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					Bulletin No. 1 from Parish Plan Steering Group - 23rd August 2006
Since the inaugural meeting held in Gawsworth Village Hall on 27th June 2006 to discuss the idea of a Parish Plan and to elect a team of volunteers onto a steering group, we have held three further meetings. 10th July: We discussed, in detail, how to go about informing the community and created a basic plan of action. The agreed way forward was: - Have two Open Evenings to inform the community and start collecting ideas, concerns and visions to take forward for inclusion in a questionnaire. Also to increase our number of volunteers to assist in discussions, fundraising and projects at a later date. - Produce and deliver by hand a concise questionnaire for every family to complete. It is necessary to include all age groups in this fact finding part of the process to get a balanced view. So we are anxious that everyone gets involved and returns their questionnaire. - Collection and processing of the information using statistics to find out the areas of greatest concern. - The formation of Workshops/Discussion groups using volunteers from the community and one member of the Steering group for each area of concern. These groups will get into the detail and propose solutions which will then be fed back to the Steering group. - When all the reports are in from these discussions the Steering group will hold Community Feedback meetings to keep everyone informed on progress. - Once everyone is in agreement with the ideas and solutions we wish to put forward, the Steering group will produce a draft Parish Plan. This again will be presented to the Community at meetings for their comments and approval. The Parish Plan will then be finalised and submitted for approval by the relevant bodies. Who, if we get approval, will provide us with grants to help us get started. - We then get into the Funding phase, where we will be looking for funding from various charities and funding bodies. There will also be a flurry of local events to raise funds and involve the whole community. - This will be followed by the final, but crucial, implementation phase providing we have raised enough funds, and have the support from the Community, our Parish Council and Macclesfield Borough Council. 24th July and 22nd August meetings were simply detailed discussions for the 'Open Evenings' i.e. format, posters, flyers, presentations, delivery of flyers etc.

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