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					Comments from Yvonne Wright, Policy & Development Team Leader, Development & Regulatory Services Directorate, Erewash Borough Council, Town Hall, Long Eaton, NG10 1HU 4.8.08 “Can you please advise any of your members not to contact my Economic Development Officer, Barrie Walford, as he is not designated by the Borough Council as Lead Officer for Stanton regeneration and his details should not have been included on the You Tube video. Any comments should be directed to the following e:mail address: In order to gain a balanced view of the Council’s involvement in relation to the Stanton Regeneration site, I would invite you to visit our website by clicking on the following link: Erewash Borough Council Stanton Regeneration Update, or go to our web page at and click on the links down the left hand side in the following order: Environment → Planning → Local Development Framework → Stanton Regeneration Update. We will be adding further information and maps to this page over the next few weeks. I wish to make it clear that although the Council are supportive of the redevelopment of the Stanton site for the reasons set out on our website; we have at no time said that we support a specific road solution to access the brownfield site. There are currently five road solutions being considered. As a Council, it is our duty to consider all options, even those that are controversial ones, to ensure that we have the evidence and justification in place for when we make the final decision. Please note that all five options being considered are through Green Belt land, although some are more controversial than others. I understand that the new owners of the Stanton site, Spring Urban Regeneration (SpringUR), are currently purchasing land options for one of the potential access routes, but we have no involvement in this and have no powers to stop it as it involves private land purchase transactions. I wish to assure you that we are taking the potential road access to this site extremely seriously due to the controversial issues relating to loss of Green Belt and the environmental concerns. We are currently involved in carrying out a detailed technical highway study in conjunction with the Highways Agency, Derbyshire County Council as our Highways Authority, Nottinghamshire County Council as the neighbouring Highways Authority, Broxtowe Borough Council and SpringUR, to find out which of the five road options brought forward, if any, is the best option environmentally, socially and economically for the site. I anticipate that this study will be published around Autumn 2008. We are also considering public transport, cycling and walking options as part of any access solution for the site. Therefore as yet, no decision on the road route has been made Finally I wish to state that we do not own any land within the Stanton site and therefore will not be making any financial profits associated with land holdings. I understand that SpringUR propose to submit an outline planning application to us for our consideration around June 2009, so the proposals for the site are still very much being formulated. Any proposals put forward for the site will be progressed under the normal planning process and any objections to the proposal at that time will be considered by the Planning Committee when they determine the application. I will keep you informed of future updates and further consultation on the proposals by email. We will be updating our website as often as we can. We will shortly be providing more details on the site. If you wish to make any comments, please send them to” 8.8.08 “Just to let you know, Spring UR have produced a Design Enquiry Newsletter following the Design Enquiry consultation week in June. This is available on their website at: although I’m still not sure if the website has gone live or not yet. If not I suggest contacting Spring – details are on our website – to get a paper copy. We’ve put copies in our Town Hall receptions at Long Eaton and Ilkeston.”

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