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									Woodcote Nursery and Infant School Dunsfold Rise Coulsdon Surrey CR5 2ED Telephone: 020 8660 9972 Fax: 020 8763 8303 E-mail: admin@woodcote-infants.croydon.sch.uk Headteacher – Mrs J. Dilley Nursery Manager – Miss E. Bullworthy Governing Body Chair of Governors Mrs G. Wood 13 Russell Hill Purley CR8 2JB Education Authority London Borough of Croydon Education Department Taberner House Park Lane Croydon CR9 1TP Telephone: 020 8686 4433



The Nursery had a wonderful inaugural year, with Inspectors praising highly the standard of teaching and the facilities on offer. Woodies continues to go from strength to strength. On behalf of the staff and governors, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you and your family. We are very conscious of the trust you place in us. Our Nursery team will begin by building upon the numerous qualities and skills that you have fostered in your child at home. Through high quality play activities linked to the ‘Foundation Stage’ curriculum, we will offer your child a broad range of experiences, which includes the essential basic skills. Our hope is that by working together as parents and teachers, we will ensure your child has the best possible opportunities open to them. Everyone involved in our school community is looking forward to a happy progressive association with you, your child and your family.

School Mission Statement

Educating with Pride
Working in the closest partnership with the family, our mission is to create a caring environment in which basic life skills and a love of learning can be developed from the child’s earliest days in the Nursery.

Aims of the School The Nursery and Infant School are fully integrated and share the same aims. We aim to –  create a happy, secure and stimulating environment  provide a broad and balanced curriculum, giving each child a solid foundation of basic skills  provide a flexible curriculum, able to respond to change but which fulfils the demands of the Foundation Stage for Learning and National Curriculum  help children acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes relevant to their future  help children appreciate human achievement in art, music, science, technology, literature and mathematics and look for excellence  help children understand the world in which we live and to realise interdependence  prepare children for life in a multi-cultural society, with concern and tolerance for others  help children realise that courtesy, good manners and consideration for others leads to desirable social behaviour


The Nursery Classes Our Nursery ‘Woodies’ has places for 52 children. This comprises 2 classes, with 26 children attending a morning session and 26 children attending an afternoon session. The Nursery is a self-contained unit, located on the Infant School site close to the Reception classrooms. It is equipped for creative activities, role-play, literacy, numeracy, science and technology and physical play. There is an outdoor play area which is used daily to broaden the children’s learning development. Visits to view the Nursery are welcomed. Please contact the main school office. Admissions Children are admitted to the Nursery classes during the Autumn Term of the year (1st September – 31st August) in which they become four years old. All children are admitted on a part-time basis for the year. They will either attend the Nursery class every morning session or every afternoon session. A meeting is usually held in the latter part of the Summer Term before your child starts in the Nursery, for parents to meet the Headteacher, Nursery Manager/Teacher and other staff. Transfer to the Infant School A place in the Nursery does not automatically guarantee your child a place in the Reception Classes. An application form for a place in the Infant School needs to be filled out by the December of the year in which your child starts in the Nursery. Admission forms and a separate prospectus for the Infant School can be collected from the School Office.

Woodies Nursery Day The children will attend either the morning or afternoon session. Morning Afternoon Rabbits Foxes 9.05am – 11.30am 12.40pm – 3.05pm

Each teaching session lasts for 2 hours and 25 minutes per day. (Twelve hours and five minutes per week.) We encourage all parents to collect their children promptly at the end of the session. Young children can become very worried if a familiar face is not there to greet them. If you are ever unavoidably delayed, please could you telephone the school office. If on any occasion someone other than the person who regularly collects your child is collecting them, please inform the nursery staff in advance in writing so that we can be sure that your child is safe. Home School Partnership We strongly believe that a good home-school partnership is essential by showing the children in our care that we are working together and can benefit both the school and parent or carer. Your child’s first years in the Nursery and Infant School are very important. The foundations for their future learning will be built during these years and we welcome you as partners in this. Once the children have settled, we welcome parents, carers and grandparents to help within the Nursery either occasionally or on a regular basis, to support and assist in many areas of the curriculum.


Home Visits To make a good start to the home-school partnership, we like to offer every family the opportunity of a home visit. These visits have enormous benefits for the Nursery staff and parents but most importantly for the children. Before your child enters the Nursery, two members of the Nursery team will arrange to visit you and your child at home. Home visits are the very first step towards making your child feel happy and secure in their new environment. The member of staff who makes this initial contact at the home visit will be your child’s ‘special friend’ in the Nursery. They will have particular responsibility for your child’s Foundation Stage Record and will be called the child’s ‘Keyworker’. Starting Nursery All children will start Nursery during the first half of the Autumn Term. We admit the older children first and gradually introduce the other children in small groups. When the children first start at the Nursery, parents/carers are most welcome to stay with their child. It may be that some children are very daunted by their new environment and in these cases we will gradually build up the length of their stay to a full session. Behaviour Our Nursery and School rules are concerned with the children’s safety and well-being. If there is a particular problem about behaviour, it is the policy of the Nursery and School to discuss this with parents promptly so it may be resolved quickly. In the Nursery we provide a positive atmosphere where our main emphasis is placed on praise. We aim to encourage understanding and self control.

Care and Responsibility All staff in the Nursery are very conscious of the great responsibility we have to care for each and every child as wise and reasonable parents would. Discipline Our discipline rests on the encouragement of respect and care for the feelings of other people and property. This is perhaps the hardest thing we ask of the children at such a young and sometimes boisterous age. Self discipline and consideration for others are not always easily acquired skills. We are firm and positive in encouraging good caring behaviour and manners. The Nursery discourages all forms of unacceptable behaviour and has a clear policy for the handling of these issues. The school contact person is the Headteacher. Education in and for a Multi-Cultural Society We recognise the fact that we live in a multi-cultural society and we work to create an environment in which children of all races and cultures may work and play happily together. Any instance of racist behaviour will be firmly dealt with in accordance with the policy on Racial Abuse and Racial Bullying as published by the Croydon Education Committee. The contact person is the Headteacher who co-ordinates liaison between the school and the LEA.


Attendance Registers are kept in the Nursery. We like the children to be punctual because this is good training for their future - but remember it is better to come late than not at all. If your child is absent we ask to be informed on the first morning either by telephone or letter. If the Nursery does not receive any reason for a child being absent then it becomes an unauthorised absence. Holidays Parents may only withdraw their children for a maximum of ten days per year, during term time. A Request for Absence form can be obtained from the school office and must be approved by the Headteacher. Holiday dates are on a separate page in your Admission Pack. Accidents and Illness Our staff care for children who become ill, or when accidents occur. We are fortunate that many all of our staff have received first aid training, including one nominated first aider in the Nursery and three nominated first aiders in the Infant School. Each room contains a first aid box. Parents are contacted if we are concerned about a child’s health. We also ask parents not to send children to Nursery if they are unwell or ‘off colour’.

If your child has vomited or had diarrhoea please do not send them into the Nursery until they have been free of the symptoms for 24 hours.
It is important for emergency purposes that you let us know of any change in telephone numbers at home or work, so that we can keep your child’s records updated.

Medicines We are not able to administer medicines in the Nursery, with the exception of inhalers for children with asthma or breathing difficulties. If inhalers are kept in school, it is the responsibility of the parent to replace them by the appropriate expiry date and make sure that they are clearly labelled with administration details. School Nurse/Headlice The school nurse liaises closely with the school. The nurse along with the Croydon Health Authority, advises all parents/carers to inspect their child’s hair weekly. To help prevent the problem of headlice spreading, please ensure that long hair is tied back. Recommendations for treatment can be obtained by ringing the school nurse advice line on 020 8656 0213. Child Protection Child Protection concerns are referred to local Social Services as required by the Children’s Act 1989. The contact person at the Nursery is the Headteacher, who co-ordinates liaison between the school and external agencies. Reporting to Parents A written report will be issued at the end of your child’s Nursery year. However, we try to keep you informed of your child’s progress less formally throughout the year. Individual interviews with the Nursery staff are held during the Autumn and Spring terms.


Communication Please don’t be afraid to contact the Nursery Staff over any worry, however trivial it may seem. A reassuring word or an action put in perspective can often help to solve minor problems or worries. The Nursery Manager, staff and the Headteacher are available briefly if you need to speak with them before 8.55am and after 3.15pm. Clothing We encourage all our children to wear our ‘Nursery Uniform’. Play can be messy and washable clothes, which are easy for the children to manage independently, are essential. Elasticated waists and Velcro fastening shoes are best! Open toed or heeled shoes are not appropriate for Nursery. Outdoor clothing (e.g. a substantial coat) is required for when the children go into the Nursery garden. Nursery uniform * Royal blue sweatshirt with logo * White polo shirt * Royal blue jogging trousers * Velcro fastening trainers * Coat – suitable for outdoor play * Blue/white check cotton summer dresses * Royal blue or grey shorts * White polo shirt

Summer uniform -

(We would like to ask parents to make sure that scarves do not come to Nursery and that long cords are removed from coats. This is for Health and Safety reasons in the Outdoor area.)

All clothing must be clearly marked with the child’s name (Nursery sweatshirts and jogging trousers are available to purchase from the main school office). Jewellery In the interest of Health and Safety it is Nursery and Infant School Policy that no jewellery should be worn. This does include earrings. The Curriculum Children of Nursery and Reception class age are taught the curriculum for The Foundation Stage for Learning. The purpose of this curriculum is to underpin all future learning, by providing support and opportunities for experimentation, building upon what the child can already do following these areas:       Personal, social and emotional development Communication, language and literacy Mathematical development Knowledge and Understanding of the World Physical development Creative development

The headings below set out the topics covered during the Nursery year. * Colour * Bears * Animals * Water * Nursery/Number Rhymes * Places and Journeys

The Early Years are amongst the most important in the lives of our children. During their first five years they will make greater educational advances than in any future part of their educational life.

Play is vital to the overall development of a child’s body and mind. We value the importance that play has on a child’s learning and realise that children are successful learners when they are actively involved in first hand experiences both indoors and out. Many of the learning outcomes that are planned for your child will be initiated and directed through play and purposeful investigation. Learning opportunities are planned for both the indoor and outdoor learning environments. Reading/Book Sharing All children will be issued with a book bag, and we encourage the children, with their parent/carer, to choose a book and take it home to share twice a week. We ask for these book bags to come to Nursery on a daily basis. Children with Special Needs Many children may have a ‘special need’, often temporary, at some stage of their school life. The term can include children who find learning very easy as well as those who have a particular difficulty or a medical condition. We try to identify these children as early as possible and cater for their individual needs. All staff support children with ‘Special Needs’ within the Nursery setting. Our Special Needs Co-Ordinator has overall responsibility for monitoring these children and works very closely with the Nursery Staff to give advice and ideas to help support their learning or behaviour. Occasionally we may call upon outside specialists to help us. This will only be done with the knowledge and consent of the parents/carers. A record is kept of the children in the Nursery who are being given support.

School Association (W.I.N.S.A.) Woodcote Nursery and Infant school is very fortunate to have a thriving School Association. It has a lively and well supported committee, which is dedicated to fund raising for the school. The Association organise many events throughout the year and parents automatically become members when their child is in the Nursery or Infant School. Finally The Nursery staff and everyone in our special ‘Woodcote Community’ are looking forward to welcoming you, and most importantly your child, into a happy, stimulating and exciting year in our Nursery.


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