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					Constitution for The Christian Motorcyclists Association of
Southern Africa
1) DEFINITIONS CMA THE NATIONAL PRESIDENT Christian Motorcyclists Association The President of The Christian Motorcyclists Association of South Africa as commissioned by God.

THE NATIONAL VICE PRESIDENT The Vice President as commissioned by the National president THE REGIONAL CO-ORDINATOR The regional Co-ordinater as commissioned by the National President The Area Co-ordinator as commissioned by the Regional Co-ordinator of the Christian Motorcyclists Association under the authority of the National President. The President of the Chapter as commissioned by the Area Co-ordinator of the Christian Motorcyclists Association under the authority of the National President. Chapters affiliated to the Christian Motorcyclists Association and who have been given the authority to use the name of “Christian Motorcyclists Association” and operate under the banner of “Christian Motorcyclists Association” which authority is a privilege and not a right.




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Members of the Chapter of Motorcyclists Association National



The President of the Chapter and those members of the Chapter who have been invited by the President under the approval of the Area Co-ordiantor to join the committee. The Home Cell Leader as commissioned by the Pastor of the Local Bikers Church or Area Co-ordinator where applicable. The President, Area Co-ordinator and Home Cell Leader and Youth Leader (where applicable). The National President, National Vice-President, and Regional Co-ordinators.





NAME The name of the Chapter shall be Christian Motorcyclist Association ___________________________ (The name of the town where the chapter is situated following e.g. CMA Randburg or CMA Bloemfontein or CMA Durban etc.)


ADDRESS _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________


GOALS i) To share every aspect of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ amongst the motorcycling fraternity. Page 2 of 8

ii) iii) iv) v) 5)

To demonstrate Christian love by various form of service to the motorcycling fraternity. (e.g. at funerals, rallies, in line with Phil 2:14-15. To provide instruction and fellowship for members seeking the build them up to the measure and stature of the fullness of Christ as in Eph 4:13 A secondary goal is availability for community service. To uphold the Christian image and the CMA and its activities at all times.

MEMBERSHIP a) Classes of Membership i) ii) Prospect Members: Persons who do not meet the criteria as set out in this constitution, but desire to have fellowship with the chapter. Chapter Members: Persons who are desirous of having fellowship with the chapter and who have been invited to join the chapter by the President. Entitled to wear Half Colours – Small CMA Badge and Area Scroll. CMA Members: Entitled to wear Full Colours. CMA Youth Members: Entitled to wear Youth Colours. CMA Honorary Members: Entitled to wear full colours. Given at the sole discretion of the National President. Country Members: Entitled to wear full colours.

iii) iv) v) vi) b)

Standards for CMA Membership i) ii) Be Born Again and have assurance of salvation Be in good standing and a functioning member of a local Bikers Church where applicable or a CMA Cell Group. iii) Live a Christian lifestyle in accordance with the Holy Bible. iv) Be able to share their testimony of God’s saving grace in their life. v) Be willing and available to support the activities of the Chapter and CMA in meeting the goals set out in par 4. vi) Be prepared to give financial support. vii) Have attended the Growing in Grace Course of Ferdie Warwick. (Minimum of lesson 1-7 and 10) and a riding skills course. viii) Have own motorcycle and a valid motorcycle rider’s license, or ride as a pillion. (CMA Youth excluded.)

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Election to Membership i) Acceptance of an application for CMA and CMA Youth Membership will require the consent of the Leadership. Membership and continuation thereof remains to be granted at the discretion of the leadership and is a privilege not a right. Honorary Membership to be given at the sole discretion of the National President. Chapter Membership is to be granted by the President. Any member may introduce a prospect member.

ii) iii) iv) d)

Disciplinary Measures Refer to Matt 18:15-20; Heb 13:17; 2Thes3:6,13-15; Titus 3:9-11 and Gal 6:1. Discipline is not for destruction but primarily for restoration and protection of the Church. It will be taken in the following instances: i) Unruly or immoral conduct at either Chapter or individual levels. ii) Illegal, dangerous or discourteous riding of motorcycles or driving of vehicles. iii) The President will request the errant member or members to appear before the leadership for a disciplinary hearing. The member/s may not refuse such an appearance. iv) Failing a suitable repentant response according to Proverbs 28:13, the Leadership may terminate the membership of the person or persons concerned.


Termination i) Failure to continue to meet the standards set out in par 5.b but subject to the discretion of the leadership. Termination of membership could follow after disciplinary action. Written notice by the member giving reasons for terminating membership. In the course of disciplinary action taken n accordance with clause 5.h hereof. The use of alcohol and smoking of any form or the abuse of any substance. It is stressed that use of such substances will negatively influence the testimony of CMA and will not be tolerated. Living together outside of wedlock even on brief occasions. It is stressed that according to the Holy Bible marriage is a sanctified partnership and that sanctity is to be upheld.

ii) iii) iv)


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Upon termination of membership the member must return the CMA colours, scrolls, all CMA badges and membership card.


Limitation of Liability i) Members’ liabilities to the Chapter and CMA shall be restricted to the amounts of unpaid subscriptions due in respect of the financial year in which termination takes place. CMA takes no responsibility and or liability for any transactions by any chapter or member unless written authorization is given by the National president.



CMA subscriptions i) The membership entry fee is payable by each new member elected to membership. Such fee will be determined by CMA from time to time and is to accompany the application for membership form. A monthly subscription as determined by CMA from time to time shall be payable by all Members excluding Honorary Members.



Chapter Subscriptions i) A monthly subscription as determined by the president shall be due and payable on the first day of each month


THE COMMITTEE a) The Committee i) The Committee should comprise of the Chapter President, A Vice President (where applicable), Secretary, Treasurer, and Safety Officer as well as the Cell Leader and Youth Leader (where applicable). An officer may carry more than one office. ii) Members, upon invitation by the president and the area co-ordinator will fill vacancies in the committee as such vacancies arise form time to time. iii) Any Committee member may at any time resign from the Committee. iv) In the case of a new Chapter, it would be important to first appoint a Committee with the assistance of the Area Co-ordinator.

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Powers And Duties Of The Committee i) Solicit, accept and collect all monies due to the Chapter and CMA from members and others. ii) Invite and consider applications for membership to the chapter. iii) Incur expenditure on behalf of the Chapter. iv) Effect disbursement in respect of such expenditure. v) To acquire fixed and moveable property and to enter into lease and rental agreements. vi) To dispose of fixed and moveable property. vii) To open and operate banking accounts. viii) Keep proper books of financial accounts ix) The financial year shall run 1st March to 28 February each year and accounts are to be available with in three months of close of year. x) Establish sub committees and to co-opt members to such committees. xi) To conduct other activities necessary to carry out the affairs of the chapter.


MEETINGS a) Committee i) The quorum for a meeting shall be two thirds of the committee. ii) The committee shall meet when deemed necessary by the president but at least every quarter. iii) Proper minutes of all meetings are to be maintained. The Chapter i) Meetings shall take place on a regular weekly basis except when they may interfere with other legitimate Chapter or CMA National events in which case the meetings may be cancelled. ii) The Chapters Meetings may cease during the December Holidays to resume in January. iii) Although meetings should start with a short devotion, the meetings should not be a “bless me holy huddle”, but a motorcycle chapter with activities that are wholesome and inviting to ALL motorcyclists. It will not be a church service in any shape or form. These meetings would exclude other outreaches, Rallies and other biking activities.


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SAFETY RULES i) ii) iii) iv) v) vi) vii) viii) ix) Driving licenses are to be carried on person whilst riding. Motorcycles must be road worthy. Baggage must be firmly and safely attached. Safety riding equipment is to be used – helmet, gloves, jackets, etc. Slipslops, stokies or sandals are to be worn by neither the rider nor the pillion. Staggered formation riding will be adopted. Formation riding will occur at the discretion of the President. Signals must be given in cases of slowing down and when obstacles in the road. Single file formation must be adopted when overtaking other vehicles.


COLOURS i) ii) iii) iv) Members may wear CMA Colours as prescribed by CMA form time to time. CMA Colours shall be worn on the back of a denim or leather waistcoat or riding jacket. Colours must be worn at chapter meetings, runs, and outreaches and to all official functions where possible. Half colours shall consists of a small CMA cloth badge and an area scroll the badge is to be worn on the left front of a denim or leather waistcoat or riding jacket and the scroll is to be worn on the back of the garment. A small CMA patch may be worn by children up to the age of 13 under the supervision of their parents.


10) AMENDMENTS All proposed amendments are to be submitted to CMA through the area co-ordinator and are not to be bought into operation until approved by CMA. 11) DISSOLUTION a) b) The Committee is responsible for winding up the affairs of the chapter. In the event of dissolution the committee will liquidate all assets and will settle all liabilities and will donate any surplus to CMA.

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CMA may dissolve the chapter if in their opinion the chapter has ceased to fulfill its goals in that event the national president may fulfill the duties of the committee in dissolving the chapter.

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