now is the time to pick up your favorite Ebensburg event merchandise, because it is at the lowest prices ever! Beginning Thursday, August 31st through September 15th, the Ebensburg Area Business Commission will offer all vintage merchandise at discounted prices! This sale will be held at the First National Bank, 111 W. High St., in Downtown Ebensburg. “Customers can search through bins to find their favorite item,” said Christine Strugala, Community Development Director. Items on sale will include the following vintage merchandise: PotatoFest long and short sleeve t-shirts for only $3; sweatshirts for $5; hats and puzzles for $3; and pins for $1. In addition, vintage Wheels & Wings t-shirts will be on sale for $7. “We are making room for new PotatoFest merchandise,” said Carol Rummel, EABC board member and PotatoFest chairperson. PotatoFest will be held on September 30, 2006 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in Downtown Ebensburg. The streets will be lined with over 150 craft and food vendors. Enjoy unique potato treats such as sweet potato fries, homemade potato chips, potato candy and more! For more information please visit or call the Ebensburg Borough Office at 472-8780.