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									Vine and Craven Children’s Meet 23rd December 2008

After an eventful meet at Mulberry Hill, Baughurst (an ambulance had to be called), the hunt set off, eagerly anticipating a great day. Lots of the children in the field were from the Vine but it was great to see a few members of the Craven as well. As the first cover was drawn, the field watched as a fox ran towards them before changing its course at the last minute and running away. We then headed towards a stream, riding through flooded bridleways. The field split here, into those who wanted to jump and those who didn’t. The jumping group jumped a ditch, and a few toward the front of the group jumped a hedge, with a nasty unexpected ditch behind it. This caused a problem for a few people, who fell off but luckily no one was hurt. The non-jumping group also found a small rail, but some of them were heard later talking about the three foot fence they had jumped! After this the two groups joined together again and started off on the long route back to Mulberry Hill. It was really fun and we hope to see more Craven members next year. Georgina, Chloe and Emily Hill

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