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Thousands V , r ' ! ,V th Bare"d Heads Passes .is Cor'^qe Train on Transcontinental Trip From San FranciSGO to Washington. MRS. HARDING KEEPS VIGIL IN THE FUNERAL CAR
Bowed F.gjr- in B'ack Sett Silent Bearing Eulog'it't

Friday, Aw*"*' 1 0 -I--", :30 p. m.—M.,;" e>--m. '" 'K- announced. 7 :Ui-l(l p. m.—f i; . - ' a <f-rie- f>f Boy Scout talks by M- Kay:ii..rd H. Torrr-y, under the au-] :• < .- '-• th.- Hoy yF ] l Sibyl

Brwdcast Biffs Raiolays

Plieed Btsidr Caiket—Many Co~e Long Distances to Pay L*it Re•pecti ar.d B u r n f i i l i Suspended.

Th« torrow in the Hsarti of the American people cvtr the death ol !hr,r leader wai exempli r ird by «'l»nt groups along the railroad s,de a t t h * special train hearing the body of Warren & Hard'nq traversed the cchst:r?ru fr^'T. San Fran&nco to Washington


T.'i i, 'Aihli< ti 'if M r - , ll.'.r<ll! if + <-ll- the only lawn tli:il w. re ' o n-]i|ep-il by 1T'-silire u n t i l tlic 11H a l dent <'nl. i ii tribute Tl,r niiirho u i th>- ultry day.i « 1 tb1a lean N <•* K [,^•1-1 : ; . | . r OCC.l i;

W.'i-hir. f t . , !

hiniK'-IT w Itff 111'- miiltitii'li- nt t\> •tniW

with flu' suii-inn pa of the natlnn'-i fuii'Tal HITVICI- for thu late I'n-sli1c!U, H<; wan equally ,i<»- on June H for thu I'atillc O llcltoua about tin- arrariK<T»f-mi in Alaska. Marlon ami ri-ml livury mtnsnpes nx with tlio train U-arlnK Mr, H limly an<l IIIH widow Jroin Guard of Honor jie Pacific c<mnt to the Capital. Ranged on either nlde of the casket The unws from t h " (untral train, flaehed hour by hour, told Itnprfcniilvi:- In a guard of Holdlern, sailors and maly of till' n.itinn'H trtbutu of Borrow rine* of tho regular service. The during the long tranncontlnenlal jour- sailors are picked men from tin) I United Stated transport Henderson, in Dey. With bnreil hfinlH thf- pen pin aluuil, which President and Mrs Harding Bometlmf» In Kroiips of hundreds, made their Alaskan cruise and wllhifc •ometlmeB only a scorn, ami SOIIKS- wan to carry tbcin through the l'uuttmen singly. T1H:P> wan nono too uma canal. poor, nono too rl<:ti, tion« ton mlght^ , All was quiet on the train during or none too humble to pay tholr each night There was only the clickm a r k of P'spoct to tlm memory of Ing of tho car wheels as the train Mrs. Harding Remain* Calm ThroughPresident HardinK. Tlify WITM con- Hped on. Tho only movement was the out Service of Prayer—Many In scions only of showing thflr Borrow, hourly change, In th<; fiiiard < * honor but to thow on tliii funeral train iliny hCHlde the flag-draped coffin In the Group Weeping—rStart of the typified tlifi American pi-opln as a last car. Each hour two Bolrtlers, a Funeral Triin lmpre«»lve. sailor and a marine made their way wholn.


dart'iM'-t. trnudcn^t direct frnm the Wal.loif A=t«,na Hotp!. Mu?lc hy 1'HUI WhitiTnan and h i ' orchestra, Leviathan Orchestra, with «penkers and solo|,«t>., Auguit 15 11 «. irn, "Yt'sr. Bourid Qarden? tut Fnnridaflin: tli«»-it«l Macl)errni>!, ,,;rano, and with Everfrreen Plants." by Kenneth "How Wsuy. Buried Pom- B'lyntnn, head.gardpncr of "the New Ycnk Botanical Gardens. 11:20 a. m.—"All WorV arid Ko Saturday, Augutt 11 Play," by Jean B. Minor, under aus;n.—Munical ito pices of the New York Tuberculosis —,l.i,cphir.f N t w - Association. :30 p. 11 all a m St i.n. Selection? ket reports by courtesy of American' W a mock Edward Yap, Agriculturist. • banjo ukeleUJim has tried all sorts of hookups ; Faith and Hope about exhausted on 4-r> p. m.,—Musical program, to be Stcinway, i-'-1 i). m . — Krt.ii 'til! his patience is wore out and he the set that wouldn't work where inannounced. ?<iprnno, a n d '/triers, 5 p. ni.—Solos hy Marie M. Mer wolders what in thunder sonic of it ftcad of sweetest music only squeckp. m .—Program by Gimbel found a new nd squawking lurk. What is there fd • New York H f'oncert kert, mezzo contralto, accompanied is nil about. N < he an( Wireless" magazine to toll this fellow aftti all is said and •leu White RUI.-I harpiat; edition of a ' by A. V. Llufrio. Leezenbaum. '. iolinisf, both 7 :30-H p. m.—Concert by the Uni-with a bunch of "wonder circuits" done that will culm his troubled spirrmthin' like you've ever seen. Start- its and turn labor into fun. There's now p y g at the Hotel Penn- versity Male Quartette. playing 9-10 p. m.—Browning, King & in' in again nil, over he keeps busy advice free fcr the askin' and when N Y k ff i>y< New York Jim comes 'round to m« tellin' all his p. m.—Dam e pro(fram by Company's Wednesday Night l|ance. every niffht find he thinks tjiat this tribulations—why it's plain as it kin time" surely everything will work out Tobac-ro Company's Thurxlay, Aueiut 16 be. That the answer I will give him Strike" l l a . m.—"Practical and Econom- right. There's a sigh of sweet con- will be "Scrap your home-made set ical Suggestions for Buyinn Meat." tentment when the last connection s and I'll let you use my Senior. H':i Sunday Auguit 12 made. Soon he'll pick up Honolulu the best that you kin get." P. m.—Interdenomina-lby Mr. William Johns, by courtesy of or Chicago Board of Trade. ii.-il services under the auspices of! Swift & Company. That's Charity. That's Faith. S'-w York Federation of Churches. | 11:50 a. m.—-Broadcasting ot mar\.i<lic-.; by Rev. John \V. Ham, pas- ket reports by courtesy of American Tho' at first =ucce?s in wary, to give up would be a crime there's ii chance •••> 'if t h e ' B a p t i s t T a b e r n a c l e , A t l a n Affriculturist. 7:30-9 p. m.—Solos by Arthur Bill- by some few changes it will work out •••.. fl'-ui-jfia. Music by th'- F e d e r a t i o n ('hnir and David John William, injrs Hunt, baritone, accompanied by ri'gh't this time. So his midnight oil George Vause. Burr Mclntosh, the is wasted, coils of wiie surround his m.—Musical pro(rjam, cheerful philosopher, celebrated act- prtlceTand ut last when all's completBetsy ed there's a smile upon his face. from the Capitol Theatre, New or, author and humorist. There m a f be a lot of pleasure for Ayres, soprano. 9-lt) p. m.—Program by Gimbel the one who "builds his? own" and -Organ recital by Henry Seibert, direct from the studio of Brothers New York Store. Dance perhaps pome satisfaction when one does it all alone. But the quality reSkinner Organ Company, New- music by the Alpha Syncopators. quired—what—with skill and all the Friday, Augu.t 17 City. 11:50 a. m.—Broadcasting of mar- rest is the one which springs eternal Monday, Auguit 13 in Wireless Builders' Brest— 1-5 p. m.—Musical program, to be ket reports by courtesy of American AUGUST 16-17 That's Hope. Agriculturist. announced. 4-5*30 p. m,—Musical program, to " p. m. Piano recital by Walter J. be anhounced. Bossert. ' Much Ift Choice of Literature. Recital by Mme. 7:30-8:30 p. m.—Talk under the ":?fJ-R:15 p. Tell me what books you read when Christiane Eymael, dramatic soprano. auspices of the Boy Scout Foundation. you are alone, and I will tell you which The Cheerful Philosopher, Burr Mc- Charles Wold, musical glasses. 8:30-10 p. m.—Popular music'pro- way you are muving, upward or downlntosh, celebrated actor, author and — at — gram, under theauspices of Leo Foist ward.—Henry Van Dyke. Stands Between Mr. and Mrs. humorist. m.—Concert broadcast and Company. Saturday, August 18 Christian as Dr. West Speaks, (ii,-ect°" from' Columbia University, PERTH AMBOY'S 4-5:30 p. m.—Musical profirram, to New York City. Watches Group Filing Out. be announced. Detriment in Some Plea«ur*». Tuetday, Augutt 14 7:30-9 p. m.—Nullo Romai, violinPleasures of high flavor, like pine4-5:10 p. m.—Musical program, to ist, accompanied by Carlos Abbd. apples, have, the misfortune that, ltke be announced. ALONE WITH HER BEAD 5:10 p. m.—Gertrude Dworkin, Recital by Carlos Abba, pianist. pineapples, they make the gums bleed. Solos by Scott Blaktley, Scotch tenor pianist. —Itlcliter. 7:30-10 m.—Paul Whiteman and comedian.


It was thfi Barnc from oarly inornlnR on through each day. It had hi-en th<i same ilncfi the train left San Francisco. The name UirouKhoiit the throe thousand mile journrcy to Washington, and utter that thu trip to Mariciu. Oliiu

Lying In State Lying In state. In the observation car of the train on which he had made his tour to tin: WcHl.tftUi* body of Warren O. Harding, late president of the 1,'niti-d States, reposed. From the rear of the observation car whereon he. had slood and addressed enthusiastic thousands there fluttered stremers of ere pi; mlujded with the national colors. The IOIIK and mournful journey to Washington was far different from the movement of th>! same train when It headed w-st from Washington. Then ll was met at every city and crossroad by cheerlnK thousands who welcomed the apportunlty to greet •their chieftain iu pr-rson. Tbe same. 'thousands axHembled at tho stations on the return trip, but they were silent and reverential,

quietly throiiKh thn train to fhe last car. Soon afterward the guard thoy San Francisco—Mrs. Florence Harrelieved made HB way back. ding, widow of tho President, standing between Mr. and Mrs. George B. Christian, Jr., as the Rev. Dr. James 8. Brief 8ervlcei at Hotel Wast read the prayer over her husband's body here, nodded her head •• JMt«f lift uaderlaker bad prepared ili&hUy aa. th^ pastor raised his hand the body for itrlong Journey, ldvlhi and Bald: frlenda stood watch by his remains all "God l» our refuge and strength." of the DlKht. In tho morning the body AB the minister ended hla prayer was placed In a casket and removed from the death chamber to a drawing Mrs. Harding said "Amen." The widow stood and watched the room In the Presidential suite of the Palace Hotel. Here Mrs. Harding half hundred persons as they filed out, came, at Intervals with friends who waiting for the, mom to clear in order called to offer their sympathy fihe that ahu wight have a taw minutes displayed gniat calmness. Shortly before C o'clock brief funeral services were held, conducted by Hev. 3. WeHt, pafitor of the First Hapt st Church and the body waB then ukun to the funeral train. | There were no ceremonies whatever Incident to the removal of the body to tho funeral car. San KranCisco had been asked to stand silent.

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BORN—Nov. 2, 1866, on a farm near Blooming Grove, Morrow Widow Maintains Poise County, O. • PARENTS- -Father, George T. Occupying oat of the rooms of the Harding, a country doctor, whose observation cur, Superba, was Mrs. ancestors were Scotch; mother, Harding, a pathetic figure, displaying Phebu Dlckeriton, whose ancestors remarkable fortitude. The strength were Dutch. of character hh<; showed Immediately SCHOOL LIFK-Village school after the President died, when she at Caledonia, 0,; Ohio Central ColStraightened from bis couch and an- lege (now out of existence.), Iberia, nounced that the was not going to 0. Wbrkad his way through college, break, is still sustaining her. partly as a farm hand, partly aa a burn painter. BUSINESS LIFE—As a young Wife Rtmalni Near Body.., rtfan boculiiH & printer and linotype operator, and In 1834 became proMm. Harding during the sad Jour- prietor ot tho Marlon (O.) Star, on ney remained in her stateroom, lens which he did everything from the than thirty f<:ul from where, rented "dBvll'u" work to writing the ed¥the coffin containing the body ot Her turtala. husbaud, Mmnliora of the parly made POLITICAL. WKK-lrrqm 1899 to Irequent visits to talk with her In an 1303 represented his district In the endeavor to helu her maintain her Setiata of Ohio. In 1904 and 1905 brave culm. ' wa» Lieutenant Governor of the Message*) wci'e sent from the ilraln State. In 1914 was elected to the to tliuje in charge ot the fuuuril ar- United States Spfcate by a majority rangnmeiits In Washington that It ot more han 101000, running 73,00<| was the wl»h of MTH. Harding tliut almad ot the next man on the tickthe services In tUe Capitol conform as much as poH^ible, to tbu order at those fit. In the Senate was a member of the Committee oq Foreign Re.Jjuld there for l'runlileiit McKinjey. latlons. Elected President In 1920 It wan urrauKed also that the service at Marlon, t>y the request of Mrs, by plurality of 7,000,000. FAMILY L1KB—Married In 1891 Harding, ha 'i» uinuile as possible,. Tliiy means no military ur tiaturua.1 to Miss Florence Kling. Was trusittilU'lliatiim. aDil 'rYurren (I. Harding tee and regular attendant of Trillburied in Ins home town a» a cltliusn TUB LAST l'HA8B—Arriving in of that town! Aliother renuest made by Mrs, Hurtling was that the train Han FraiicUco, ill aftor Alaskan be kept Intact, mid that all members trip, l'riigldcm auccumbad auddun ot thu party that madu the trans- ly, Thursday night, August 2, 1923. continental trip, Including Cabinet Mrs. Harding accampanled body meuibtra, olhur ot)lcial» mid news- on transcontinental trip to Washpaper "I'ili, inuku tin) trip tu Marlon, ington, Butly lies In n u t e la Capl Interment after the Irulu carryiiiK, so fur aa possible, tol. ouao<iule» at Marion, O. the same party that loft

alone with her dead before the body , was taken to the train for transports- ; tloD to the national capital. i The body of the dead reposed In a brown steel coffin, lined with white ailk. The only Inscription, engraved on a silver plate; wan "Warren Gamaliel Harding." The coffin # a s banked with flowers and floral tributes from citizens and consuls general of many nations filled the uittlng^room of the Presidential suite In the Palace Hotel ', wtiBre the sltnpl« religious ceramuny ! was conducted. •, Tho setting SUB poured through the j lower portion of the windows and flooded the flower bower with sunliRht, which gave the room the ay- ', puarance Pt an outdoor flower garden. Mrs. E. E, KemBberg, sister ot the late President, and Attorney General Harry M. DaUgherty, were the only persons In the room who were seated during the ceremony. The Atturney General waa helped Into the room by Lieutenant Commander Joel T. Boonu, one ot the late President's physicians, and waa UBulatud front thu room by Commander Boone after the ceremony. Mrs. Harding was the last to enter the room. Shu was holding the arm at Secretary Christian and continued to--Ualtl W _ arm ua she stood Iu the * center of the room, directly in front of the glass covered coftin. When Dr, Went miltluded his Bible text and bowed hla head for pi'uyer Mrs. Christian stepped from the side of the room and utoud on Mrs Haul Ing's right. Mrs, Harding, dresued Iu mourning, with a black cape re lo her shoe tops, »-n veiled

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