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					Board of Trustees – Minutes 3rd August 2007

Board of Trustees 3rd August 2007 Riverside Café, Canterbury MINUTES 1.0 Present Achike Ofodile Tom Marsh James Bull Tom Christian Pete Mackintosh Simon Taylor Jim Gardner 2.0 Apologies Rebecca Haran 3.0 Minutes of the last meeting The minutes of the last meeting were approved, subject to a minor amendment. 4.0 Matters Arising 4.1 Smoking policy – this should not be an issue for Kent Union. Nursery – the Cooperation Agreement has now been signed; the pension liability issue has been resolved. Repairs will be made to the nursery roof, which will be paid for by the University. Victoria Todd has had consultation meetings with all staff who will TUPE over. Joe Cooper is progressing with the Ofsted registration so we can formally and legally take over management of the nursery. AR: James Bull will speak to Joe about including the nursery in the celebration staff development day. 4.3 Mandela Building refurbishment – everyone in Mandela is moving to the Venue. Contractors start work on Mandela on Wednesday. Consideration is being given to the front of the building, including repainting, dropped-kerbs and landscaping. If work is completed by 15th September staff will move back in; if the ground floor is completed reception and advice will move back and remaining staff will move to a porta-cabin; or in the worst case, all staff will move to a porta-cabin. A decision on this will be taken on 24th August. Project management meetings are taking place every other Monday, starting on 6th August. 4.2 Inquire are moving into VW today but there were concerns over the next production date. The contractors will include the work on VW meeting room in the project. Tim can complete some work if it becomes an issue – the JCC space could be used on a temporary basis if necessary. FORMAL BUSINESS 5.0 Board of Trustees Terms of Reference Paper 1 outlined the terms of reference for the Board of Trustees, which will be revisited on a 6-monthly basis. The terms of reference were approved.

Board of Trustees – Minutes 3rd August 2007

6.0 Final Approval of Recruitment Materials for External Trustees The dates for the recruitment fit with the bye elections and we can start advertising once the referendum has been announced. A contingency has been built in to the budget. Louise has now started designing the website and Jim Gardner has met with Karen Goffin who is happy to be involved in the short-listing stage. John Windle has been approached. Another trustee will need to be chosen for the interview panel. The Board of Trustees approved the recruitment process. 7.0 Staff Satisfaction Survey Jim Gardner identified the areas of concern and the improvements to address these areas. The trustees should approach Vicky or Helen if they require further breakdowns. Equal Ops is being included in the organisational balanced scorecard and a paper will come to the next Board recommending a change to the Equal Ops Committee. The Board of Trustees noted the results from the survey. 8.0 Student Satisfaction Survey Comments need to be left before respondents can proceed to the next question and it was thought this may hinder responses. The Trustees will meet Victoria to ensure any specific demographics are included. The students’ perception of Woodys and the Lighthouse appeared positive. The Board of Trustees noted the results. 9.0 Membership Services Directorate Review – Findings and Recommendations Discussion took place on the workload of staff. Interest has been expressed in both the Student Media and Student Activities Development Coordinator positions. Arrangements have been made for whilst Joe Cooper is on paternity leave. The Board of Trustees approved the findings of the review. At this point James Bull left the meeting for another engagement. 10.0 UMSA Budget 07/08 UMSA Essentials has performed better since the move which took place in January. Long term it should go into surplus in line with the increase in the number of students and accommodation on campus. Publicity costs have been reduced from last year as all new signage is now in place. The Board of Trustees approved the UMSA budget. 11.0 Balanced Scorecard 06/07 – Progress Update Jim Gardner talked through the 3 remaining targets. Tom Christian would take on responsibility for reviewing the representation of University Committees, with staff support from Joe Cooper. The Board of Trustees noted the progress made. 12.0 PRP policy A clear policy has been drafted to ensure all staff taking part in PRP fully understand the process; and to set guidelines on how different circumstances are dealt with; section 1 sets out the generally agreed principles which underpin the scheme. The Board of Trustees approved the PRP Policy.

Board of Trustees – Minutes 3rd August 2007

13.0 June 2007 Management Accounts Trading in the month of June showed we were £2k below budget which is not a concern. Year-to-date we are £9.3k up on budget. We are expecting to be £10k better than budget at year end. The Board of Trustees approved the June Management Accounts. 14.0 Kent Union Strategic Plan 2007-2012 Paper 10 contains the 3 Enablers to the Strategic Plan. The Themes will come to the next meeting of the Board. The Enablers have been consulted on widely and will need to go to Union Council for final approval. The Board of Trustees noted the Enablers to the Strategic Plan and would take them away for consideration and bring any concerns to the next meeting. 15.0 PA to the Managing Director and President The Board of Trustees noted the changes to the role. 16.0 Central Services Administrator This item was previously approved by the Trustees. 17.0 Student Activities Manager The Board of Trustees noted the job description for this position. 18.0 Student Activities Development Coordinator The Board of Trustees noted the job description for this position. 19.0 Rolled Up Holiday Pay Employers pay holiday pay to part-time staff in the same way as full-time workers. We pay student staff rolled up holiday pay in their hourly rate but propose asking students if they would like to opt-in and receive their holiday payment on a quarterly basis. The Board of Trustees approved asking students which payment method they would prefer. 20.0 Cash Collection Contract Paper 16 recommends appointing Contract Security Services Ltd as Kent Union’s cash collection providers with effect from 1st September. The Board of Trustees approved the recommendations. 21.0 Next Meetings The next meeting of the Board of Trustees would take place on Thursday 13th September. Future meeting dates are set out below: 1 November 2007 17 January 2008 28 February 2008 10 April 2008 22 May 2008

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Date: 13th September 2007

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