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Crystal Palace Park
Museum Task Group 27th September 2006

Please use The Environment Council details below as your first point of contact

Produced by Nigel Westaway & Associates and The Environment Council

If you have any comments or queries regarding this transcription please contact: Name: Sarah Graham Direct Line: 020 7632 0140 E-mail:

INTRODUCTORY NOTE The meeting was facilitated by Nigel Westaway & Associates and The Environment Council. This report is a typed transcript of the flipchart record written (in open view of all the participants) during the meeting. To make the record more intelligible, some explanatory notes have since been added by the facilitator. These are shown in bold italics. All other wording is as agreed by participants on the day, apart from minor grammatical corrections and clarifications. Comments recorded are made by individuals and these views are not necessarily shared by other participants.

Any agreements reached by the whole group are boxed like this.
Because the record is inevitably cryptic in places, it is recommended that it should not be used to brief people who did not attend the meeting without a full explanation from a participant.

Sharon Baldwin Ken Kiss Sarah Graham Melvyn Harrison Janet Vitmayer Timothy Mason Nigel Westaway Roger Frith Town Centre Manager Crystal Palace Museum The Environment Council Crystal Palace Foundation Horniman Consultant Facilitator LDA

10:00 Introductions, agenda review, ground rules CP Dialogue & purpose of Museum Task Group MTG coverage Programming the work Additional expertise? 11:15 BREAK 1st work topic Agenda for next meeting Brief for audience research Reporting to dialogue Dates, actions 12:30 CLOSE & LUNCH

Ground Rules (Draft)
        MTG will be a forum for jointly developing a vision for a future museum for Crystal Palace Mobiles off during meetings One person speaks at a time Treat each other with respect, even when there is disagreement No quoting of other MTG members outside meetings without explicit permission Any requests for confidentiality to be respected Wall record is the meeting record; please check for accuracy and completeness MTG will report back to Park Working Group/Main Group

Crystal Palace Dialogue
 Dialogue process started in 2002 o Originally funded by Bromley & some community groups o Now funded by LDA o Main Group consists of approximately 250 people/organisations Most aspects of the planning framework are now accepted by almost everybody MTG needs to think about size, location, etc

 

Museum Task Group
 Is MLA involved? o Not currently o It has a regional structure o Funded through DCMS o Important to make contact so that MLA knows this is happening o MLA can’t act as a consultant but can give an overview London Hub – important to be informed Timescale seems quite tight if aiming for next summer. Need a month by month plan Need to know who the audience is

  

Order of Work
 Need to scope out what work needs to be done on the audience o Interests o Age group o What new audiences could be created? (But need to start with what we’ve got) o What is the schools’ use of the park? By the spring, need to know museum location and size, for masterplanners Tramlink may influence location of the museum o TfL going to consultation in about 2 weeks Need to start audience research o Develop a brief o Might have results by November

  

Stakeholders were asked to write down what the group needed to cover to produce a vision for a new museum. These ideas where then clustered into similar groups.             

Location Size Where is it? Historical buildings Accessibility Public transport (& tramlink) Audience Who are the audience and what are their needs Segment target audience Who for? Education/leisure/business Customer needs How does the museum fit into the community?

                            

Stand alone or with something else? Why is a museum required? Purpose What is it? Context of park Fit with masterplan Competition Timescales Shop/café Podcast Staffing Opening hours re location Management How is it run? How will the museum be governed Cost Finance? o Capital o Revenue Sustainability Sustainability Funding streams Identity o Additional skills if needed Focus on aspects? Nature of collection Varied content What does it contain? Programme What we got/to get Interpretation plan for park Interpretation of whole park

The clusters were then put into the order in which it would be most sensible for the group to tackle them:



OCT ‘06











JULY ‘07

Audience Survey Brief
Existing Information:  Museum  Café  Rangers  Sports centre  Visitor centre/rangers


Breakdown of audience  Ages  Where from?

New Information:  Gate counts – where from, why visiting, age?  Gates to monitor o Rockhills o Penge o Triangle – down ramp/steps o Sydenham car park

Additional Expertise
    Need to know whether this group will deal with interpretation as well o If so, need to include Tilman o Will prepare consultation draft National Trust, English Heritage, Dr Stuart Harding have experience of interpretation o Tilman may have someone on his team Next meeting need to invite Tilman, Sarah Greene (English Heritage Landscape) South London Business have information on local demographics

 Current o Existing museum – photographic (thousands), ceramics, documents o CPF – 100s of paintings and prints, news programmes, motor racing/cycling programmes, files on palace, maps 1854 – 1953, 100s of artefacts found in park (wood, tile, slate) from fire, ironwork from north tower, slate from aquarium, delamotte photos (LDA/CPF have financial/usage rights) Statues will go back into park in a safe environment Some material exists for sports collection Dinosaurs are a separate story BBC – first transmission was from here Lots of firsts have occurred here Local residents have similar items in gardens, attics, etc Family audiences are the norm for museums Half a million visits to Horniman each year About 200 small museums in London There is film available to use Bikes/cars are attractive to children Have been suggestions that a viewing tower may be incorporated into new museum

           

Next Meeting
 Thursday, 9th November – 9.30 – 1 (Paxton Suite, The Lodge)

Actions Inform MLA London re this process Inform London Hub re this process Send planning framework to Timothy and Janet Map of park for meeting – A0 Talk to Tilman about park usage survey Invite Tilman to next MTG Invite Sarah Greene to next MTG Get demographic info Report to MG



9/11/06 5/10/06 5/10/06


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