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					CoFoR Toolkit Part 3

Part 3: Allocation Framework
FUNCTION: Sets out the specific commitments on retention, transfer and acquisition undertaken by each partner library under the Partnership Agreement. Serves as a basis for the review and revision of commitments during the life of the Partnership. HOW IMPORTANT? Essential. A CCM agreement is unworkable unless complemented by a detailed scheme to allocate each partner’s commitments and provide an overview of coverage. HOW DIFFICULT? Fairly easy to Moderate. Careful negotiation with each partner over precise commitments will be required to fill in this outline document. The level of difficulty will depend on the number of partners and the degree of detail with which coverage has to be specified, or the level of detail in which partners’ collection development policies are already formulated.. HOW EXPENSIVE? Fairly cheap to Moderate. Will depend on the level of difficulty as determined by the factors above.

ALLOCATION SCHEME OF PARTNERS’ COMMITMENTS Annexe to Partnership Agreement [GENERAL NOTE. Depending on the formulation adopted for Schedule B in the Partnership Agreement (Toolkit Part 2), this scheme may represent either a definitive statement of partners’ agreed commitments or a provisional statement of those commitments, which is still subject to amendment following feedback from partners and which will be reformulated as a definitive statement once agreement has been reached with all partners. The status of the scheme must be made clear in the preamble and suitable wording used throughout.] INFORMATION USED [Give the types of information on which the allocation has been based, with dates to indicate currency and record revision.] EXAMPLES    Coverage of existing [subject etc.] stock, including special strengths, as recorded in collection descriptions compiled in [month/year], updated by partners in [month / year]. Current collecting and retention policies for [subject etc.] as shown in partners’ statements supplied in [month / year]. Volume of current/recent acquisitions in [subject etc.] reported by partners for [financial year(s)].


CoFoR Toolkit Part 3

  

Expenditure on current/recent acquisitions in [subject etc.] reported by partners for [financial years]. Data on serial holdings as established by [state means and date]. Home institutions’ academic research profiles in [subject etc.], as established by [state means and date].

NOTES ON ALLOCATION POLICY [Notes can be included here to explain the considerations underlying the allocation scheme.] EXAMPLES Local and national support. The scheme gives priority to the strengthening of [subject etc.] collections supporting research in partner libraries’ home institutions, especially where special strengths of potential national significance are being developed to underpin local academic initiatives. At the same time the national status of particularly strong holdings at the British Library and a small number of other collections, and the need for their reinforcement, is recognised. Buildup. In line with this priority, a number of subject/country combinations have been identified as ‘buildup points’ in partner libraries, to be targeted for further development. Language coverage. The scheme aims to ensure that holdings of scarce language resources [specify] are protected. Multiple designation. For some subjects [can be specified here] two or more libraries have been designated as recipients of transferred material, to allow holdings in more than one location in the UK to be strengthened. The scheme’s management allocates the transferable material in the interests of optimum researcher access in each case. ABBREVIATIONS [The tables will probably require the use of abbreviations. A selection of those used by CoFoR is given below] accs buildup C century CDP policy econ govt hist IR lang(s) accessions see ‘Buildup’ above (with number) –th collection development economy, economics government history, historic(al) international relations language(s) mod nat nfi pol pubn(s) relns res soc modern national no further information political publication(s) relations research social, societ


CoFoR Toolkit Part 3

Table 1. ASSIGNMENT BY LIBRARY [If the assignment is not definitive (see General Note), use ‘Provisional Assignment’ as heading and insert ‘proposed’ and ‘provisional’ where appropriate. It is important to include the preamble as a reminder of the undertakings given. It may also be felt necessary to state clearly that this and subsequent tables are not statements of a library’s full collecting scope, but show only those collection management activities that are regulated by the present Agreement.] Column 1. Name of partner library Column 2. Retention: Where a partner has a policy of near-total retention, this is noted. In other cases the specific retention assignments, under the terms of para. A4 in the Agreement, are shown. Commitment for the full [state period] of the Agreement is expected. Column 3. Accept Transfer: The commitment is to accept and retain appropriate material offered for transfer in the fields listed, under the terms of paras A4, A5 and A6 in the Agreement [or refer to separate document on transfer procedures – Toolkit Part 5]. Commitment for the full [state period] of the Agreement is expected. All partners are expected to follow the procedures in [give reference] when offering material for transfer. Column 4. Acquisition: The commitment is to maintain collecting levels under the terms of para. A2 in the Agreement, and/or to maintain serial subscriptions under the terms of para. A3, with the coverage and for the period specified in Schedule B of the Agreement for each partner. EXAMPLES 1. Library Bodleian Library 2. Retention Near-total. Legal deposit library. 3. Accept Transfer History (R/FSU/CEE, ex as noted); Media (R/Sov publishing); Music (R/CEE) Cz , Slk lang/lit. (buildup) Subjects/countr ies as shown in Tables 2 and 3, subject to targeted research 4. Acquisition History (Russian, Cz, Slk). Serials identified. 5. Notes R/Sov econ hist at B’ham; Anglo-R relns at CUL and Leeds. Pol hist at SSEES

Bristol UL British Library

Cz, Slk lang/lit. Near-total. Legal deposit library.

Serials identified. Status of principal national research collection in REES. Limited resources at present for processing large transfers.


CoFoR Toolkit Part 3

Cambridge UL

Near-total. Legal deposit library.

Essex UL


Leeds UL


support for other partners (see ‘Local & national support’ above). Special consideration for transfers making good war losses. Archaeology (Rus/Sov/CAsia ); Art (Rus); IR (Anglo-Rus relns); Lit (18C Rus) Economics (Rus/FSU); Law (commercial law in R/FSU – buildup); Society (poverty in Russia – buildup) History (Siberia, AngloR relns – based at Leeds Rus Archive); Religion (R Orth Church; R/EE churchstate relns).

Subject/count ry coverage as shown in Tables 2 and 3. Widest possible range of REES serials. Archaeology (Rus/Soc/CAs ia). Serials identified. Serials identified

Anglo-R relns (Leeds Russian Archive). Serials identified.

Leeds Russian Archive separately administere d

[Three further tables (2, 3 and 4) are described below to illustrate the use of multiple perspectives in showing the extent and limitations of coverage in a CCM scheme. The number and content of tables, the choice of headings and the sets of terms used will have to be separately determined for each scheme. The tables can also be used to note libraries outside the scheme with relevant holdings, which can be targeted as possible new partners.] Table 2. COVERAGE BY SUBJECT This shows the extent to which each subject is covered by the institutional commitments shown in Table 1. [The subject headings are those adopted for the CURL-CoFoR scheme, and entries are derived from Table 1 above. They are for illustrative purposes only.]


CoFoR Toolkit Part 3

Subject Archaeology Architecture Art Cinema Defence Economics Education Environment Ethnography Folklore Geography History International Relations Language Law Literature Media/Censorshi p Music Philosophy Politics / Government Regional Studies Religion Science/Tech/ Med Society Theatre

Libraries BL CUL (Rus/Sov/CAsia inc acqn) Oxford – new partner?] BL CUL (Rus) [Sackler Library

[Nat Art Library – new partner?]


Essex (Rus/FSU)

BL Bod (Rus /FSU inc acqn, C & E Europe inc Cz, Slk acqn) CUL (Anglo-Rus) Leeds (Siberia, Anglo-Russian relns inc acqn at Leeds Russian Archive) BL Bris (Cz, Slk – buildup ) BL Essex (commercial law in C&E Euro and FSU – buildup) BL Bris (Cz, Slk – buildup) BL Bod (R/Sov publishing) BL Bod (Rus, C & E Euro)


Leeds (R Orth Church, Rus-EE church-state relns)

TABLE 3: COVERAGE BY COUNTRY/LANGUAGE [Depending on the nature of the subjects etc. covered by the scheme, a table may be used to demonstrate the extent to which it covers material in a chosen range of languages, and/or from or relating to a chosen set of countries / areas / regions. Where applicable, it will be necessary to state whether the definition includes holdings in English and /or any other nonvernacular languages.] TABLE 4: SPECIAL FORMATS [A table may be used to highlight holdings of special categories of material. The list below is based on that developed for the COCOREES and CURL-CoFoR projects and is for illustrative purposes only.]


EXAMPLE S (excerpt from CURLCoFoRREES National Desiderata List) VAT is included in sterling prices unless otherwise stated. Bibliograph ic Details: The Boris I. Nicolaevsk y Collection. Microform. UMI. Price: $80 ,295 Requested by: LSE , SSEES. Already held by: Gla sgow Priority for: LSE Bibliograph

CoFoR Toolkit Part 3

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COMPILED BY: [State the body and/or postholder(s) responsible for initial compilation] APPROVED BY: [State the body by whose authority the scheme has been approved, with date.] REVIEWED BY: [State the body responsible for review of the scheme, and frequency of review.] REVISED BY: [State the body and/or postholder(s) responsible for incorporating revisions.]

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