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					Britannia Primary School and Nursery Homework Policy Prepared by: Lee Abbott Date: January 2006 Approved by: _____________________ (Chair of the Curriculum Committee) Date: _____________________

Authorised by: ______________________ (Chair of Governing Body) Date:________________________ Aims of the policy It is intended that this policy will provide clear guidance for the setting of homework. It has been produced in collaboration with the teaching staff, pupils, governors and parents of Britannia Primary School and Nursery. The document is to be reviewed regularly by teaching staff following consultation with parents, pupils and the governing body. Rationale for setting homework We believe that an enjoyable, organised homework programme helps children acquire the skills and self-motivation that will help them become life-long, independent learners. We acknowledge the important role homework plays in developing home/school links, giving parents an insight into the curriculum and promoting family learning. We will endeavour to provide opportunities for parents to enjoy working with their child at home. Our good practice       Homework activities relate directly to the curriculum and inform future lessons. Homework activities are practical and should be shared, discussed and completed with others at home (parents, carers etc.) Homework can be discussed and undertaken in any language. Homework will be differentiated to the needs of the child. The homework policy will be reviewed regularly following consultation with teachers, pupils and parents. Parental and teacher feedback and communication will be recorded in the child’s homework log in Key Stages One and Two and within their Reading Record in the Foundation stage. Parents will be expected to sign 1

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and/or comment when an activity has been completed and teachers will be expected to acknowledge in the form of a signature and/or comment. Homework will be set regularly. Teachers will notify parents of the set and hand-in days for homework on the pupil task sheet (Appendix). Pupils will be given more than one night to complete homework so, if they have a difficulty, they can discuss it with the teacher before the homework log is to be handed in. Pupils will be rewarded for homework effort and attainment. If homework is not completed on repeated occasions, parents will be notified (in the form of a standard letter [Appendix]) of the effect this is having on home/school links and the place it holds in a child’s academic development. A homework club will be available at lunchtime (12.30 -1pm on Friday) for pupils who want to do homework but cannot complete it at home. This will not be used as a punishment but as a support for pupils who choose to. Teachers will record the pupils who will be attending the club each week. This list will be sent to the teacher supervising the club and to lunchtime staff (Appendix).

Suggested Homework Activities (expected time to be spent on activities where appropriate)          Reading with an adult – preferably daily. Maths games/investigational activities. Learning/practising spellings/times tables. Gathering resources for forthcoming lessons. Research for forthcoming lessons. Pre-reading a text prior to a lesson. Practical “making” or “investigating” activities. Preparation for speaking and listening sessions. On-line activities (such as research, educational games or revision/assessment) – if a child is unable to gain access to the internet, they may be offered time in the ICT suite during homework club or a paper-based alternative.

NOTE - Year Six and Foundation pupils will receive slightly different activities due to their ages and the preparation needed for Year 7.

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