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					Wreath Sale Order Form
This order form must be submitted by N ov. 7th, 2009, along with all money collected for the fundraiser. Please place this order form, along with all money, in an envelope with your name and orchestra written on the front. You must submit your order to a MYS staff person at the administration desk at rehearsal. Orders must be re ceived by Nov. 7th , 2009. Wreaths must be picked u p on Nov. 21st, 2009. Studen t name:_______________ __ _________Orchestra:___________ _______ Home ph:__________________ Cell:_______________________ Item 25-inch wreath (comes with attached bow) 36-inch wreath (comes with unattached bow) 42-inch wreath (comes with unattached bow) 72-inch wreath (comes with unattached bow) Swags (comes with attached bow) 15-ft garland 25-ft garland Crosses (comes with unattached bow) Canes (comes with unattached bow) Centerpieces Extra velvet bows Cash and check donations

$18 $30 $38 $75 $18 $15 $25 $23 $23 $25 $2


= $ = $ = $ = $ = $ = $ = $ = $ = $ = $ = $ $ $

Any amount Any number TOTAL

Be sure to keep a record of who you told to! If you have any questions about this fundraiser, please contact the MYS administrative office.
Minnesota Youth Symphonies - 790 Cleveland Ave S Suite 203, St. Paul, MN 55116 - (651) 699-5811 -

MY S Wreath Sale Official Progra m R ules

Program Name: Program Dates:

MYS Wreath Sale Fundraiser September 12 - November 7, 2009

Eligible Participants: All students enrolled in MYS for the 2009-2010 season Eligible Activities: • Sales of wreaths and/or greenery products as outlined on the wreath-sale promotional flyer. • Collection of cash (monetary) donations for MYS. Sales-achievement prizes and sweepstakes entries as outlined below.

Program Awards:

Sweepstakes Rules: Participants will be awarded (one) 1 wreath-sale point for each eligible item sold during the program period. At the conclusion of the program period, each wreathsale point will be converted into a sweepstakes entry for valuable prizes. Thus 1 (one) wreath-sale point = 1 (one) sweepstakes entry. Eligible participants may also earn sweepstakes entries for collecting cash (monetary) donations. Participants will earn 1 (one) sweepstakes entry for each $25 in donations collected. Award Structure: Program Awards will be distributed as follows: Please note that all salesachievement prizes will be awarded based solely on total sales dollars.
Ac hie veme nt Top-Seller* Grand Prize Top-Seller* 1st Prize Top-Seller* 2nd Prize Orchestra #1 Seller Sweepstakes Grand Prize Sweepstakes Prizes Qty. 1 1 1 4 1 40+ Qual if yi ng Ac hie veme nt Overall top sales** 2nd place in overall sales** 3rd place in overall sales** Top seller in each orchestra**
(Does not include those who earn overall top-seller awards.)

Random winner drawn from sweepstakes pool Random winners drawn from sweepstakes pool

*Seller must achieve a minimum dollar volume of $375 to qualify for a top-seller award. **Based on dollar volume.

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