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Address all correspondence to: Alarms Administrator, Kent Police HQ, Sutton Road, Maidstone, Kent ME15 9BZ Tel: 01622 653233 /653232 Email :

The ACPO unified Security Systems policy has been adopted by Kent Police. The following variations permitted under the terms of the policy apply in this Police area. 1. All Alarm Receiving Centre alarm messages must be transmitted to our Force Control Centre at Police HQ on dedicated ex-directory telephone lines. The ex-directory numbers will be disclosed to Alarm Receiving Centres upon receipt of a signed policy document. Premium rate numbers are used by this Force and calls will not be accepted on any other numbers. Within the Force Attendance Criteria the Kent Police Service Standard places all alarm calls initially as “HIGH PRIORITY”. If however, a verified alarm call confirms a crime is in progress, the call priority will be treated as “IMMEDIATE”. A 10 minute bell delay in commercial premises will not be enforced in the Kent Police Area. 3. 4. The average false alarm rate set for 2008 is 0.45 calls per systems per year. Details of the false alarm management are given in Appendix D.+ As from 11/11/2008 Kent Police will withdraw response from INTRUDER systems after 3 false calls within a rolling 12 month period. Response will be withdrawn from PA systems after 2 false calls in a rolling 12 month period. This is in accordance with ACPO Policy. Commercial alarm companies must correspondence requiring a reply. APPLYING FOR URN’s – Appendix F New Unique Reference Number (URN) applications MUST use Appendix F including CCTV applications. Including customers changing their alarm maintainer (takeovers). This must be fully completed by the alarm company applying for the URN. The form must be typed or clearly written in block capitals. The customer must complete, IN PERSON the Appendix G (Health and Safety form). The form submitted MUST be the original for legal reasons. Send the two completed sections to the Alarms Administrator at Kent Police Headquarters, together with a cheque for £47.58, (inc VAT @ 15%), payable to Kent Police Authority. NB. All charges are listed in Appendix E of the ACPO Policy. All sections of the form must be completed, including street names, post town and post code. Applications in rural areas must quote the twelve figure O/S map reference. References to map pages in map books are not acceptable. Applications that do not comply with these requirements will be returned to the alarm company unprocessed. The URN, together with Appendix K, and an acknowledgement letter will be sent to the alarm owner. The URN will also be sent to the applying alarm company (Appendix L). VAT receipts will only be issued on request.
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Alarm owners should be informed that if a cheque is not honoured, the URN will be withdrawn immediately. A letter and the dishonoured cheque will be sent to the customer informing them of our action. A copy will be sent to the installing alarm company. 7. VARIATION IN AN ALARM SYSTEM – Appendix F An alarm company that has a URN for a particular premise must use Appendix F to notify any change to the system, method of signalling, cancellations etc. No administration charge is made for such variations. Where new occupants move into alarmed premises (domestic or commercial) Appendix F MUST be submitted together with Appendix G completed by the new owner and the Police administration fee of £44.05 must be paid. The URN must be quoted on all correspondence. 9. DISCLOSURE OF CRIMINAL CONVICTIONS – Appendix C This provision has been accepted by Kent Police, but we recommend that the following wording is included on any application forms sent to prospective employees: “Due to the nature of the work involved, Kent Police recommend that applicants will need to satisfy certain checks regarding past records, and your making this application will be seen as your acceptance that these may be made. Please contact the above address for further details.” The procedure which is only available to companies on the Kent Police List of Compliant Companies, or a company making a bona fide application for admittance to the list contained in Appendix C. Please note that the Kent Police will only carry out these checks for companies that comply with the above criteria AND have their main office based in the Kent Police area or have an area or branch office permanently based within the Kent Police area. Companies not meeting this criteria MUST request the checks to be done by their local Police force. Kent Police will only carry out checks on those applicants living within the Kent Police area. Before checks can be carried out, qualifying companies MUST sign a form of indemnity and provide specimen signatures of the nominated signatory who will countersign the Appendix C. All applications should be made to the Alarms Administrator at the address show above and using a copy of the Appendix C contained within the Policy book. The name of the alarm company with which the person is seeking employment must be given on the form. All sections of the form must be completed. Envelopes should be marked “Confidential”. A stamped and addressed return envelope must be included. 8. Kent Police Alarms Administration do not keep Key Holder details, therefore they are no longer required to be send with Appendix F. Customers MUST ensure their keyholders meet the current ACPO requirements (i.e. minimum of two keyholders within 20 minutes travelling time). The complete ACPO Policy is available from the ACPO website The Kent Police Appendix A is available on the Kent Police website Follow the link from Crime Prevention : Security Systems. Copies of the policy can be e-mailed to you on request.


Last Revision 04/2009

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