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					BOSS Orange Menswear Spring/Summer 2007

The spirit of the season is light-hearted, upbeat, carefree and strongly individualistic.

For inspiration, we look to the West Coast of America and specifically to California where beach, coast and urban landscape provide a rich resource of ideas. There is a touch of 1950s in the mix, but always made modern and fresh with unexpected clashes. The charismatic spirit of rock legend Jim Morrison gives an edge to this summer’s collection.

BOSS Orange’s two deliveries are split as follows:


Expect the unexpected from this West Coast-inspired statement that blends couture chic with dress-down cool. The color palette is dark for jackets and pants, mixed with white or subtle pastel rose and green for tees and shirts.

At first, everything seems so very sharp and precise, with a couture touch. The precision is in the choice of buttons, stitchings and linings, selecting every detail to provide a decorative touch that attracts the eye. A single-breasted black jacket with contrast white AMF stitching provides a dressier look than usual from BOSS Orange.

But this is very messed-up couture, with a harder edge. From glazed-finish herringbone blousons to washed linen pinstripe jackets, nothing is too precise, too smart. Skinny jeans may look more cleaned-up but the hems are crumpled, the message is always blurred.

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Stripes and dressy polo shirts are worn under blazers. Prints inspired by kitsch advertising from the 1950s are fun motifs throughout. Take it easy with soft and sloppy tees, soft cotton crewnecks and reshaped V-necks. Pants are a popular choice for spring/summer, with a vintage feel and some hints of the 1950s in the cut.


Party time on a Californian beach where a thousand legends have lived and loved. The mood becomes more playful and relaxed. Our party-goers are not taking so much care over their appearance, they just want to chill out.

There’s a maritime touch to the basic but pepped-up color palette spanning blue, white, red, beige, green and very light pastels. A preference for stripes and anchor motifs sustains the naval theme. Seersucker jackets in stripes and checks sum up the summer holiday spirit. Washed leather is another highlight.

Enjoy the holiday spirit with prints featuring Hawaiian hibiscus, palm trees and Malibu surf themes. Tees with deep U-necks come washed, worn under ultra-lightweight linen knitwear and with washed shorts. The loosened-up vibe is reflected in slubby jersey pieces and sweatshirts with detachable collars. White pants have a maritime look, and look out for anchor insignia on linings. Flat-finish corduroy is a new fabric for summer, together with coloured denim. Raw denim is a strong statement, while linen-cotton gray canvas comes in jeans styles.

Details always matter, from buttons finished in white, naval-style buttons on sweatshirts, and extended zips on leather jackets.

HUGO BOSS AG Dieselstraße 12 D-72555 Metzingen Telefon 07123 94-0 Fax 07123 94-2039


This focused collection of special pieces covering all product groups grows in importance with every season for BOSS ORANGE. For the first time, it is included in both deliveries.

Handcrafted is for men who love details, special fabrics and exclusive linings. It reflects the men’s love for something individualistic and that extra bit special.

The emphasis is on natural fabrics and natural treatments, such as ecru cotton jackets with the irregularities still lovingly retained, or jackets tumbled with grass for a back-tonature scent – or even leather overdyed and washed with seawater.

A glazed finish gives a shiny touch to cotton jersey. Very soft check shirts have a 1950s look. Note the AMF top stitching on tees, and the hand-stitched pockets and twisted plackets on cardigans. Polo shirts come with shirt fabric collars.

Every Handcrafted piece includes a message describing the Handcrafted philosophy, emphasizing the individualistic specialness of this growing collection within BOSS Orange.

HUGO BOSS AG Dieselstraße 12 D-72555 Metzingen Telefon 07123 94-0 Fax 07123 94-2039

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