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									TRUST BOARD MEETING Thursday 7th May 2009 2.30pm Boardrooms 1 & 2, Derwent Court, 1 Stuart Street AGENDA
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Apologies for absence Declarations of Interest Minutes of the meeting held on 2nd April 2009 (enclosed) Matters arising from the minutes of 2nd April 2009 (not elsewhere on the agenda) Items raised by members of the public Chairman’s Report (verbal) Report of the Chief Executive (enclosed) East Midlands Specialised Commissioning Group - presentation Strategic Item 9.1 World Class Commissioning update (verbal) Transforming Community Services 9.1.1 Project plan and structure (enclosed) Safeguarding Children (enclosed) Choose and Book Performance Report (Exec Summary enclosed) (Appendix enclosed) NHS Derby City Staff Opinion Survey 2008 results (Exec Summary enclosed; Appendix A enclosed; Appendix B enclosed) Service Quality/Patient Experience reports 9.5.1 Executive Briefing on the Health Service Ombudsman Report - Six Lives: the provision of public services to people with learning disabilities (enclosed) 9.5.2 Review of the Quality Framework and Monitoring arrangements in place with NHS Derby City (Exec Summary enclosed; Review enclosed) Mr George Tansley Mr George Tansley Mr George Tansley Mr George Tansley Mr Prem Singh Ms Kate Caston

9.2 9.3 9.4

Ms Trish Thompson Ms Gill Collinson Mr Jonathan Rycroft Ms Helen Issitt

Ms Trish Thompson


Ms Gill Collinson


Finance and Governance Report 10.1 Finance Report (Exec Summary enclosed; Appendix enclosed) 10.2 Integrated Risk Committee 10.2.1 Report of the meeting of 1st May 2009 (to be tabled) 10.2.2 Terms of Reference (enclosed) Mr Andrew Booth Mr Andrew Booth

Mr Rakesh Marwaha


Performance Management Report (enclosed)


Report of the Strategic Health Improvement and Investment Committee 11.1 Report of the meeting of 15th April 2009 (enclosed) Reports from Committees Audit Committee 12.1 Minutes of the meeting of 14th April 2009 (minutes enclosed; appendix enclosed) Clinical Governance and Patient Safety Committee 12.2 Report of the meeting of 28th April 2009 (enclosed) Derwent Shared Services Project Board 12.3 Report of the meeting of 17th April 2009 (enclosed) East Midlands Specialised Commissioning Group Board 12.4 Report of the meeting of 27th March 2009 (enclosed)

Mr Prem Singh


Mr John Wain Ms Gill Collinson

Mr Andrew Booth Mr Jonathan Rycroft


Quarterly update reports 13.1 13.2 Learning Disabilities report (report enclosed) Risk Management Integrated report Q4 2008/09 ( report enclosed; appendix 1 enclosed; appendix 2 enclosed) Ms Trish Thompson Mr Andrew Booth


Policies for approval 14.1 Disciplinary policy (Exec summary enclosed; policy enclosed; appendix dissemination enclosed; appendix review enclosed) Ms Helen Issitt


Any other business (Board Members are asked to inform the Chairman and Chief Executive of any substantial items before the meeting if at all possible) Date of next meeting Thursday, 4th June 2009


Papers attached for information 1. Derby City PCT Forward Plan

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