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									Britannia Primary School and Nursery

Summer Term 2009

Dear Parents, Carers, We extend a warm welcome to all new children and their families and welcome back all of you who have already spent some time at Britannia. We hope that everyone will enjoy his or her time here!

Staff Mrs A Magruder Mrs S Bailey Mrs N Moffat Mrs L MacDonald Mrs S Pulham Mrs H Monk Mrs S Pillar Miss L Bragg Mrs J Hovell Mrs K Palmer - Long Mrs I Venables Please do come and see a member of staff if you have any questions or concerns. We are always happy to speak to parents and carers at the end of the school day/nursery session.

Title Nursery Teacher in charge. Early Years Phase Leader Nursery Teacher/R3 Nursery nurse TA in nursery Reception teacher in charge (R1) TA in Reception TA in Nursery Reception Teacher (R2) TA in Reception Reception Teacher (R3) TA in Reception

Children in both Nursery and Reception are well away learning to read and write through ‘Jolly Phonics’. All new children will be grouped to learn the ‘Jolly Phonics’ actions. In Nursery Jolly Phonics sheets are available on the front door each week if you wish to take one to practise at home!

This term our themes will be: Spring is in the air! Has anyone seen my treasure? Where to next? Trips This term the reception staff and children will visit Felixstowe and Nursery and reception will have a collaborative day based on the Caribbean. P.E. Please could you ensure that your child has his/her kit in school on the appropriate days, and that earrings are removed. Painting aprons are required everyday as messy activities are going on all the time! Please put a spare set of clothes in your child’s PE bags in case of accidents (this includes the water tray!!!) Please name

all items of clothing

Shared reading – Thank you to all of you who have already supported our shared reading session this term! This is always greatly enjoyed by the children (and adults), so please come as often as you can. We welcome grand parents, aunts, uncles and other carers, as well as mums and dads too! If no one is able to come, let us know and we will make sure your child is paired with a friend. We are very sorry but for safety reasons toddlers can not come to shared reading in the main school. Nursery Thursday 11.15 and 3pm. Reception Friday 3pm. Please wait for the children to be dismissed by the teacher at the end of shared reading.

Please make sure book bags and diaries are in school everyday.

Library – Every week your child will be able to choose a book from the school. Please remember to send library books back to be changed on library day!

In nursery books can be changed daily – please help your child to change their book and sign it out at the end of the session.

Please make sure your child comes to school with suitable outdoor clothes everyday!

For this term the children must have a sun hat in school and sun cream applied before they come to school. Snacks Fresh fruit or vegetables are available each day for all children. In Nursery we also offer an additional snack freshly prepared on the day by our school kitchen. The children benefit from home cooked healthy snacks and a sample of our very tasty school dinners! So far these have gone down very well with the children!!! A reminder that children may only bring WATER to school. In reception this needs to be sent in a named bottle each day. Milk and/or water are provided for the children in nursery so an additional drink is not necessary.

Please may we remind you that in case of illness such as sickness and diarrhoea, your child should not return to Nursery/school until he/she has been clear of the symptoms for a minimum of FORTYEIGHT HOURS. This is vital to stop the spread of illness!

Hair! Please make sure all children with long hair have it tied back for school! Shoes must be worn in reception (not trainers) as this is part of the school uniform.

We always welcome your support with an extra pair of hands in nursery and reception! If you have some time to give or a particular talent or interest that you think would benefit the children please do speak to a member of staff for details about coming into school. Whether it is a one off visit, a regular event or just when you can, we don’t mind!

You will have received a letter this term informing you about the parent comment sheets ‘green slips’. Please do fill them in and hand them to a member of staff as your support is valuable. Please ask a member of staff for additional slips.

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