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									Dear Colleague, Welcome to the February edition of the e-bulletin from Move On to World Class Skills. The bulletin includes new developments and resources to support you and your colleagues with your Skills for Life work and with wider skills development activity. In this issue: 1. 2. 3.

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Phase 2 of the Move On to World Class Skills programme The Route to Quality Improvement The Learner Route

What’s new? We are delighted to confirm that the LSIS-funded programme Move On to World Class Skills has been extended to the end of August 2009. The aim of the programme is to contribute to learner success rates by sustaining and continuing to embed the Move On approach, with a particular focus on numeracy and World Class Skills. The Move On team is working with lots of different people and organisations on the following two strands: 4. 5.


Strand 1: Move On – to extend and promote the Learner Route and provide

support for providers to increase capacity, quality and flexibility of Skills for Life provision, particularly in numeracy. 6. 7.


Strand 2: Get On At Work – to promote and enable workplace Skills for Life

development using the Get On At Work approach, which gives practical steps and solutions for employers and providers committed to the development of World Class Skills. Move On advisers can offer practical strategies to support quality improvement by: 8.


signposting and supporting the use of Move On teaching and learning resources

through professional development centres (PDCs), centres of excellence in teacher 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. training (CETTs) and provider networks  embedding Move On into CPD and good practice


training teachers on the use of the Learner Route to enhance teaching and providing training for teachers in teaching numeracy at Entry 3 continuing to develop and disseminate numeracy engagement materials working with employers, employer organisations and teaching and learning

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organisations to embed Get On At Work as part of a whole organisation approach and to support the implementation of the Skills Pledge 14.  developing and disseminating a Get On At Work teacher and broker induction pack for the Train to Gain context 15.  offering a range of Train to Gain training workshops for providers and brokers. 16. Have you seen? The iRoute is a one-stop online resource to support the promotion of English and maths training opportunities. Through a series of interactive activities, the iRoute gives users the chance to consider ways of getting people interested in taking up the offer of gaining a national qualification in English or maths and progressing onto other training or courses. The resource is modular with information on Skills for Life, qualifications and approaches to

engaging those who would benefit from improving skills. The iRoute has a useful print-out facility so that users have a record of the quizzes, activities and action plans to support their work in the positive promotion of English and maths training. The iRoute is being used in many ways, including: 17.  by teacher trainers to support delivery of the new professional standards for teachers, tutors and trainers in the lifelong learning sector 18.  by union learning reps to support those taking trade union education Skills for Life training courses 19.  by employers as part of an introduction to Skills for Life across an organisation, working towards a whole organisation approach. Access the iRoute via the homepage of the Move On web site at Did you know? To date, almost 700,000 people have registered on the Move On Learner Route. The Learner Route gives users the chance to practise and prepare for the National Test in literacy and/or numeracy. As learners work their way along the Learner Route, they gain confidence in the skills needed to pass the National Test. Learners are able to: 20.  test their skills 21. 22. 23. 24. 25.


take progress checks, which will help gain confidence in tackling test-type

questions  plan learning and check progress

  

take up to three practice tests and review answers brush up skills prepare for the test situation and find the nearest test centre.

Feedback from learners tells us that about half are using the Learner Route to support work with a tutor and half are using the Learner Route independently. Access the Learner Route via the homepage of the Move On web site at Coming soon In the March e-bulletin: 26.  Accessible resources to support work with employers 27. 28.

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Numeracy promotional materials for Train to Gain New Hot Topics

To find out more Visit the Move On web site at You will need to register to access the free resources. To find out more information from your nearest Move On adviser, go to the contact us page for names and contact details. We want to make sure that the right people are receiving the bulletin. If you would like this bulletin to go to other colleagues besides yourself or instead of yourself, please e-mail the details to National Numeracy Challenge As part of the implementation of the National Numeracy Challenge NCETM are carrying out an important survey to help build a picture nationally and regionally of how you and your learners are progressing with numeracy. Please tell them about your numeracy activities over the last few months. They would like to hear about the courses and events you are running and what sorts of professional

development events/courses/conferences/training you have taken part in recently, either nationally, regionally, in house or perhaps online - and what you have planned for 2009. There are only a few questions so it won't take long. Go to the NCETM website and Click on 'Help us build a picture', or click on the link below:

The Move On to World Class Skills programme is delivered on behalf of LSIS by Tribal.

Stewart Smith Move On Adviser E M 07771 962433 Move On Office, Tribal Education, Victoria House, Victoria Street, Taunton TA1 3FA T 01823 333386

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