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									Prices Most photographers offer package deals, which seems a reasonable way to compare prices and I note that these vary from approximately £250 for brief coverage of a midweek wedding to over £2000 for full day/evening coverage and the best albums. Prices are also dictated by how busy and experienced the photographers are. I believe that there is nothing wrong with using photographers who are less experienced, but you must be sure that the photographer is capable of doing the work you require. So how do I meet those needs, well I could ramble on about f stops, available light, fill or bounced flash, composition, white balance etc. I could also mention that I have a Cert Ed, and can handle stressful situations, but really the only way is to meet me. See Biography I'd also advise you to look at various websites on the web many of which give useful information on choosing a Wedding Photographer. I shoot with Canon Digital slr cameras though i do possess film slr's as well, should that be a requirement. Weddings Basic Package (One Photographer): Initial consultation (free) then a meeting at your convienience some 4 to 8 weeks or so before the wedding to discuss your requirements. Coverage at the brides home if required, wedding ceremony and reception (upto 6 hrs total) Approximately 150-200 images presented on a CD as best quality jpeg files most of which could be printed at A4 size and probably A3, as well as 6"x4" prints of those images.An accompanying DVD slide show of the day, which can be played in an ordinary DVD player (computer not required). I will probably take more images, however there will be ones where people blink or move or are not looking at the camera etc and these will be edited out in processing prior to your perusal. Price


Basic Package (Two Photographers): Exactly the same as above, but with two photographers, which I believe is better for catching more of those candid treasurable moments. £500

The extra £100 not only includes the the presence of two photographers on the day, but the post processing of the images, and though I cannot guarantee it I would estimate there will be some 200-250 images and if there are more that meet the necessary requirements then they will all be supplied on CD and as 6"x4" prints. All Day Package (One Photographer) : As the basic package, but coverage through the evening upto around 10pm (a minimum of 9hrs) £550 Again all the images that meet the necessary requirements will be provided on CD and as 6"x4" prints, though I cant guarantee a number I estimate taking 300-500 images so there should be at least 300 of the right quality. All Day Package (Two Photographers) : The use of a second photographer like the basic package and then a single photographer for the rest of the day. I dont feel it necessary to have two photographers for an evening reception, but if you do it can be arranged. Album/Story Book Package : If you require me to do an album for yourselves, or the family or a story book then at our initial consultation please advise me and I will then price up what you require at reasonable rates. I do think an album or story book is something that is a treasured memory, however I am aware that in this digital age you may wish Negotiable to mix my images with maybe some taken by friends or relatives that are important to you. There are numerous online services that provide Story Books/Albums and if you are computer literate you may want to take that option with the images your friends and I have taken. Its your choice and your money, you will have images at the best jpeg quality to do with as you like, I can arrange for canvas prints at reasonable rates also. From mid July 2007 i will be available to attend weddings which occur mid-week and possibly before that date. Dependent on what you require I would offer a mid-week discount of 25% on the above prices. Also for those getting married for a second or third time and civil partnership etc where you do not require as many images or time to be spent I am willing to negotiate a price for what you require. £650

Terms and conditions , click here in adobe acrobat format.

Portraits Basic :


£60 for Like the wedding packages I will supply on CD high quality jpeg single person images taken at the portrait session and likewise 6"x4" prints of all the good quality images. I estimate somewhere in the region of £70 for two 50-100 images over an hours session. The price is for a 1hr session. Additional hours will be cheaper as the first hour's session includes within the costing, travel, setup and other expenses. Portfolio : If you require numerous images to be placed in an album or portfolio, then discuss your needs with me. Terms and conditions , click here in adobe acrobat format. Negotiable £75 for 3 or more

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